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Through Perseverance, Dick Finally Penetrates Again!


Ni Marcial Bonifacio

Mga kaibigan at mga kababayan ko, ang muling pagkahalal ni Richard Gordon sa Senado noong Mayo 9, 2016 proves the impact a proactive citizenry can have sa halalan.  Sa katotohanan, panglima siya sa pagkapanalo at nagkaroon ng 16,719,322 boto (as of COMELEC’s proclamation on May 19, 2016).  Sa kanyang unang pagtakbo sa Senado noong 2004, panglima rin siya sa puwesto at nagkaroon ng 12,707,151 boto.

Kahit isa siyang mabisang lingkod bayan, Gordon ran for the presidency and lost in 2010; pang-anim siya sa bilangan noon at nagkaroon ng 989,250 boto.  In 2013, he ran for the Senate again and lost.  Panglabingtatlo siya sa puwesto at nagkaroon ng 10,159,561 boto, just a few hundred thousand votes short of reaching the “Magic 12.”

Given Gordon’s long-awaited victory, let us examine some lessons which can be learned mula sa  napakahalagang tagumpay na ito.  Unang-una, utilizing all the resources of a proactive and perseverant citizenry and netizenry can win an election, sa kabila nang mahabang pagkaliban o pagkawala ng kandidato sa paglilingkod bayan at ang sunud-sunod na pagkatalo sa mga naunang dalawang laban nito .  All of Gordon’s individual campaigners, bloggers, and Bagumbayan volunteers have done precisely that.

Pangalawa, maging ang pagliban ng mga boto galing sa apathetic pessimists (discouraged from voting and affecting social change) did not prevent Gordon from reaching the “Magic 12.”  Nor did the numerous votes of the “Wowowee Crowd” (a term I use when  referring to the intellectually and morally lazy, gullible, celebrity-worshipping electorate) hinder Gordon’s ascent to 5th place.  Sa katotohanan, kung mayroong informed intellectuals (as few as they may be) who will participate in the electoral process, hindi dapat  akalain  na ang Wowowee Crowd will automatically win.

Pangatlo, hindi pa lubhang nababahiran ng mali at hindi pa lubusang pumapanig sa  piling  iilan ang sistema ng halalan .  If that were the case, then such an anti-trapo maverick as Gordon would not have been re-elected to the Senate, much less with eight higher ranks than in 2013.

Pang-apat, napakabuti nang sapat na traditional media coverage, nguni’t hindi ito mahalaga para sa ikapagtatagumpay sa halalan.  Rep. Manny Pacquiao received far more mainstream media coverage than Gordon, nguni’t ang bantog na kampiyong boksingero ay pampito lamang na may 16,050,546 boto (as of COMELEC’s proclamation on May 19, 2016) at pumapailalim sa kanya.

2016 Magic 12 senatoriables

Sa wakas, mga kaibigan ko, let us use Gordon’s campaign and victory bilang isang huwaran para sa magiging kasunod na pagkilos ng ibang mga kandidato.  That means continuing to utilize the social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, blogging, forming a research team in order to answer the questions of potential voters or to debate political opponents and their surrogates, organizing and participating in rallies and fundraising events, and encouraging people to register and to vote.  For those who live abroad, they can launch an online campaign and vote as overseas absentee voters as a friend whom I wrote about in “Ang People Power at ang Ating Tungkulin.”  The key is to keep our kababayans informed and engaged.  Ngayon, let’s celebrate a well-deserved victory para kay Sen. Gordon at sa ating bayan.

Aim High Pilipinas!




Why Richard Gordon Is the Best Presidentiable for 2010

December 10, 2009

By Marcial Bonifacio

Mga Kaibigan at Kababayan Ko, one of several factors is likely to determine the next RP President in 2010: youth, wealth, educational credentials, ties to relatives who popularly held public office, an image of being the champion of the poor in films, charm, eloquent speaking skills, etc. In spite of some of these important attributes, perhaps more important, but less emphasized are experience and accomplishments—in a word, a track record. In local & national governance, business, and civic life, Gordon has had 20 years executive experience, which in itself, qualifies him to assume the highest executive office in RP.

As Tourism Secretary in 2003 at a time of declining tourist visits, Gordon successfully promoted RP to the world, drawing in 2 million tourists annually from just under 1 million in 2001—despite terrorist threats, civil war in Mindanao, coup attempts, and SARS, which demonstrates his effective leadership skills against overwhelming odds. As a proponent of strong family ties and a man of practical action, Gordon has recently enacted the Tourism Bill, which would empower the Tourism Department with the essential resources in order to create more jobs in the homeland, thereby reducing OFW employment; this would be most beneficial to OFW victims of the financial crisis and would strengthen the family unit by keeping members within each other’s geographical reach.

Also as Chairman of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority in 1992, Gordon’s establishment of an international free port attracted foreign investors; this resulted in the flow of billions of dollars and the creation of nearly 100,000 jobs—a reflection of his practical model and overall vision for economic growth throughout the entire Philippines. In an economy largely propped up by the tourism industry and foreign investments, such as in call centers (the fastest growing sector and generator of $6 billion in revenues in 2008), Gordon’s experience and expertise has proven to be indispensable.

As Chairman of the Senate Committee on Accountability of Public Officers and Investigations (Blue Ribbon), Gordon has exercised his power to oppose corruption, as in the fertilizer fund scam. (He wrapped up the probe and recommended the filing of criminal charges against former Agriculture Undersecretary Jocelyn Bolante for misappropriation of government funds.) A man, such as Gordon, who will impartially uphold justice and follow the rule of law as President is most beneficial and essential for a country which was ranked as the most corrupt in East Asia in 2008 according to a World Bank study.

As Chairman of the Philippine National Red Cross and a volunteer for 40 years, he has shown his dedication to aiding victims of flood disasters and other natural catastrophes, a specter which constantly threatens a country prone to typhoons. Lastly, Gordon enacted bills fixing regular elections in the ARMM (Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao) and automating the 2010 elections in order to curb voter fraud, dahil as Gordon stated, “Democracy must be truthful.” Furthermore, while other candidates may have expressed their noble goals or vision, which remain in potential form, Gordon has already converted his into reality.

Mga Kaibigan Ko, I challenge any of you to present a candidate more qualified or suitable than Gordon, who can serve the interests of our kababayans. If any of you can state a plausible case for such a candidate, then I would surely vote for him. Mga Kaibigan Ko, electing our leaders is not like choosing the winner of Wowowee or a cockfight, spectacles of mere entertainment for trivial, short-term gain. It is a precious right for which our founding fore-fathers died, and one which has far reaching implications and long-lasting effects on our lives, as well as future generations to come—all the more reason to honor our patriotic martyrs “not just by voting,” states Gordon, “but by voting wisely, so that we will be a wise nation.” In an increasingly challenging, competitive, globalized world, what is essential is not a candidate who aspires to be a great, transformational leader, but a candidate which has already been tested and proven to be a great, transformational leader.

Aside from Gordon’s outstanding track record, he amusingly said that when you vote the Gordon/Fernando ticket, “you buy one, you take four mayors. You buy one, you take two more cabinet members.” (Gordon & his wife, Kate Gordon, were Olongapo City mayors & Fernando & his wife, Marides Fernando, were Marikina mayors. While Gordon was Tourism Secretary, Bayani is currently Secretary of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority.)

Mga Kaibigan at Kababayan Ko, please spread the word to vote for Richard Gordon for President in 2010, dahil a vote for Gordon/Fernando is a vote for proven success and progress.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

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dosdos Leonardo Ruelan Dosdos

Hi. I would like to make a comment about this post.

Everytime I see Dick Gordon on TV and hear him speak and knowing about his track record as a public servant, I always get the feeling that he might be the president that we need. But as I am currently working in Clark Pampanga and I happen to have a few co-workers that came from Olongapo, I am quiet surprised by their feelings towards Dick Gordon.

To start with, Dick Gordon doesn’t seem to have that much approval among the people from ‘gapo’ or Olongapo. Although his achievements are considerable but, according to them, Dick Gordon is still not exempt from being involved in the graft & corruption issues and controversies in gapo.

Sabi nga ng kasama ko ditong taga gapo, “Magaling si Gordon, pero syempre i-aangat din niya ang sarili niya.”

To the outside world, or at least outside gapo, Gordon’s accomplishments are well known, but to the people within gapo they know more.

For me, well, I’m not from Olongapo so I really don’t have that much to say about Dick Gordon. Maybe those are all lies about him or maybe not. But as a registered voter, the no. 1 rule I adhere to in selecting my candidate is that if this candidate is in anyway, even in rumors, linked to a graft & corruption controversy or to any dishonesty in his seat in public office then he will not have my vote.

December 10, 2009 at 7:39am · Like

marcial2 Marcial Bonifacio

Leonardo, Kaibigan Ko, I appreciate your thoughts, pero thus far, I have yet to find any proven allegations of Gordon while he was mayor. In other words, the alleged corruption issues brought to your attention by your co-workers are precisely that—“alleged.” Besides there are many residents of Olongapo who would attest to Gordon’s staunch position against corruption just as his tatay when he was mayor. It is perfectly natural for favorable o prominent politicians to have politcal opponents, especially the ones whose special interests were not served by their opponents. In fact, it is usually the last strategic resort when they either cannot be won over or cannot be defeated with facts. Opponents, then turn to character assassination or discreditation.

However, I generally would share your sentiments, if there were concrete evidence on such allegations, pero for the sake of discussion, I will indulge you. Let’s assume the worst-case scenario that Gordon was, indeed, corrupt as mayor. The question is how corrupt? Next, what did he do in order to serve our kababayans?

In mathematical terms, envision a ratio:


Let x=the margin of corruption (the negative aspect)
Let y=the quantity of experience and accomplishments (the positive aspect)

It should be favorable to all kababayans to keep x to a minimum and y to a maximum. Ngayon, let’s apply this to red wine.


Let x=alcohol (the negative aspect)
Let y=the health benefits (the postive aspect)

Reasearch and good doctors will tell you that drinking wine moderately can reduce the risks of lung and upper digestive tract cancer, strokes, diabetes, kidney stones, and arteriosclerosis. Tests and studies with non-drinkers, moderate, and heavy drinkers have confirmed that moderate consumption is the key. In other words, the best way to maximize y and minimize x is to drink red wine moderately.

Ngayon, let’s apply the same logic to Gordon, who has already proven his successful leadership in creating thousands of jobs, revitalizing the tourism industry, aiding victims of natural disasters for 20 years, authorizing a bill (which will modernize & fully automate the 2010 elections), etc. We know from his experience and accomplishments that y would be maximized under his leadership and x would be minute, if it amounts to anything greater than zero.

So, Kaibigan Ko, just as it seems logical and sensible to drink red wine moderately (rather than not at all) in order to derive its health benefits, so too does it only seem logical to support Gordon, whose proven leadership will stimulate the health of RP by creating jobs, promoting the country as the top place for tourism and foreign investments, expanding educational programs for newly created jobs, and fulfilling his vision of raising RP to First World status. In conclusion, instead of settling for a perfectly neutral substance as water, why not drink red wine? So it is if you want the best presidential pick, then choose Dick.

December 18, 2009 at 3:35am · Like

dosdos Leonardo Ruelan Dosdos

Marcial, my friend, it is just right tat you seek proof for such allegations before making your conclusion as any sensible individual would. But let me raise just a few points:

1. Do you really expect our judicial system to have the capability to expose such government officials with their wrong doings? Consider Erap. Consider the Marcoses. Consider the Arroyos. Do you still believe that our justice system is a solid foundation for you to look upon for direction? Or unless you plan to conduct the investigation yourself?

Anyway, let’s say we have these variables:

Let x = your confidence rate on the Philippine Judicial System
Let y = your confidence rate on rumors and allegations

Given that the Philippine Judicial System has proven itself for years and years, from president to president, that it is not trustworthy, not fair, can be bought, can be delayed, and favors the wealthy few, then it would be fair to make x = 50%.

Given that rumors and allegations have no solid basis and may go either way of being a fact or a fallacy. Yet it might also be a good source information (disregarding whether it is true or not) that these rumors and allegations have come from people (not politicians nor political opponents) who are mere citizens of the subject town or district. The fact cannot be disregarded that these people are the immediate beneficiaries of the candidate’s performance in office and adherence to the law. And that these people might (just might) really know something. I guess it would also be fair to make y = 50%.

So our equation would now look like this:

x = y

Does this equation surprise you? It wouldn’t surprise anyone who reads our history.

2. You likened the dilemma of selecting a candidate to evaluating whether to drink red wine or not. I should say you have made a good example. However the solution for this equation can be expounded to achieve a better result or for this case have a higher health benefit rate.

According to your example these are the variables that consists the red wine equation:

Let x = alcohol (the negative aspect)
Let y = the health benefits (the postive aspect)

And according to your calculation, and to which I agree, that y exceeds x and thus makes red wine acceptable to become a regular beverage.

However, what if we add another alternative? Let’s say fruit juices. These would then be the factors:

Let x = negative aspect
Let y = the health benefits (the positive aspect)

Research and good doctors will tell you that y exceeds x in tremendous tremendous amounts. And I’m actually not sure if there is even value for x.

If we compare beverage 1 against beverage 2 then our equation might look like this:

beverage 1:
x = 40%
y = 60%

beverage 2:
x = 10%
y = 90%

This comparison shows that the 2nd beverage’s y is greater than the 1st beverage’s y. At another angle, the 1st beverage’s x is greater than the 2nd beverage’s x.

Therefore it is logical to conclude that fruit juice brings more health benefits and has lesser negative aspects to an individual.

Ngayon, let’s apply these same logic to Gordon. Consider points 1 and 2.

Point 1 states that x = y. Therefore, in the Philippine scenario, trusting in the judicial system is equal to trusting rumors and allegations.

Point 2 states that red wine has health benefits but it also brings negative effects and if one truly seeks for a healthier alternative then red wine is not sufficient.

Now, Point 2’s solution to have another alternative is actually point 1’s solution also. If such a candidate has rumors and allegations of corruption, immorality, dishonesty, etc… then trusting on the justice system is equal to believing on those rumors.

Therefore the solution would be to find another alternative. That means to find another candidate who like fruit juices have much lesser negative aspects and much more positive aspects.

Dick Gordon has a good track record in terms of productivity, innovation, and achievements. However I cannot deny the fact that the rumors of his character are disturbing. The friend of mine I talked about claimed to ba an eye witness to Gordon’s immorality. What he described to me was shocking and would completely tear down my respect to Gordon were I to believe it. He accounted that not only him but a lot of people in Olongapo are eye witnesses as well. Funny that my other co-worker, also from Olongapo, said the same things.

Now these friends of mine are not politicians nor political opponents to Gordon. I also don’t think they will benefit to any allegations against Gordon. They are middle-class citizens who have no affiliations whatsoever to any political party. They are also registered voters.

Let me use your example again that Dick Gordon is likened to red wine. He has great achievements but he also has allegations of misconduct.

So Marcial, my friend, we all have our own prerogative but if one truly seeks for a clean, honest, law abiding administration and one that can implement good governance, then I wouldn’t suggest narrowing your options on Dick Gordon.

December 18, 2009 at 7:16pm · Like

marcial2 Marcial Bonifacio

Leonardo, Kaibigan Ko, I applaud you for a well-presented rebuttal at kahit I cannot contend with your first point on your approximation of the confidence rate in the judicial system and rumors/allegations. However, I did raise the possibility that Gordon was corrupt as Olongapo mayor for the sake of indulging you in your vague, unsubstantiated claim. In spite of this hypothetical corruption, I still insist that Gordon is the best choice specifically for our country and specifically for this time.

If there were any corruption when he was Olongapo mayor, surely the likelihood of it ngayon would be minute, if it exists at all. Just consider that he is Blue Ribbon Committee Chairman and authored the bill to fully automate the 2010 elections in order to curtail voter fraud, and he voted for The Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act (SBN-3532). Also, Gordon was the youngest delegate to the 1971 Constitutional Convention, which makes him a living symbol of our democracy. As Chairman of the Senate Committee on Constitutional Amendments and Revision of Laws, he insisted on lawful charter change unexceptionally as prescribed by the Constitution and has rejected bills, which he believed were unconstitutional, such as Gloria Arroyo‘s declaration of martial law sa Maguindanao.

With Gordon’s apparent upholding of the rule of law and the Constitution it seems very unlikely that such a prudent man with a clearly anti-corrupt agenda would risk following the same fate as Marcos and Estrada. Even if he was corrupt 20 years ago, as mayor, the laws since then have become more stringent and less ambiguous in order to close certain loopholes, which would otherwise favor such politicians. In fact becoming president would make him more susceptible to public scrutiny, which would only force him to act and govern morally for fear of impeachment or public disgrace due to his long-standing image of being patriotic.

As Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority Chairman, after the naval bases were recalled from the area left—practically barren (hardly a year after Pinatubo buried most of Olongapo in ash)—Gordon inspired thousands of volunteers to renovate and convert the wasteland into a primary trade zone. This led hundreds of investors including Federal Express, Coastal Petroleum, BICC Cables, Shell Exploration, Acer Computers, and Thompson Audio to bring in $3 billion worth of investments and nearly 100,000 jobs. The tourism/investment destination was so economically successful that even world leaders as U.S. President Bill Clinton, U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohammad were impressed. On another note according to BIR Commissioner Joel Tan-Torres, the Arroyo administration no longer plans to balance the federal budget by 2010 due to sluggish tax revenue collections, which could be remedied by Gordon’s job creation programs.

At this time, Kaibigan Ko, we cannot afford to elect someone whose competence and leadership is yet to be proven. Quite to the contrary, what we need is proven leadership, which can stimulate the economy out of the current financial crisis and not only provide disaster rescue, relief, and rehabilitation to victims of natural catastrophes, such as Ondoy and Mayon, pero can also take preventive and safety measures against them for the future. Furthermore, rather than dismissing Gordon for petty things not concretely known, should we not praise him and vote for him based on things which are concretely known and were proven to work in his 20 years of diverse, executive experience (a track record of countering corruption, defending the Constitution, using his knowledge/experience and social skills for job creation and aiding victims of natural catastrophes for nearly 50 years as a Red Cross volunteer—experience and achievements unmatched by any other candidate)?

Ngayon, going back to your fruit juice analogy, while fruit juice may not contain any toxins, in order to derive the maximum health benefits equivalent to a glass of red wine, you must consume not only all of the juices containing the beneficial properties, pero you must also consume them in greater quantities. Kaibigan Ko, we do not have the option of choosing several candidates with diverse experience and achievements to serve as president. We can only choose one, so if you want to give yourself and your loved ones the best long-lasting gift for this Christmas and others to come, then give them one with minimal (pero manageable) toxicity and maximum benefits, which have proven long-term results—red wine. Tell them the benefits of it that they may share it with others, dahil when we have a country of healthy kababayans, then we will have a healthy country, hindi ba? Leonardo, Kaibigan Ko, Maligayang Pasko!

December 25, 2009 at 2:50am · Like

guanlao Carlos Jalijali Guanlao

I don’t have the facts about what you two respectable gentlemen are indulging in aside from what I have read and seen on the internet. Neither do I know Mr. Dick Gordon personally. However, from a biblical standpoint, the bible declares that – “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”. That would mean that we have all sinned and that includes me, you and Mr. Gordon. How immense our ‘sin’ is are measured when we are found guilty of our wrongdoings in a court of law. The word “alleged” means just that, an allegation and unless evidence is provided it will remain as an allegation. I’m not a lawyer but the law states that a person is declared innocent until proven otherwise. If the corruption charges hurled by people who are against Mr. Gordon did not prosper, then I consider the charges as an allegation and that would make him innocent in my point of view. We also have to look at the people who made the charges against Mr. Gordon. Did they or did they not acquire personal or material gain from hurling the charges of corruption against Mr. Gordon. Politics in our country, whether in public or in private practice tends to be dirty because of the so called Filipino crab mentality. Those people below would always try to pull down whoever is on top.
As an ordinary citizen trying to figure out who might be the best candidate to take the helm of governance for this country, I am looking for a leader who has a distinctive character. In our country I find that voter intelligence is rather low. The best of the breed of qualified candidates are shoved off the side in favor of those who are popular, whose family names are into politics for generations, the filthy rich and candidates endorsed as a commodity by well known and well paid celebrities. We tend to liken this election as a popularity contest or a cock derby, or a horse race, where we bet on who is winnable. But looking into these candidates’ records of service and performance to their respective constituents, I find only a few who are a standout. I see that they have served their constituents well and their way of life shows a lifetime of dedicated service to their fellowmen. I will not therefore go for the “lesser evil” choice. I will pick for a president the one who has shown determination in improving the lot of his countrymen. Having narrowed down my choices my friends, I will VOTE for Sen. DICK GORDON.

January 26, 2010 at 6:51am · Like 

isa lan Isa Lan

Kaibigang Marcial, I definitely cannot compete with your or Leonado’s line of conversation but if there’s one thing that could be said in the reality of life: We are only human and are liable to commit human error too, at one point in our lives. In the end, what matters most is our realization and acceptance of those impurities with a resolve to better ourselves. Nobody was created perfect….And, if I were to equate that to my criterion for choosing a candidate..I would definitely go for the one…who had worked hard to redeem himself, succeeded in bringing out the best, when all odds were against him…and is still continuously forging the goodwill for every one of it’s citizenry through a better Philippines…Kudos to Senator Gordon!!!

And thank you kaibigang Marcial for sharing this enlightening blog… ;D

January 26, 2010 at 7:01am · Like

isa lan Isa Lan I stand corrected Mr. Guanlao… ;D
pinalitan ko na po…pangit nga pala pakinggan…
I was trying to allude it to something, but i couldn’t get the right term… Pasensiya na po… 😀

January 26, 2010 at 7:04am · Like

marcial2 Marcial Bonifacio

Mr. Guanlao, I agree with you completely that a man is presumed innocent until proven guilty, pero in fairness to Leonardo, he claims that the judicial system, itself, is corrupt. If that is the case, then Gordon may “legally” be innocent, pero sa actuality, he could very well be guilty of crimes, which a corrupt judicial system may not recognize. That is the basis of Leonardo’s rebuttal to my response on Gordon’s “alleged” corruption. That gives Leonardo good reason to believe his colleagues, who claim to be witnesses to Gordon’s “alleged” wrong-doing, regardless of the facts, so I could no longer debate him on that issue. Therefore, rather than persuading Leonardo that Gordon is not corrupt, I emphasized how negligible it would be—that to criticize Gordon for being corrupt would be like criticizing red wine for having alcohol. Just as no seriously health-conscious person should forsake the health benefits of red wine due to the alcohol, no seriously informed voter should dismiss Gordon’s qualifications and accomplishments due to negligible allegations.

January 27, 2010 at 6:07am · Like

guanlao Carlos Jalijali Guanlao So then, where do we start? As most candidates are mere people pleasers, we should then put leaders who have the political will to implement changes. But mind you, this is not an easy job. We, as the citizenry should put in our lot by helping our leaders in changing and removing this country of all its blight. Again, where do we start? A change from within us.

January 27, 2010 at 6:20am · Like

marcial2 Marcial Bonifacio Payag ako! The most difficult thing is to start turning the wheels of transformation. Once it gains momentum, it will be easier, dahil when this movement becomes massive, more people will be inspired to maintain it. The thousands who volunteered in Subic Bay are living proof that even a seemingly impossible vision can become a reality. This year, we can do it again with Gordon’s Bagumbayan.

January 27, 2010 at 6:44am · Like

raani Raani Paranas

I have a friend who shared the same sentiment with Mr. Leonardo. This time, his “Red Cross” friends told him about Gordon’s “alleged” corruption practices. I reasoned out with myself that if there are red cross volunteers who accused him of that, I also have friends from Red Cross who deny these charges. So what side are we on? The fact of the matter, this friend of mine seem to believe these rumors because they are from a small populi of Red Cross volunteers . Thus, even if only a few of these volunteers said it, he mistakenly accept its authority and take their word because:

1.) They’re his friends
2.) He don’t know the candidate
3.) His Friends were from Red Cross (governed by Dick Gordon)… See More

It is a mundane task to prove these “Corruption Charges” even if they are from someone inside the jurisdiction of Mr. Gordon. We can only rely on “Primary Sources” for the sake of objectivity. Primary sources are original and uninterpreted information. News articles are one example, if you doubt its validity, you can compare it with other news prints with the same story. Rumors are out of this category. We can’t take a single statement as the representation of the whole. Same with these red cross volunteers, we can’t take their accusations as the word of the RED CROSS itself. There are different views inside the RC population and we can’t ignore both sides. We are even skeptical of STAR WITNESSES and WHISTLE BLOWERS, why? because no one else was there who had seen the same thing and even if there were, we doubt of their intentions. It’s that complicated to verify an accusation..yes?

Sadly, Mr. Leonardo, There are no other FRUIT JUICES in the list.

Gordon is the FRUIT JUICE that we need! 🙂

January 31, 2010 at 1:15am · Like

marcial2 Marcial Bonifacio Payag ako, Kaibigan Ko, Raani, pero si Gordon ay red wine, dahil a glass of wine a day is far more beneficial than so many glasses of different fruit juices, hindi ba? Even then, walang comparison.

February 6, 2010 at 1:00am · Like

ann margaret Anne Margarette

Sa tingin ko ang pagpili ng iboboto, parang A-L lang yan sa pagsukat ng yaman ng tao. Strengths-weaknesses, achievements-failures. Absolute advantage and comparative advantage sa economics. Kung anuman ang nagawa niyang masama niya, his achievements top it all. Kaysa naman sa hindi corrupt (wala pang sapat na basehan na hindi talaga corrupt), at wala rin namang nagagawa. Wag nyo nang gawing kumplikado, napasimpleng bagay lang nito, konting gamit lang ng utak ang kailangan. I, too, believe that Gordon is the best choice! GORDON FOR 2010!!!

February 14, 2010 at 1:14am · Like

marcial2 Marcial Bonifacio Anne, Kaibigan Ko, magandang analysis yan at sentiments ko precisely!

February 14, 2010 at 2:26am · Like

ferdinand Ferdinand Calantoc Ii dont agree with the “lesser evil” thinking or “more good done than evil”. I am voting for Gordon because He has the achievements and none, nil, zero, clean- history of corruption nor tolerating corruption. The Presidency should not come to the point of choosing “lesser evil” but the best for the seat. That is the message i want people to think when voting for Gordon-Bayani -“They are the best”.

February 17, 2010 at 2:04am · Like 

marcial2 Marcial Bonifacio Payag ako, Kaibigan Ko, Mr. Calantoc, pero my debate addresses people who think like Mr. Dosdos and is thus constructed to persuade them on the wisom of supporting Gordon, regardless if he is corrupt or not, kahit walang evidence. It is simply a debate based on logic, which can be used on such people, who are making an illogical vote for Gordon’s opponents.

February 17, 2010 at 2:15am · Like

ferdinand Ferdinand Calantoc Agree ako

February 17, 2010 at 2:17am · Like 

bryvegs Bryvegs Dela Vega

Ako at buong pamilya ko tubong Olongapo at talagang wala kaming masasabing masama laban kay Sen. Dick Gordon siya ang nagpaunlad ng aming siyudad at nagpaganda ng SBMA ang isang magaling na pinuno ay hindi mawawalan ng kritiko. Kahit saan ka magpunta mayroon niyan pero isa lang masasabi ko dito sa Gapo 8 out of 10 residents bilib at may tiwala kay Dick Gordon siya ang pag-asa ng ating bayan para tayo umunlad. Siya ang magtatayo sa nakadapang bandila ng Pilipinas kaya mabuhay ka DICK GORDON you have our vote…..

February 21, 2010 at 2:46am · Like

peter mauricio Peter Mauricio Hello Bryvegs. Zambaleno din eto. Please help spread the word hanggang sa kasuloksulokan ng Zambales. Let’s not focus on the fleeting surveys. Let’s emphasize na MAS SAYANG ANG BOTO KUNG HINDI BOTO SA MOST QUALIFIES,COMPETENT GORDON/BAYANI TEAM.

February 25, 2010 at 11:24am · Like

lelai Lelai Franklin MY FATHER VOTED FOR HIM. We know from our souls what this incredible man can do. HE HAS PROVEN HIMSELF over and over. He is the BEST LEADER we can have for our COUNTRY, and that’sa no brainer for me and for the many whom lives he has touched. Now is the biggest chance we are all waiting for. The Chance to CHANGE FOR THE BETTER! definitely My PRESIDENT…

March 8, 2010 at 1:40am · Like

marcial2 Marcial Bonifacio Lorela, Kaibigan Ko, may you and your tatay live a long, happy life for your support of Gordon and our country.

March 9, 2010 at 3:11am · Like

florante Florante Galura pa tag naman po oh. tnx

March 12, 2010 at 2:12am · Like

jose Jose Acelajado Pwede siguro natin, tayong lahat, Team Transformers, na sabay sabay, personally na mag send tayo by email o dito sa facebook nitong simple message sa mga friends natin,”Can you join me with the Gordon-Bayani Tandem? Thank you my friend!”

March 12, 2010 at 8:28am · Like

jose Jose Acelajado Pwede siguro natin, tayong lahat, Team Transformers, na sabay sabay, personally na mag send tayo by email o dito sa facebook nitong simple message sa mga friends natin,”Can you join me with the Gordon-Bayani Tandem? Thank you my friend!”

March 12, 2010 at 8:29am · Like

hazelHazel Ongoco Del Rosario Nicely done.I wish our Kababayans will really consider track record over popularity and money.

March 26, 2010 at 2:21am · Like

gerardo Gerardo C Clemente Wow talagang serious discussion here!
Hindi sayang ang boto, Sayang ang hindi nag-iisip!

March 26, 2010 at 10:30am · Like

jose Jose Acelajado Frankly, Mas komportable ako kay Gordon, di ko maisip kung ano ang tunay na dahilan at si Gibo ang naging standard bearer ng Lakas-Kampi. Dominant Party kasi ang Lakas-Kampi, pero humina ito ng si Gibo ang maging standard bearer, let’s accept it! Pero ang Bagumbayan ay nagsimula sa maliit pero pinalalaki at pinalalakas ng Gordon-Fernando tandem for a better Philippines!

March 27, 2010 at 8:15am · Like

victor Victor Kahoy go Gordon!

April 22, 2010 at 12:52am · Like

sneak Sneak Grazz wala na ako masabi. nabasa ko lahat ng comment nyo. feeling ko nakainom na ako now ng redwine hehehe…

April 27, 2010 at 5:18am · Like

gem Gem Victoria Manzano hehehe.. cheers! thanks MB for this post 🙂

April 27, 2010 at 5:47am · Like

jose Jose Acelajado Gordon-Fernando for a better Philippines!

April 27, 2010 at 6:09pm · Like

ronald Ronald Cruz Buy 1 take many…hehehe

April 28, 2010 at 8:11am · Like

axel Axel Detoyato Noble I don’t want to say anything else, aside from the topic above.

Sorry nalang sa haharang, Solid Dick Gordon Ako!

May 5, 2010 at 12:30am · Like

Of SCOOTERS, JEEPNEYS, BUSES, and AIRPLANES: A Simple Case Against Gibo, Noynoy, and Manny Villar for President in 2010

Updated 05/07/2010

By Marcial Bonifacio

My Friends, were it not for Senator Richard Gordon’s diverse experience in general and his experience as an executive in particular, I would very likely cast my vote for Manny Villar. Executive experience is often taken for granted, but is perhaps the most significant quality for the highest executive office in RP. In general, the function of an executive is to execute or enforce rules, policies, or laws. This involves managing people or institutions. Thus, the executive function can be and often is performed by a business manager, a military general, or a mayor. Even a Senate Committee chairman manages a committee of senators, so it is technically an executive function, although under the legislative branch. Specifically, the functions of the President are to be Chief of State and Commander-in-Chief of all the Armed Forces of the Philippines and since he must manage twenty departments, the importance of executive experience could not be stressed enough. By contrast, the primary function of the legislative branch is to form a framework by which rules, policies, or laws are made for the executive to carry out. The legislative function is performed by a board director, architect, wedding planner, designer, or senator.

Upon pondering this simple example, one should clearly grasp the importance of the executive function and its application to electing the President. Consider a situation wherein you must choose a personal driver to transport you and your family or friends to any desired destination. If nothing else were an issue other than expertise and experience, in order to get the most value for your money, which of the following drivers would you hire for a long-term contract? A) a scooter driver. B) a jeepney driver. C) a bus driver. D) a bus driver who knows how to draw blue prints for buses. E) a bus driver and commercial airplane pilot and Harvard graduate, who also knows how to draw blue prints for buses. F) a 47-year Red Cross volunteer who can drive all of the above vehicles (except an airplane) with equal knowledge, skills, and experience as any of the above drivers (except the pilot) with additional experience in driving on slippery roads and storms.

Someone who is keen on the possibility of their changing circumstances would very likely hire Driver F, the driver who can drive all vehicles, since he would be getting more value for the same price. Although it may seem that Driver E would be able to drive smaller vehicles easily (thus making the need for Driver A obsolete), it may actually be more difficult for someone, lacking experience, to drive a scooter. This is due to the need for balancing skills and the small size and light weight of the scooter, which gives it more flexibility to maneuver easily within spatially limited areas and rugged terrain—a limit for the bus, airplane, and their drivers.

Also, the fact that Driver F can drive a jeepney gives this particular driver a unique skill, because a jeepney driver is a multi-tasker. While driving, he takes money from the passengers, counts the change, and delivers it to their rightful owner all with a single hand, even in the midst of bumper to bumper traffic and near accidental encounters with pedestrians who often run in the middle of a congested street to catch another jeepney. Additionally, his experience and skills in driving on slippery roads would enable him to maneuver a vehicle over a road with oil spills or anything making it slick. Driver D’s and Driver E’s knowledge and skills in making a blue print or putting a bus design on paper or piloting an aircraft would be completely useless, since a daily driver is needed, not a bus designer or daily pilot.

Now, let’s translate the hypothetical situation of hiring a driver to electing a president, bearing in mind that these are only general approximations that should not be taken literally. The different vehicles represent different levels (local, national) of governance and the different social sectors (public, business, civic) of an executive. It is notable that experience in local governance is essential, since it would give the President a more accurate view on the limits and capabilities of the provinces and cities on which to base policy decisions concerning resource production and distribution. Thus, an executive with only national level experience may underestimate or overestimate the effects of national policy on the local level due to his or her unrealistic goals or miscalculations.

Noynoy Aquino’s experience and expertise is confined to the legislative branch as a Senator with only minimal executive experience as the chairman of the Senate Committee on Local Government and vice-chairman of the Committee on Justice and Human Rights. Since he only has national level experience (symbolized by the bus) and is a law maker (symbolized by the blue print drawer), he would be represented by Driver D. However, Manny Villar’s executive experience is greater and more diverse, since it includes more Senate Committee chairmanships (Finance, Foreign Relations, Public Order, and Agriculture and Fisheries) and the business sector, as owner/manager of a home building business. Like Aquino, he is represented by Driver D.

Likewise, Gibo Teodoro has also served in Congress, but only as a House Representative (symbolized by the bus designer, since he is a lawmaker on the national level). The only distinctive, executive experience he has was when Teodoro was Colonel in the Philippine Air Force Reserve and Secretary of the Department of National Defense (represented by Driver D). However, since he is an actual commercial pilot, I have designated him as Driver E.

On the other hand, Richard Gordon is represented by Driver F, since he has the most diverse, executive experience (in the public, business, and civic sectors) on all levels of governance (local and national). On the national level (Driver C, the bus driver) of the public sector, Gordon held various chairmanships as Tourism Secretary (Philippine Tourism Authority, Philippine Convention & Visitors Corporation, Intramuros Administration, National Parks Development Committee, Philippine Commission on Sports Scuba Diving) and various Senate Committee chairmanships (Blue Ribbon, Constitutional Amendments and Revision of Laws, Tourism, Government Corporations and Public Enterprises, Foreign Policy). On the lower levels of governance, Gordon’s positions as Olongapo mayor and Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority chairman are represented by Driver A (the scooter driver) and Driver B (the jeepney driver). Like the jeepney driver, he is a multi-tasker, since he has and still holds positions in both the public and civic sectors simultaneously as a member of the Governing Board of the International Red Cross/Red Crescent Federation, chairman and CEO of the Philippine National Red Cross, and senator.

The different vehicles (in no particular order) also represent different social sectors (public, business, civic) in which Gordon has played an active role. I already indicated his public positions above as mayor, cabinet secretary, and senator. In the business sector, he was a manager for Procter and Gamble and Kong Commercial Philippines, Inc. In the civic sector, aside from being a Red Cross volunteer for 47 years, he was a commissioner for East Asia and the Pacific World Tourism Organization and held chairmanships in the Pacific Asia Travel Association and Boys Scouts of the Philippines.

Experience in driving in storms and slippery roads reflects the overwhelming odds stacked against Gordon to prevent him from overcoming great challenges to reach his goals. For example, he (as SBMA chairman) inspired thousands of volunteers to convert Subic Bay into an economic trade zone from a heap of ash caused by the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo after the American naval bases were recalled and thousands of jobs lost as a result. This conversion attracted hundreds of companies, which created nearly 100,000 jobs and was so successful that several world leaders, including President Clinton, impressively boasted about it as a model for economic development. Also, as Tourism Secretary, his social and managerial skills increased the number of tourists to 2 million up from 1 million in a single year, thereby creating even more jobs, although there were terrorist threats, civil war in Mindanao, coup attempts, and SARS.

As Red Cross chairman, and having traveled and provided his services throughout all of RP, Gordon knows exactly what preventive and safety measures need to be taken against man-made and natural disasters. He also knows precisely what resources and in what quantity need to be distributed to each disaster area, expertise which is indispensable for a country prone to such disasters.

My Friends, applying the same basic criteria from the “driver” model to selecting a President clearly shows Gordon to be the more qualified candidate based on experience and expertise alone. Although this work focuses on executive experience as the primary defense for Gordon, issues of credibility and trustworthiness are addressed with a debate between a Noynoy supporter and I in my previous blog here.

Furthermore, there is still time to reconsider your choice, if you have not yet selected Gordon. There is no shame or blame for rational, sensible voters to innocently make choices based on misinformation or lack of accurate information, but there is definitely shame and blame for those who knowingly continue to make unwise decisions—which will affect the entire country, despite their awareness of the facts.

My Friends, I plead with you to be one of those whose vote is the reason our kababayans will be proud to be kababayan. Ultimately your vote will be a choice between mediocrity and excellence, between popularity and merit, between knowledge attained from the school of academia and wisdom attained from the school of hard knocks, between hopeful promises and proven success, between economic recovery and First World status, and between a designing bus driver and a multi-skilled jeepney driver. In conclusion, let us all choose Richard Gordon, as our country‘s driver, who will direct and pull RP out of the pit of the financial crisis, back on to the road to prosperity, and ultimately, to First World status.

Aim High Pilipinas!

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Isang Simpleng Kaso Laban Kina Gibo Teodoro, Nonoy Aquino, at Manny Villar Bilang Presidente sa 2010

April 6, 2010 at 2:24pm

Ni Marcial Bonifacio

Isinalin ni Din Laviste

Mga Kaibigan at Kababayan Ko, kung hindi pa lang sa malawak na karanasan ni Richard Gordon sa panlahat, at ang kanyang karanasan bilang ehekutibo (executive) sa partikular, si Manny Villar ang bobotohin ko. Ang karanasan bilang ehekutibo ay madalas na binabale wala, ngunit marahil iyon ang pinakamahalagang kalidad para sa pinakamataas na opisina ng Republika ng Pilipinas. Sa panlahat, ang trabaho ng isang ehekutibo ay ang pagpapaganap at pagpapatupad ng mga patakaran at batas, kasama ang pamamahala ng mga tao at institusyon. Sa gayon, ang trabahong ehekutibo ay maari, at madalas na ginagawa ng isang tagapamahala ng negosyo, heneral ng militar, o mayor. Kahit ang isang chairman ng Senate Committee ay namamahala ng komite ng mga senador kaya maari itong mapabilang sa ehekutibo, kahit nasa ilalim ng sangay ng lehislatibo (legislative). Mga tiyak na tungkulin ng Presidente ang pagiging Chief of State at Commander-in-Chief ng Armed Forces of the Philipines. Dahil kasama dito ang pamamahala ng dalawampung kagawaran, ang kahalagahan ng karanasan bilang ehekutibo ay higit na malinaw. Sa kabilang dako, ang pangunahing tungkulin ng lehislatibo na sangay ay ang maghulma ng istruktura na kung saan mga patakaran at batas ay ginagawa para ipatupad ng ehekutibo. Ang tungkulin bilang lehislatibo ay ipinamamalas ng isang board director, arkitekto, tagaplano ng mga kasal, tagadisenyo, o senador.

Kung iisipin ang halimbawang ito, dapat maintindihan ang tungkulin bilang ehekutibo at ang kahalagahan nito sa pagpili ng Presidente. Isipin ang sitwasyong kailangang pumili ng sariling drayber na magdadala sa iyo, pamilya mo at mga kaibigan sa kahit anong destinasyon. Kung lahat ay pareho maliban sa kadalubhasaan at karanasan, upang mapakinabangan nang lubos ang halaga ng pera, alin sa mga drayber ang kukunin mo sa isang mahabang kontrata? A) drayber ng iskuter. B) drayber ng dyipni. C) drayber ng bus. D) isang drayber ng bus na marunong gumuhit ng mga blue print ng bus. E) isang drayber nq bus at pangkomersyal na piloto ng eruplano na nagtapos sa Harvard, at marunong din gumuhit ng mga blueprint ng bus. F) isang 47 taong gulang na Red Cross volunteer at drayber na kayang imaneho ang lahat ng mga sasakyang ito (maliban sa eruplano), nang may pantay na kaalaman, kakayahan at karanasan sa mga nabanggit (hindi kasali ang piloto), at may dagdag na kaalaman sa pagmaneho sa mga madudulas na daan at bagyo.

Sa mga matalim na nakakakita sa posibilidad ng pabago-bagong kalagayan ay siguradong pipiliin ang Drayber F, ang kayang imaneho ang lahat ng mga sasakyan. Kahit na ang Drayber E ay tila mas madaling makamamaneho ng mas maliliit na sasakyan (kaya ang Drayber A ay magiging lipas), mas mahirap sa isang walang karanasan ang magmaneho ng iskuter. Ito ay dahil sa pangangailangan ng kasanayan sa pagbabalanse at sa liit at bigat ng iskuter, mas madali itong dalhin sa mga masisikip at mababatong lugar—isang limitasyon ng bus, eruplano, pati ng drayber nito.

Dahil ang Drayber F ay kayang imaneho ang dyipni, katangi-tangi ito sapagkat ang nagmamaneho nito ay isang multi-tasker. Habang nagmamaneho, tumatanggap siya ng bayad sa mga pasahero, binibilang ito, at ibinbalik ang sukli sa may-ari gamit lamang ang isang kamay, kahit sa gitna ng halos dikit-dikit na trapiko, o kamuntikang aksidente sa mga biglaang tumatawid sa daan para pumara ng ibang dyipni. Bukod dito, ang kanyang karanasan at kasanayan sa madudulas na daan ay makakatulong sa pagmamaneho sa mga oil spills o kahit anong tulad nito. Ang kaalaman ng Drayber D at Drayber E sa paggawa ng blue print o pagdisenyo ng bus sa papel ay hindi magagamit, dahil drayber ang kailangan at hindi designer o piloto.

Ngayon, isalin natin ang hypothetical na sitwasyon sa pagpili ng drayber sa pagpili ng presidente, habang isinasaisip na ito ay sa panlahat lamang, at hindi dapat literal ang pagintindi. Ang mga sasakyan kumakatawan sa iba’t ibang antas (lokal at nasyonal) ng gobyerno at iba’t ibang sosyal na sektor (pampubliko, pangnegosyo, pansibiko) ng ehekutibo. Mapapansin na ang karanasan sa lokal na gobyerno ay kailangan, dahil magbibigay ito sa Presidente ng wastong pananaw sa limitasyon at kapabilidad ng mga probinsya at mga lungsod, na gagamiting batayan sa mga desisyon sa produksiyon at distribusyon ng mga resources. Datapwat, ang ehekutibo, na hanggang nasyonal lamang ang karanasan, ay maaring hindi matantiya nang tama ang epekto ng mga nasyonal na patakaran sa lokal na antas dahil sa miskalkulasyon.

Ang kadalubhasaan at karanasan ni Noynoy Aquino ay nakakulong lamang sa lehislatibong sangay bilang senador, na may kakaunting ehekutibong karanasan sa pagiging chairman niya sa Senate Committee on Local Government at vice-chairman ng Committee on Justice and Human Rights. Dahil ang karanasan niya ay nasa nasyonal na antas lamang (nirerepresenta ng bus) at tagagawa ng batas (nirerepresenta ng tagaguhit ng blue print), maihahantulad siya sa Drayber D. Ngunit si Manny Villar ay mas malawak ang karanasan bilang ehekutibo, dahil kasali dito ang mas maraming chairmanships ng Senate Committee (Finance, Foreign Relations, Public Order, and Agriculture and Fisheries) at sa antas na pangnegosyo, bilang tagapamahala at may-ari ng negosyong konstruksiyon ng mga bahay. Tulad ni Noynoy, kinakatawan siya ng Drayber D.

Gayon din kay Gibo Teodoro na nanilbihan sa Kongreso, ngunit bilang isang House Representative ( sinisimbulo ng designer ng bus dahil tagagawa siya ng batas sa nasyonal na antas). Ang katangi-tangi na karanasan niya ay noong siya ay Colonel ng Philippine Air Force Reserve at Secretary ng Department of National Defense (nirerepresenta ng Drayber D). Ngunit, dahil siya ay isang aktwal na pangkomersyal na piloto, siya ay maitatalaga bilang Drayber E.

Sa kabilang dako, si Richard Gordon ay kinakatawan ng Drayber F, dahil siya ang may pinakamalawak na karanasan bilang ehekutibo (sa pampubliko, pangnegosyo, at pansibiko na sektor) at sa lahat ng antas ng gobyerno (local at nasyonal). Sa nasyonal na antas (Drayber C, ang drayber ng bus) ng pampublikong sektor, humawak si Gordon ng iba’t ibang chairmanships bilang Tourism Secretary (Philippine Tourism Authority, Philippine Convention & Visitors Corporation, Intramuros Administration, National Parks Development Committee, Philippine Commission on Sports Scuba Diving) at iba’t ibang chairmanships sa Senate Committee (Blue Ribbon, Constitutional Amendments and Revision of Laws, Tourism, Government Corporations and Public Enterprises, Foreign Policy). Sa mga mas mababang antas ng gobyerno, ang posisyon niya bilang mayor ng Olongapo at chairman ng Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority ay kinakatawan ng Drayber A (ang drayber ng iskuter) at Drayber B (ang drayber ng dyipni). Tulad ng drayber ng dyipni, multi-tasker siya, dahil hanggang ngayon, mayroon siyang mga posisyon sa pampubliko at pansibikong sektor na hinahawakan niya kasabay ng pagiging miyembro ng Governing Board of the International Red Cross/Red Crescent Federation at chairman at CEO ng Philippine National Red Cross at senador.

Ang iba’t ibang sasakyan (sa walang tiyak na ayos) ay kumakatawan ng iba’t ibang sosyal na sektor (pampubliko, pangnegosyo at pansibiko) na kung saan si Gordon ay may aktibong posisyon. Nabanggit ko na ang kanyang mga pampublikong posisyon bilang mayor, cabinet secretary at senador. Sa pangnegosyong sektor, naging tagapamahala siya para sa Procter and Gamble at Kong Commercial Philippines, Inc. Sa pansibikong sektor, bukod sa pagiging Red Cross volunteer ng 47 na taon, naging commissioner siya para sa East Asia and the Pacific World Tourism Organization at humawak ng mga chairmanships sa Pacific Asia Travel Association at Boys Scouts of the Philippines.

Ang karanasan sa pagmamaneho sa mga madudulas daan at bagyo nagpapahiwatig ng mga di maiiwasang pangyayari na susubok kay Gordon na di makamit ang kanyang mga layunin. Halimbawa, (bilang SBMA chairman) nabigyang inspirasyon niya ang libu-libong volunteers na baguhin ang Subic Bay na maging economic trade zone mula sa abo ng pagputok ng Mt. Pinatubo, matapos na tinanggal ang mga American naval base at libu-libo ang nawalan ng trabaho bilang resulta. Ang pagbabagong ito na nakaakit ng daan-daang kumpanya, na nakagawa ng mahigit 100,000 na trabaho, at higit itong matagumpay na iilang mga lider sa ibang bansa, kasama si President Clinton, ipinagmalaki ito bilang modelo ng ekonomikong pagsulong. Bukod dito, bilang Tourism Secretary, ang kanyang kakayahang sosyal at pamamahala ay dumulot ng pagtaas ng bilang ng mga turista hanggang 2 milyon mula sa 1 milyon sa isang taon, na nakadagdag sa mga trabaho, kahit na may mga pananakot ng mga terorista, sibil na digmaan sa Mindanao, mga coup attempt, at sakit na SARS.

Bilang chairman ng Red Cross at sa pagbibiyahe at pagbibigay serbisyo nya sa buong Pilipinas, alam ni Gordon kung ano ang mga panukalang makakatulong na makaiwas at makaligtas mula sa mga kalamidad na gawa ng tao at mga natural na kalamidad. Tiyak na nakakaalam din siya kung anong mga kailangan at dami ng mga resource na ipamimigay sa lugar ng kalamidad, isang kadalubhasaang higit na kailangan sa isang bansang madalas na dinadaanan nito.

Mga Kaibigan Ko, ang paggamit ng parehong pamantayan mula sa “drayber” na modelo sa pagpili ng Presidente ay nagpapakita na si Gordon ang kandidatong mas may kwalipikasyon batay sa kadalubhasaan at karanasan. Kahit ang obrang ito ay nakasentro sa karanasang ehekutibo bilang pangunahing depensa para kay Gordon, ang mga isyu ukol sa credibilidad at pagtitiwala ay kasama sa isang debate sa pagitan ng isang tagataguyod ni Noynoy at ako sa blog na ito.

Dagdag dito, hindi pa huli para baguhin ang desisyon, kung hindi mo pa pinipili si Gordon. Walang nakakahiya o may sala sa rasyonal na mga mamboboto na gumagawa ng desisyon dahil sa maling impormasyon, ngunit mayroong siguradong hiya at sala sa mga nakakaalam ngunit patuloy na gumagawa ng maling desisyon na makaaapekto ng buong bansa.

Mga Kaibigan Ko, nakikiusap ako na maging isa sa mga kababayang ang boto ang magiging dahilan na maipagmamalaki ang pagiging kababayan. Siguradong boto mo ay sa pagitan ng karaniwan at mahusay, sa pagitan ng popularidad at kalamangan, sa pagitan ng kaalamang mula sa libro at kaalamang praktikal, sa pagitan ng inaasahang pangako at napatunayang tagumpay, sa pagitan ng economikong paggaling at First World na katayuan, at sa pagitan ng drayber ng bus na nagdidisenyo at ng drayber ng dyipni na may malawak at iba’t ibang kasanayan. Ang konklusyon, piliin natin si Richard Gordon bilang drayber ng ating bansa, na gagabay sa Pilipinas palabas ng bangin ng pinansyal na krisis, patungo sa daan ng kaginhawaan at sa huli, makamtan ang First World na katayuan.

Aim high Pilipinas!

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Din Laviste

Din Laviste I would definitely want the best for my country!

Ellen Rose Sundiang Vidon
Alvin Balmaceda Andrade

Alvin Balmaceda Andrade What a great documentary! Im impressed though solid Gordon ako.Go Gordon

Gerardo C Clemente
Gerardo C Clemente well said and more than enough for them to think… either tagalog or english…

Len I. Yap

Len I. Yap Great analogy! *thumbs up!

Maxcel Edward Sutil

Maxcel Edward Sutil Me and my family solid for Gordon….and Bayani Siyempre…

Carlos Jalijali Guanlao

Carlos Jalijali Guanlao I would definitely entrust my family and my country to the best choice…..DICK GORDON!

Rissa Manzano Broughton

Rissa Manzano Broughton i would likely to cast my vote to noynoy, he seems genuine and i hope he can do more changes to our country…. and i would like to see noynoy to be more than his parents. so having said that, please solve the land dispute in hacienda luisita…..

Gretchen Mae Ortega

Gretchen Mae Ortega the only reason there’s a mismanagement in the government is choosing the wrong leader…and sadly, most Filipinos have had lousy choices…vote for Gordon for a change…he’s the only chance to save this failing country…

Tapia Ramirez

Tapia Ramirez I am definitely voting for Gordon and Bayani. I used to be a supporter for NoyNoy…but his lackluster/below mediocre performance is very disappointing. I felt that the tax I paid him to do his job for years in the senate was ripped off. It’s true he had authored good bills…but the thing is, he was not assertive enough to push such bills… Why was Gibo able to have bills passed even if the bills were only about converting some road into a national road? Kung GUSTO talagang MAGLINGKOD…MAY PARAAN.

Gordon and Bayani have been doing public service even before their big positions in the government. Umunlad ang Subic. Umunlad ang Marikina. Sulit ang buwis na binabayad ng tao kina Gordon at Bayani.

Din Laviste

Din Laviste Mabuhay ka Ma’am Tapia.Sana maraming pang Pilipino ang maging tulad mo na pinahahalagahan ang pagboto sa susunod na presidente ng ating bansa, na syang mamumuno sa pagbabago at pagpaaunlad ng Pilipinas sa susunod na 6 na taon!

Din Laviste

Din Laviste I agree, Ms. Rissa, and being seemingly genuine is good, but if there is somebody who has proven his genuineness and dedication to the Filiipino people, would you vote for him instead? Here’s a man who shows that. He will get my vote for sure.- http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1375664401331…

Marvin Qty

Marvin Qty suggesment lang: how about a driver who can also fly an airplane and handled the defense department?

Hugs Rivera

Hugs Rivera ^i like smile emoticon

Marcial Bonifacio

Marcial Bonifacio Sir Marvin, I hope you are not referring to Gibo, dahil kahit he may be qualified sa national defense and security, walang accomplishments and expertise sa other important fields as Gordon. Iyon ay kailangan that the President excel in all areas which this highest official position demands.

Inri Manzie

Inri Manzie Unless God’s agenda is on the table no candidate can truly solve the luisita case, and the prevalent corruption in the government.

Inri Manzie


Precious Gomez
Marcial Bonifacio

Marcial Bonifacio Sir Henry, marahil si Bro. Eddie pious o righteous siya, ngunit piety and righteousness alone will not create jobs, reduce poverty, relieve victims of natural and man-made disasters, or even curb corruption. What is needed is expertise and experience sa local and national governance, job creation and foreign investments, disaster relief, and implementation of the rule of law and the Constitution—all of which Bro. Eddie lacks. Would you trust him to perform a heart transplant on your ailing child? Would you trust him to design your house or manage your finances? If not, then how can you trust him to govern an entire country without any expertise or experience in doing so?

Marcial Bonifacio

Marcial Bonifacio Madame Precious, does your sentiment express that you are supporting Gordon—the most qualified presidentiable? If so, it will be a precious vote, talaga.

Faith M Reyes

Faith M Reyes Interesting read. Thank you for not insulting Manny Villar .Gordon has a good track record, no doubt. He made a name for himself. I was very impressed how he answered the questions at the De La Salle Zobel forum. Na turn off lang ako when he mentioned that Villar tried to buy him off for 1B. I’m very close to the family, and Villar is not that type of person as they paint him to be. Politics is so dirty. The Nationalista Party is trying to keep the campaign at a high level. I just pray that God will grant the Filipino people the wisdom to filter the truth from the lies. I love your closing lines, “My friends, I plead with you….”. Pwede ba palitan ng Manny Villar? ha ha. PEACE! If my candidate does not win, i will settle for anybody else except for 2 candidates (won’t mention it na, baka may mapikon pa). Continue writing…

Inri Manzie

Inri Manzie A righteous man is what we need to lead our country. A man of excellence, a man with dedicated heart, a man with devotion with God, a man of interity and a man living by example. These virtues altogether is what our country needs today. It is only then that true transformation to our society could be realized. DR. EDDIE VILLANUEVA IS THE RIGHT MAN FOR THE JOB!

Clarence Brian Uy

Clarence Brian Uy Dun ako sa may napatunayan na… DICK GORDON lang at wala nang iba!

Alex Albania

Alex Albania Well said. I will vote for Dick Gordon as President and Bayani Fernando as Vice President. I will also campaign for them in my own little way.

Inri Manzie

Inri Manzie sila ay mga robot. hindi sila puedeng magtanong. pag nagtanong ka delikado. sunud lang sila ng sunod. Ang tawag diyan ay kamay na bakal. kc tingin niya sa sarili ay napakatalino niya at ganoon din ang tingin sa kanya ng mga robot niya. ay tao bulag sa mensahe ng tunay na pagbabago. kumita na yan oy. Meron pang mas matalino sa kanya na naging presidente na at mas maraming nagawang mas maganda pa pero anong nangyari.

Clarence Brian Uy
Clarence Brian Uy Si Bro Eddie pa naman sinusuportahan nyo pero ang pag uugali nyo ay napakasama. may robot pa kayong nalalaman puro wala naman basehan pinagsasabi nyo.
kung sisiraan nyo rin lang ang kandidato namin, siguraduhin nyo lang na may basehan kayo para makahikayat kayo ng tao.
kung gusto nyong respetuhin kayo ng tao, matuto rin kayong rumespeto.

Faith M Reyes

Faith M Reyes Hello Mr. Manzano. I am an evangelical Christian and i have nothing against Bro. Eddie. In fact, I voted for him the last time he ran. But there is one question that bothers me, “Did Christ really speak to him?” i just want to get the truth from a loyal supporter.

Marc Angelo David

Marc Angelo David Everyone running for president has the leadership, but, do you thing this people you think qualified, are TRUE qualified????? do you think this people has the straight perseverance and knowledge to be good, have integrity, not corrupt, have compassion, have that commitment to lead our country?? think wisely, WE NEED THE PRESIDENT NOT ONLY QUALIFIED TO BE A LEADER, BUT WE NEED A PRESIDENT IN THE FEAR OF OUR LORD. hehe. God bless everyone!!!

Clarence Brian Uy

Clarence Brian Uy who accused first? bato-bato sa langit ang tamaan – SAPUL! grin emoticon

yes, I know that Sen.Gordon can’t please everybody. kaya nga po ipinapakita yung mga nagawa nya sa bayan at para mapaliwanagan. and I’m pretty sure that your friend from gapo doesn’t represents the whole Olongapo…. pano naman po yung friend ko rin na taga Olongapo na naniniwala sa kakayahan ni Sen.Gordon? I’m nothing against Bro.Eddie… I respect the man but I believe that Sen.Gordon is more qualified than him.

at basta Eddie KAYO, kasi GORDON KAMI…

Good day! ;D

MeAnn Manzano
MeAnn Manzano @Faith,why did u support Bro.eddie last election and why do u have that big question in ur mind..ur statement is very doubting.You have said “u want the truth”.
God deals differently with diff.people.Depende sa pagkilos ng banal na ispirito santo in the life of every individual.Only bro.eddie can answer that to you.
I believe in my heart,that the issue is not whether Bro.eddie got the message or not.The real issue is once we give our full support to someone,bec we believe in his principle and cruzade for truth and righteousness,then no more second thought..if u choose him this 2010,choose him not bec.of ur concern to that puzzle u have ,but support him bec u love God and ur country..and u want to be a part of history of the coming CHANGE in our country.Choose for yourself whom u will go..the choice is ours.

Inri Manzie

Inri Manzie @Brian Pag me usok me sunog. How far do you know gordon. Or maybe he promised something to give you should he won or you have already what he had promised you. I don’t believe gords until his views remains to be secular. In fairness, Yes he is perhaps intelligent thus speaking to his track record and accomplishment with the use of kamay na bakal but it is not enough to do things right should the principle of God Almighty is not within the context of his proposals. There is only a genuine transformation in our society should our candidates have first and foremost an advocacy on the principle of God in their views of change. DIYOS AT BAYAN is the theme of BRO. EDDIE for a good governance and this is what our society needs today for the PAGBANGON NG PILIPINAS.

IF WE OBEY THE PRINCIPLE OF GOD THEN TRUE PROSPERITY TO OUR LAND FOLLOWS. This is a promise of God to those who obey Him. True prosperity speaks to peoples change of whole being (HEART) leading for the good governance. We cannot have a good government if the people leadinng us have still a compromise instinct for money consideration that makes them institutionalized their popularity as what you have known to your candidate.

How far do you love your country Brian? We cannot say we love our country simply by invoking true transformation APART FROM THE PRINCIPLE OF GOD.

Inri Manzie

Inri Manzie @Faith When we abide by the Word of God we know that God Himself has been speaking to us. You became Christian because God’s word speaks to you and your views have changed from secular to Godly views. Even we live in this secular world what surrounds our whole being (heart) is the Word of God. No candidates can invoke true transformation to our society if the Word of God would not be a basis of change. God’s word speaks to Bro. Eddie and abide by it invoking the principle of God for a true transformation. With his faith in God he turned it into action that’s why he run for President thus his theme is DIYOS AT BAYAN. First and foremost God then people. Surely true prosperity to our land will follow!

Faith M Reyes
Faith M Reyes @Mary Ann Manzano, I already made a choice and just because I did not choose Bro. Eddie this 2010, it doesn’t make me less of a Christian and It doesn’t make me less patriotic. I just pray that God will give Bro. Eddie the strength to bring glory to GOD in all the things he does, and not to compromise his beliefs in order to gain support. Since now he is in the public eye, we don’t want anybody to stumble in their faith. It’s funny how easy it is for you to point out that my candidate has made himself popular because of his money. You don’t like him because he has money? Material blessings are also from God, and he has shared that blessings with many people even as a private citizen, before he even became a public servant.why such idle talk from a Christian? Yes, go and promote your candidate but let us not pass judgement on other people without hard evidence. I suggest you reflect on Matthew 12:35-37. T.H.I.N.K.? before you speak : is it TRUE? HELPFUL? INSPIRING? NECESSARY? KIND? If it doesn’t pass the test. I suggest you keep your opinion to yourself, otherwise u will have to give an explanation when you stand before the Lord.
@ Rizza, yes God speaks to me through his word . I believe as a Christian it’s our role to let others know about our candidates based on their own merits, by not putting down others. Truly the world is evil and we are not exempted from it. Each one of us has a role to play as it says in the bible, ” If my people will humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then i will hear from heaven and I will forgive their sin and heal their land (2 chronicles :14). So let us fight a good fight and finish this race victorious in God’s eyes. May God bless the Filipinos!

Din Laviste

Din Laviste I respect all of your opinions and Im glad we all stand by our candidates but on the same plane, nobody can prove that Gordon isn’t righteous, just because he’s not a spiritual leader, nor can anybody prove that Bro. Eddie isn’t capable of corruption, just because he hasn’t been in the field of politics. One thing for sure, we have to choose the best leader, whom we think can transform this country, hasn’t just inspired people, but has shown proof of his abilities. Among them, I see this in Gordon, thats why I choose him.

MeAnn Manzano
MeAnn Manzano @Faith,no one stop you from choosing a traditional politician.I just answer that big question kuno that u have in ur mind.From the very start I know that you just wanted to make an issue about Bro.eddie becoz he is a preacher of the word of God.Alam ko ang gusto mong tumbukin.Nobody hates Gordon becoz of popularity due to riches.It so happened that we got God’s vision in this country,thats why we dont go for a lesser evil candidate.(In spiritual world may category sila,ask the christian community,baka isipin mo ina accuse namin na evil si Gordon).And what is that “idle talk “that ur saying.Everyone can give her/his opinion and pwede nating i “rebuttall’.And there u are sounding like a scribe and pharisee in the bible.If people say that event /things,perhaps yun ang totoo.Ang pagsbi ng totoo di paninira yan.Nasaktan lang tayo becoz we love our canditate.Let me quote what Joshua said to the Israelites when they wanted another God..”choose for yourself whom u will vote (paraphrasing)..but as for me and my hauz,we will go for the MAN OF GOD.After all,pag aari ng Diyos ang lahat ng bagay,pag aari ng Diyos si Bro.eddie and he is just taking the challenge of HIS AGENDA in this nation..
Kung ang mga merits or achievements lang ang standard ng Lord sa pagpili ng LIDER,then God will not choose ang isang walang alam at neophyte na David,instead God will go for Davids brother na mga veterans na ng Israel.And Israel is God’s finest pattern and example of every nation.
Kung mag bo boast lang ng mga achievements at dun tayo sa maraming ginawa,then we should go for ERAP or sa other candidates..Pero sinusunod ko lang ang tamang prinsipyo ng Diyos.We do not know what will happen tomorrow.Sa kanya ang langit at lupa,walang pwedeng magmalaki..pwede nyang gunawin ito ay pwede din nyang i-bless if He wants..

MeAnn Manzano

MeAnn Manzano This 2010 election is not an ordinary election.It will open the gate of the 490th year (2011)that wil usher in the new season of God for my beloved country. Daniel 9:24 is a prophetic declaration that trumphets the beginning of a nEW TRANSFORMED PHILS,coinciding with the commemoration of the 490th year of spanish colonization and entrance to Christianity!We should arise and seize our destiny.Pray and take action!we pray that God will move in a massive way,the spirit of corruption will be broken and there will be a ZERO-CORRUPTION country!A ZERO-PORNOGRAPHY.A ZERO-POVERTY if Filipinos will commit themselves in genuine RIGHTEOUSNESS AND LOVE OF GOD becoz “righteousness exalts a nation”..All THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TO GOD and for those who believe..we call that” FAITH”..

Marc Angelo David
Marc Angelo David In the presence of our Lord. all things will be change. smile emoticon
In man all these things are impossible, but with God all things are possible.. smile emoticon hehe

Faith M Reyes
Faith M Reyes @Mary ann, I’m not making an issue about brother Eddie..nor am I putting him down nor am I making insinuations from the question “kuno” I asked. I just wanted to confirm if it was true, so dont be highstrung about it. But the way u are talking..it seems wala nang mabuti kundi si Bro. Eddie. Let us not be self righteous and arrogant, like the pharisees were. How can you pre-judge that Gordon or Manny Villar are not God’s children and that they are more evil than Bro. eddie? In fact, Manny Villar is a Christian
and he is married to Cynthia who was born to an evangelical christian family. They had a christian wedding was officiated by Pastor Rigos (UCCP).He was already a self made man before he entered politics. He stood for what is right by impeaching Erap, even if it meant losing his so called friends. Because he believed in God’s eyes it was the right thing to do. “If people say that event/thing perhaps totoo” (from you)- not everything that comes out is true, because Satan is the father of lies and deception, so we need God’s discernment in all things. Yes, nasasaktan ko dahil pamilya ko and tinitira mo. Sometimes people get turned off not by the candidates , but by the people around them, and their supporters. Let us just be careful of what we say and do, because it reflects the true condition of our hearts. Peace, Maryann…good luck with your campaign . Let us continue to pray for our country and the coming elections. KEEP the FAITH!

MeAnn Manzano

MeAnn Manzano not all are God’s children..only those who accepted HIM as their Lord and personal savior and LORD of their LIVES!(JOHN 1:12),Alam mo yun di ba?Some are just created being by God,walang pinagkaiba sa mga puno at ibang creation ng Lord.In the christian community,we call those who did not do and not doing the will of God,the agenda of God as lesser evil,nagbo boast sila sa secular achievements..sa mga mabubuting gawa.In the judgement day,susunugin lang ang mga bagay na yan na parang dayami.ask ur elders about this,Yes u are correct u need discernment as a self-confessed christian.Even u have a christian wedding it does not mean that u are a GENUINE christian.Maraming gumagawa ng ganyan.It is deep in meaning,it is Christ-like character.Kristiyano sa puso not sa nguso ang hinahanap ng Diyos.Di namin tinititra ang family mo.Dont be super sensitive. So kanino ka bang kamag anak,kay Gordon or kay Villar..kung kanino ka man..its not our business.We just answer your BIG QUESTION in your mind whether” God speaks to Bro.Eddie”..Now I know u got d answerto that very intriguing question that u have for so many years.

MeAnn Manzano

MeAnn Manzano God wants the destiny of a nation to be fulfilled.He calls for a leader who will rescue them,lead them out of slavery and bring them to their designated land of freedom and prosperity.Only those who have a geuine passionate love for God and country can do that..Bro.Eddie!

Marc Angelo David

Marc Angelo David ate Mary Ann. don’t nid to debate with every person. just claim and declare that only the leader that have fear and guidance in the Lord will win this election. we know hu will win. God bless!!

MeAnn Manzano

MeAnn Manzano @ marc..yes u arecorrect.We really need to be vigilant in prayers.Sometimes we need to answer some issues as well.Mapalad ka if at ur early age,nagagap mo na ang dakilang layunin ng Lord sa ating bansa.God bless us all.

Marc Angelo David

Marc Angelo David @ate Mary Ann. hehe tnx sa advise ate, actually in my age, I have been ministering to my classmates and friends. sharing every word of God, and leading them to the real truth. winning souls and making diciples. thats are goal and vision. God bless!!

Inri Manzie

Inri Manzie It is only when rigtheousness reigns in our society that God exalts our nation. A righteous society can only be fulfilled if and only if our leader adheres to the rightroeusness of God. No man is righteous before God when he has not right relationship with God, which can only be attained by having our whole being duly submitted to the will of God. Remember that history repeats itself. Our country today is like Sodom and Gomorrah of the Old Testament which was destroyed by God because of wickedness. The Deluge event during the time of Noah the people failed to discern God’s will and despite Noah’s warning people remained on their unbelief so God destroyed them. Although God did say that He will not destroy His creation by flood so He sent Jesus to rescue us from the plunder of our sins by turning to God through the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus said “I am the way, the life and the truth . . .” (John 14:6). “Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God. . .” (John 1:12). To believe is an action word not a passive one. Thus if we are children of God we will fight for his principle.

The transformation that God wants to happen in our country is a kind of transformation based on His principle and not on the principle of men. God has the right to say so. After all this world does not belong to us anyway. Should we insist human principle to reign in this world then God allow it to happen since He had given us free choice but we should not be surprised of the horrible consequence.

When Bro. Eddie ran for presidency last 2004 was a warning to us to open our eyes of the consequences that would happen should a man of God would be turned down. It is not His WILL that His man would lose but He just simply ALLOWED it to happen for us to see the consequence of our own choosing as it does happen now in our society.


Inri Manzie

Inri Manzie @Faith yan c Ka Mary Ann. Activista yan dati na binago ng Diyos ang buhay kaya alam niya ang takbo ng kaisipan ng mga kandidato. Me mga kandidato rin na dating mga activista pero sila’y nasilaw sa pera at power at iyong ipinaglalaban nila noon ay nilonok na lang nila. e kc tao. hehehe

Lawrence Sobreviñas

Lawrence Sobreviñas · Friends with Richie Anderson

I think Gresito is right. . . Hindi pde pagsamahin ang simbahan and ang politics. . . . . Hindi lamang puro faith, prayers and kabaitan kailangan sa politics.. Dpat may talino ka din and diskarte. .
Ikaw nga pinaka relihiyoso at pinakamabait na tao pero lam mo ba solusyonan ang problema ng bansa?
Hindi ganun kadali maging presidente, people should realize that,
Faith M Reyes
Faith M Reyes @ Mary ann, I know we are not all God’s children. Are you omniscient to say that Manny Villar doesn’t have a personal relationship with Christ? That’s between him and God, and not for you to judge.
Based from the Old testament, God doesn’t only use “godly” and righteous people. In Isaiah 44: he used a pagan, a non believer, Cyrus (the King of Persia) to build the temple in Jerusalem. So, let us not be presumptuous that God can only use Bro. Eddie, and not the other candidates to drive our nation to prosperity.
We studied Daniel 9 , and that is the prophecy regarding Israel and the exact date when Jesus Christ was crucified (483 yrs from the time the temple was built, which is 173,880 days based on the hebrew calendar). The prophecy was fulfilled 2000 yrs ago and it will never happen again. LOGIC: Israel is not the philippines, nor is the Messiah, Bro. Eddie.
Let us be grounded in truth for many false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead even the elect (Matthew 24:23-24)
Let us also be warned by Rev 22: 7 ” I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book. If anyone takes words away from this book of prophecy, God will take away from his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book”.
I just wanted to share this in the spirit of love, after all it is our duty to spread the True Gospel of Christ and not the gospel of prosperity.
ALL prophecies in the Bible are 100% accurate. What happens if Bro. Eddie doesn’t win, if you claim he is the anointed one? What happens if in 2011, the Year of Jubilee is not fulfilled? If the message of the prophet came from the LORD, it ALL shall come to pass. If it doesn’t , then you have been dooped by a false prophet. ” They have fooled you by disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. I’m not surprised ! Even Satan can disguise himself as an angel of light.” (2 Corinthians 11: 13-14)The lesson is we always have to go back to source of truth: not our pastors or ministers, but the Bible.

Nova Phil Nor

Nova Phil Nor · Friends with Mishka Mine and 1 other

nakakaloka basahin sa dami….
MeAnn Manzano
MeAnn Manzano @Faith,how do u know that Villar has a deep and personal relationship with God?I’m not judging him,don’t be super defensive about him becoz u dont know also his relationship with God.And its not our business to know whether he has a deep relationship with God or not.The people of the Phils know that..People can judge..Sa mga controversy na involve sya.
Yes Cyrus is not a SERVANT of God,(but he is also a believer of God.Ezra1:1-4)The book of 2 chronicles ends with Cyrus asking for volunteers to return to Jerusalem to “build” “the house of the LOrd”.that was the fulfillment of prophecyin Isaiah 44:28, So..inaamin pala natin na pagano si Villar at gagamitin sya ng Lord.Cyrus was a king of pERSia.Ano ba si villar?King of persia?What is the spiritual implication of a Persian king?Kaya nga ginagamit din ng Lord ang mga” lesser evil”.Now u are accepting that they belong to the” persian community”.True that Dniel 9:20-24 is for the deliverance of Israel,but we claim also that prophecy for the Phils.We must understand that Israel was the Lord’s EXAMPLE (LOGIC PO ITO) and pattern to the nations on how He deals with other nations.(YUn ba ung turo sa inyo,kahit katoliko alam na dapat gawing pattern ito. )Gabriel revealed to Daniel that Israel was entering a new season of restoration.(We claim that for the phils also.) after 7 sets of 70 years(490)of God’s dealing with her sins.Magellan discovered the Phils in 1521,in 2 years time,it will be 490 years and we will complete the prophetic completion of 7 sets of 7o years.i’m sure u know the significance of the 70 “7 “weeks.And we are looking forward for that.
Let me tell u my friend that we are not CLAIMING (nor he claims)that bro.eddie is a Messiah in the very literal meaning of the word.I dont know how u interprete the verses that u had quoted.it’s all about FASE TEACHING and misinterpretation of the word of God as well as taking it in a literal way, and the persecution of those who follow Jesus life and teachings.If ever ur faith is completely diff from us,the way we interprete the word of God,then let it be that way.God is the only one who can tell whether we are genuine believers of the body of Christ.U go for ur candidate and we go for the man of God..

Marcial Bonifacio

Marcial Bonifacio Nova, Kaibigan Ko, do you mean the blog is too much to read or the religious quarrel?

John Bryan Bernel

John Bryan Bernel @lawrence: alam naman ni bro. eddie yun. pastor nga siya diba? bishop cya ng fastest growing church. sa tingin mo sa 31 years ng church na un hindi pa nya naglimpse ung “Faith without work is dead”? heto. view bro. eddie as a Filipino muna. He is a filipino, dating activist, full blooded democrat at graduate cya ng commerce major in economics minor in finance, and underbar pa kung tawagin dahil nagaral din siya ng abogasya. madami cyang achievement if academics lang ang usapan.

MeAnn Manzano
MeAnn Manzano hahahaha! desperado na ba@hayaan mo babangon na ang Pinas,babangon na rin ang mga apathetic-minded Filipinos.Ther will be a paradigm shift among the Pinoys from being naive to liberal-mindedness.Mababago din ang mindset nila na”dapat off limits sa politics ang mga nagdadala ng salita ng Diyos.”..di naman sila alien in this country..Everyone has the right to participate in the electoral process and every Filipino citizen can run in the office of the president as long as he/she passed the requirements.Pag nag charter change ,baka yung iba i propose na i amend ang constitution at sabihing…”hoy.. mga preachers bawal tumakbo sa gobyerno,!Ipikit nyo na lang ang inyong mga mata sa corruption injustices ng bansa!”
pag ganun ang aking bansa..mamumundok na lang ako!At least dun di ko makikita ang tunay na sitwasyon ng bansa.I will just enjoy the lovely nature that God created..

John Bryan Bernel

John Bryan Bernel “for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing” -edmund burke.

minsan kase they are looking on what is outside, not in what is inside. they dont know what bro. edddie is really made of kaya nagsasalita sila agad. bat di kaya nila iGOOGLE! o kaya atend sila sa JIL sunday service. whaahahaha.

MeAnn Manzano

MeAnn Manzano hehhe..correct ka dyan!Let us all believe that the rebuilding of the Phils will be possible with the help of GOD and our collective participation.Let us be all like NEHEMIAH sought to know the state of his countrymen(Nehemiah1:2) and took specific steps to address the current situation of his people(Neh.1:4-11)..and believed in God’s suffficient provision and sure promises..(Neh.2:20)..God bless the Phils..malapit na!

John Bryan Bernel

John Bryan Bernel yeah! smile emoticon God bless us all.

Arise Philippines. Your time has come. Parang Lazarus lang nu? XD

Inri Manzie
Inri Manzie Personal relationship and right relationship with Christ are two different things with different meanings A husband and wife have personal relationship to one another when they are bind together either by virtue of matrimonial ceremony solemnized by proper authority and THEY BECOME ONE FLESH or by mutual agreement as live in only which is very common in our society today. Even iyong mag boyfriend e meron personal relationship when they submit themselves to one another in every way. Personal relationship per se which adheres with the sanctity of marriage rules could be considered a right relationship.
It became a common knowledge and belief though that when a person goes to the church attending Mass every Sunday has personal relationship with God. By tradition ito iyong kinamulatan natin. However, personal relationship with Christ (God) is much deeper than that for it is an INTEPERSONAL UNION with Him which is established through our own free will and conviction by accepting Christ as our personal Savior and Lord of our life preceded by the confession of our sins. OUR UNION WITH CHRIST IS LIKE A HUSBAND AND WIFE evidenced by baptism with water (hindi iyong infant baptism) as our public testimony that we are indeed a believer in Him. Fulfilling the mandate of acceptance will also lead us to a right relationship with Him as we go on applying the Word of God in our lives so that we may also become an instrument of change for everyone and for our country as a whole within the context of God’s principle . Being an instrument thus needs to translate it with our personal action.
Yes we are not omniscient as God does but when we adhered to the Word of God we can discern the thinking of a man. It is God who gives us discernment as we obey His Word. When God commissioned Moses to speak with Pharaoh for the release of Israel but Moses refused knowing that Pharaoh would not listen to Him. But God told Moses that he would be made like God to Pharaoh (Ex. 7:1). What God said to Moses is also the same today. He will commission a man of God to preach and to execute what He desires for all His created human beings. When God commission His man it is not literally face to face. It is the Scriptures speaking. When we are convicted by the Word according to the ability God given us and we know we can do it then we must do it today for tomorrow could be too late.
The fact that Bro. Eddie lose on the 2004 Presidential election does not mean he was a loser at all. God simply allowed such thing to happen for us to see the consequence of our own choosing. It serves as an opener for us to see the corruption that plagued the system of our government. In today’s race, it is the will of God for Bro. Eddie to run for presidency knowing that he has the will to deliver true transformation in our society within the context of God’s principle.
The plunder of corruption in our society is prevalent. Corruption is not just a disease in our government but a parasite that poisoned the mind of the Filipinos down to the lower level of our society saying “WHOEVER WINS IT’S THE SAME”. This is the effect to peoples’ mind implanted by our leaders by their deeds.
Peoples clamor prosperity minus corruption within the context of transformation. Every candidate has this agenda in their political platform. Some used to believe that only a candidate who is known for his riches or track record or intelligence or all of these can bring them prosperity. Other believed that popularity is enough to deliver them from poverty. These are the crook thinking of people not having learned a lesson of the past, even the current administration. This is because they don’t know the will of God in their lives. Unless our leader doesn’t abide by with the Word of God as light to his governance he cannot deliver our society from the curse of corruption. We boldly testify of this as we thus have experienced it today.
The Word of God says “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” (Jer 29:11). God speaking to us that true prosperity will be in our hand should we return to Him.

Jose A. Acelajado

Jose A. Acelajado I do respect your opinions, followers of Bro. Eddie, spiritually and politically, syempre susunod kayo sa itinuturing ninyo na inyong pastol, saan man kayo makarating, at sa kanyang paggabay sa inyo, ay sinasabi niya na siya ang malinis, siya ang matapat, siya ang hinirang ng Diyos, para magligtas sa ating lahat, hindi si Noynoy, hindi si Villar, hindi rin si Erap at wala ng iba kundi siya lamang! At dahil siya ang inyong pastol, sa inyong paniniwala, ang lahat ng kanyang sinasabi ay tama at naayon sa kasulatan!

Jose A. Acelajado

Jose A. Acelajado At sa pagsasabi po niya na siya ang malinis, siya ang tapat, kaya siya ang dapat ninyong iboto sa halalan! At dahil siya ay inyong pastol kaya sa inyong paniniwala, ang lahat ng kanyang sinasabi ay naaayon sa kasulatan, kaya kung ikaw ay naniniwala sa kasulatan maniniwala ka rin na siya ay malinis, siya ay matapat kaya siya ang dapat iboto!

Jose A. Acelajado

Jose A. Acelajado Sana po, sa ating hangarin ang hangad nating pag-unlad ng ating bayan, na “The end does not justify the means!”

Jose A. Acelajado

Jose A. Acelajado I’m for the Gordon-Fernando tandem for a better Philippines, dahil sila ay naging transparent sa kanilang mga layunin para sa ating bayan, never na may ginamit sila ibang paraan o naiibang anyo para tayo ay kanilang kumbinsihin na sila ang karapatdapat nating iboto maliban sa kanilang performance bilang mga lingkod bayan! nag papaliwanag po kayo at ako, dahil sa ating demokrasya, upang masuri natin lahat ng mga bagay bagay tungo sa isang matalinong pagpili sa susunod nating magiging mga lider ng ating bansa, panahon na po para hindi tayo magkamali!

John Bryan Bernel

John Bryan Bernel we respect din your opinions pero kilala mo muna si bro. eddie. di lang sya bsta2 prayer2. hindi naman ako magvvolunteer ng ganito kung hindi namen kilala si bro. eddie. at lalalong hindi siya hinirang para magligtas kundi tinawag siya para ipakilala ang TAGA-PAGLIGTAS. magkaibang bagay un. if nakikita ko na si bro. eddie is not right for the job, hindi ko cya sususportahan. bat magpapagod ako na alam kong wala rin kapupuntahan. actually d ako botante. pero ginagawa ko ito para ipaglaban ang aking kinabukasan. We have our own votes cguro. Solid Eddie kami. and Gordon kayo. and sa tingin ko kahit ano pag patatalak natin dito kung tlgang solid ay solid. we have our own point of views.

John Bryan Bernel

John Bryan Bernel if SOLID kayo. we cannot hook you to ours. SOLID kami e. thats why you cannot hook us into yours because what we do, we believe it is right.

MeAnn Manzano
MeAnn Manzano The Lord is our shepherd as well as Bro.eddie’s shepherd.The sheep will follow the voice of the shepherd for He will bring you to a greener pasture..
Bro.eddie never use any tricks or nag-ibang anyo..like acting na super malinis at mabait at matino….His life is transparent before the eyes of the body of Christ and befor the eyes of the people..thats why so many people are supporting him,helping him,giving sacrificial offering for the “good fight” and for the cause of Genuine change..Lahat ng candidates want the good of this country..marahil sincere sila that they really want to serve the Pinoys..but we have our own standard of choosing a genuine righteous candidate..as for me..i would rather go on the biblical basis of electing “David “in my generation..that’s why I am for Bro.eddie..

Jose A. Acelajado

Jose A. Acelajado John Bryan, Mary Ann, Ok, may respeto tayo sa isa’ isa, nag papalitan lang tayo kuro-kuro for a better Philippines! Para kung sino man manalo, sama-sama tayo, tulong tulong sa iisang Pilipinas! Mabuhay ka kapatid!

MeAnn Manzano

MeAnn Manzano yes,,mabuhay ang mga Pinoy na nananalangin sa Diyos na pagpalain ang bansang ito..mabuhay ang mga patriotic citizen of this country..Walang pwedeng magmahal sa bansang ito na ibinigay ng Diyos sa atin..kundi ang mga Pinoy..

John Bryan Bernel

John Bryan Bernel tumpak. kahit iba2 kandidato natin, this only proves that tayo ay kaisa sa mga tunay na nagmamahal sa Diyos at sa bayan. at tunay na kaisa sa adhikaing mabago ang ating bansang pilipinas. God bless us all. sino ba ang magmamahal sa ating bansa diba? kung hindi tayo, SINO? duh? hahah,. smile emoticon PEACE !

MeAnn Manzano

MeAnn Manzano sino pa nga ba/Eddie ikaw ..Eddie tayo..

John Bryan Bernel

John Bryan Bernel haha. KAILAN PA?!! EDDIE ngayon.

Faith M Reyes

Faith M Reyes you know what i’m just concerned with your belief re the jubilee. Let me explain Daniel 9 to you: the final week in the 70 weeks, which is equal to 7 years is actually the 7 yr tribulation when God will pour his wrath on earth because the antichrist has declared himself God. Billions of people will die . Afterwhich ,Jesus will reign for 1000 yrs while Satan is imprisoned (the Millenial kingdom), which will “finish transgression, put an end to sin, to make atonement for iniquity, to bring everlasting righteousness”. But even during Christ’s reign, many will still turn against him and follow Satan when he is released for the last time. Why? because of man’s sinful nature. That’s the whole story. Go vote for Bro. Eddie, but I just want you to open your eyes on the real meaning of the prophecy. If that prophecy is really about the Philippines, then it shall come to pass no matter who becomes elected president this 2010. Because the Bible is reliable and 100% accurate. So, what happens if the yr of jubilee doesn’t happen? is the bible wrong ? i dont think so. Think!

MeAnn Manzano

MeAnn Manzano The kingdom of God is a jubilee.(Lev.25) The year of jubilee will come.God will do miracles anwonders.In Isaiah 61,it was preached as the acceptable year.It is called in the old writings the year of jubilee.Jubllee year repeats now and again.Revival will strike the land.There will be a jubilee time for the Phils!Christians will blow the shofar!Renewal of the land-it should be released to become a vision,so we claim Daniel 9:24.An ideal so great that each generation would see a complete renewal and be given a clear start.Every lifetime is to see arestoration and new beginning.Jesus used the words of jubilee and declared that his purpose was to bring about the jubilee year!Jubilee is what the life and ministry .of Jesus was about.Life can be made new and can be redeemed.God will speed the year of jubilee.Freedom can be reign.freedom fom all vices in the government in the marketplace..Prisoners will be set free..set free from any kinds of bondages!in the body of Christ,there was a call for the Two-year NATIONAL FAST for the deliverance of the nation in accordance to Daniel 9:24..THE YEAR OF JUBILEE WILL COME..for those who believe..Let those who has heart for this-pray,fast and sieze it!

MeAnn Manzano

MeAnn Manzano @ Faith u dont need to be concerned with our faith that the YEAR of JUBILEE will come..It doesnt matter at all whether it will come or not..and what is that to you?..The just will live by faith..And we are fixing our eyes unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith concerning Jubilee..if it will not come and supose God closed the window of heaven and did not listen to those who believe on the Jubilee year of the Phils-then let it be that way..whether God will do it or not…we will continue to hope and pray and fast for the Jubilee year of the Phils!

Shella Yap

Shella Yap · Friends with Al Rosas and 1 other

Go Gordon!
Jose A. Acelajado

Jose A. Acelajado Yes, Gordon-Fernando for a better Philippines!

MeAnn Manzano

MeAnn Manzano Villanueva -Yasay for 2010!

MeAnn Manzano

MeAnn Manzano hahaha..so eddie tayo..

Inri Manzie


William Wallace

William Wallace baguhin mo muna profile picture mo bago sila maniwala para ka kasing makapili sa panahon ng hapon…..traydor sa kapwa pilipino baga….masyado kang judgemental pre lahat ng bagay napag-aralan….ang kapus sa kaalaman ay hindi ugat sa kahirapan kundi ang kasakiman(kurapsiyon)…

Din Laviste

Din Laviste The blog is merely presenting facts based on the candidates’ track records at ni walang siniraan dito. It is not whether you have the information or not, but its whether you are going to share what you know to others who don’t, or not, and Marcial has decided to do the research for his fellow Filipinos because he wants his kababayans to make a well thought of and rational choice. That is what a true patriot is. Whatever you think of his picture is already irrelevant and personal.

Richie Anderson

Richie Anderson The choice is clear, I’m going with the best and most qualified driver – Dick Gordon!

Richie Anderson

Richie Anderson The true test of a prophet is this: what he says will come to pass. I believe in the Lord’s servants and I believe in the year of the Lord’s favor. However, my faith is grounded in God’s holy Word and in His Prophet. God will raise a man who is fit to lead the country. Pray for the nation as you exercise your freedom to vote. Give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and unto God what belongs to God as Jesus Christ once said. smile emoticon

Richie Anderson

Richie Anderson Call it PRESIDENTination este predestination, fate, destiny, election (hinirang), kapalaran, tadhana, guhit ng palad, gulong ng palad, ano man yon, at kung papaano ang magiging takbo ng mga pangyayari … ang alam ko lang, merong magiging presidente.

Sana lang naman matuto na tayong mga Pilipino at ‘wag padadala sa simbuyo ng damdamin at sa gulong ng pisong galing sa mga tiwaling kandidato. I’m inclined to believe, among many others, that what has become of our beloved nation was a result of our own choosing.

Ay hanuvanamanyan? palagi nalang ganyan… paikot-ikot nalang tayo na parang hilong talilong o kaya’y turompong kangkarot. Tama na ang turuan, ang gamitan, ang magpa-cute during election. Maawa naman tayo sa kapwa nating pilipinong hanggang ngayo’y lugmok sa kawalan at tigib sa dusa.

Saan ka mang lupalop ng mundo naroroon, nagtatalop ka man ng mangga o hindi, kumakain ka man ng galunggong o hindi, nasa Pilipinas ka man o abroad … tungkulin mo sa Dios at sa bayan ang bumoto at ipanalangin ang kanyang hinirang sa lupang hinirang.

I may carry a foreign name but Filipino blood runs through my vain. And inspite of what has become of our beloved nation, I will not be ashamed of my own race. Sa madaling usapan: let’s love our country and love one another; this is how we can show our love for God.

‘wag na tayong magpatumpik tumpik pa na parang tooth pick na yari sa palito. Basta ako alam ko na kung sino’ng dapat … Dick Gordon, and I say this with unbiased opinion. Bow smile emoticon

Jose A. Acelajado

Jose A. Acelajado Gordon-Fernando, yes, yes, yes, no more no less!

Inri Manzie

Inri Manzie It is not feeling that drives us to take Bro. Eddie as the needed President of the Philippines knowing that DIYOS AT BAYAN should be on the table and is of paramount for the realization of True transformation for our society. Now is the time, for tomorrow may be too late, for all filipinos to have a renewed heart with the mandate of the Word of God. It is true that what the prophet did say will come to pass and it shall truly come to pass but we need to prepare ourselves today fully cloth with the Word of God so that at the time of its fulfilment we will not be caught naked.

First and foremost our President should always have the leading of the Word of God in fulfilling his/her public duty. The chaos that beset our society under the present administration is a repiica of the peoples misguided mind attributred by human lies resulting from human wisdom.

Jose A. Acelajado

Jose A. Acelajado To sum it up, hindi dapat gamitin ang religion para matupad ang personal na ambisyon, kung tunay ang kanyang paniniwala kay Lord, Hindi na niya kailangan mangampanya, hindi na rin niya kailangan kumandidato, ipapa-ubaya na lang niya kay Lord kung sino man hirangin ni Lord! Dapat pasalamatan natin sina Cardinal Sin, hindi siya kumandidato pero nakatulong siya sa bayan, si Ka Erdi Manalo, at ang iba pang mga Church leaders, ano kaya ang mangyayari sa ating bansa kung ang lahat ng mga church leaders ay binigyan natin ng option na kumandidato, maari itong mangyari kung si Bro. Eddie ay ating susuportahan, para tayong nagtatanim ng hangin, bagyo ang ating aanihin! Gumising na kayo, mga maka-Bro. Eddie, ibinababa ninyo ang level ng isang paniniwala o spiritual faith sa level ng material interest at hallucination for grandeur!

Jose A. Acelajado

Jose A. Acelajado To sum it up, hindi dapat gamitin ang religion para matupad ang personal na ambisyon, kung tunay ang kanyang paniniwala kay Lord, Hindi na niya kailangan mangampanya, hindi na rin niya kailangan kumandidato, ipapa-ubaya na lang niya kay Lord kung sino man hirangin ni Lord! Dapat pasalamatan natin sina Cardinal Sin, hindi siya kumandidato pero nakatulong siya sa bayan, si Ka Erdi Manalo, at ang iba pang mga Church leaders, na hindi ginagamit ang kanilang position sa church sa kanilang personal na ambisyon. Ano kaya ang mangyayari sa ating bansa kung ang lahat ng mga church leaders ay binigyan natin ng option na kumandidato, maari itong mangyari kung si Bro. Eddie ay ating susuportahan, para tayong nagtatanim ng hangin, bagyo ang ating aanihin! Nakakatulong ba kayo sa ating bayan? Gumising na kayo, mga maka-Bro. Eddie, Hindi kaya ninyo naisip na ibinababa ninyo ang level ng isang paniniwala o spiritual faith sa level ng material interest at hallucination for grandeur!

Inri Manzie

Inri Manzie It is only when the head of the state has the fear of God that he will also lead his people to do the same. A father of the family who speaks with the wisdom of God and thus have deeds worthly satisfaying would likewise worthy to be imitated by his children. If our society has indeed the fear of God in words and in deeds our country will be like a vine in our vineyard planted by the water, it will be fruitful and full of branches because of abundant water. It’s branches will be strong and continue to be so with the mighty of the Lord. If the fear of the Lord is not within the context of the President’s paternal authority then our society will continue to be planted in the desert, in a dry and thirsty land.

Jose A. Acelajado

Jose A. Acelajado Yes na yes, dapat ang leader ay maka-Diyos at Maka-tao, tama ka diyan, but how can we ascertain the true intentions of our candidates? What will you say if the Head of the CBCP run for the Presidency? Will it be good for our country, I believe, he has more spiritual followers than Bro. Eddie? Sabihin mo kaya na mas magaling si Bro. Eddie kaysa sa President ng CBCP? Hindi maganda ang argument na dahil siya ay naging mahusay na pastol sa isang pananampalataya ay siya na ang karapatdapat maging pangulo ng Pilipinas. Sa pagsuporta na ginagawa ninyo kay Bro. Eddie, ay para kayong nagtatanim ng hangin, bagyo ang ating aanihin! Dati mga artista ang ating nagiging leaders, ngayon naman mga religious leaders ang gusto ninyo na ating subukan! Hindi kaya ito naiisip ni Bro. Eddie na hindi maganda ang huwarang ipinapakita niya sa ating mga mamamayan bilang isang leader ng isang malaking religious congregation ay naroon na ginagamit niya sa kanyang personal na ambisyon? This is plain hallucination for grandeur!

William Wallace

William Wallace pinakitaan lang kayo ng galing ni gordon naniwala naman kayo…sa tingin mo ba sa mga nagawa niya hindi siya kumeta ng milyones?kung hindi yan nangurakot walang pera yan ngayon at hindi tatakbo yan ng pangulo….magkano lang sahod ng senador?hindi na ninyo kailangan gisingin ang ibang tao kasi matagal ng gising sa katoohanan….cguro kayo kailangan ninyong mamulat sa katotohanan…o di kaya dalhin ninyo tong masamang balita sa bundok yung hindi abot ng diyaryo…kung gusto ninyong makatulong…pra malaman ng iba nating kababayan hwag dito sa profile ni noynoy….

Din Laviste

Din Laviste Tama ka Jose. We wouldn’t be able to prove sino ang hindi kurakot,and kung lahat ba talaga sila ay righteous. So why not look at what they have done para sa Pilipinas? Sino ang nakatulong at naipasulong ang Pilipinas habang nasa pusisyon? Who of them was able to make a difference in a lot of people’s lives? It would take a lot more than personal interest to want to see your kababayans be well and live a good life. That would be one good way of spotting who has true dedication.

William Wallace

William Wallace Gordon urges Filipinos to eat less rice??????…..80% nating kababayan nasa poverty line(Mahihirap) ne wala ngang pambili ng bigas at hindi nga makakain ng tatlong beses sa isang araw tapos gusto pa ni gordon na magdiet….kalokohan….hirap ang mga kababayan natin na makabili ng murang bigas(NFA rice) at sardinas man lang…. masdan ninyo ang pinas mula aparri hanggang sulo…kung hindi pa ninyo nalibot ang minadanao hwag hwag na lang kayong magkumento…ang hirap kasi sa bihasang drayber kuno sabi nila ay kaskasiro kaya kalimitan ang bagsak sa sa putik o di kaya minsan sa posti kaya ang mga nakasakay patay…driver lang ang ligtas….

Richie Anderson

Richie Anderson Kabayan, maging mahinahon sana tayo sa lahat ng bagay. Ang bawat mamamayan ay mayroong karapatang ipahayag ang sarili niyang damdamin ukol sa darating na halalan. Huwag sana nating pairalin ang init ng ulo. Tignan natin ang mga bagay sa kabuuan ng pangyayari at kung ano ang nararapat para sa bayan natin. Igalang natin ang pahayag ng bawat isa. This is democracy. Let’s please be civil with our comments. Salamat po.

Din Laviste

Din Laviste Sino po bobotohin nyo? si Noynoy? papaano kayo nakasisiguro siya rin ay hindi kurakot, kung ganon nga ang tingin ninyo kay gordon? Kung lahat man ng kandidato ay kurakot, sabihin natin, sino ang may mas malaki ang nagawa para sa bansa vs. mangurakot? tingnan ang link na ito at may isang debate tungkol sa isyung korupsiyon:


MeAnn Manzano
MeAnn Manzano If the head of the CBCP will run for president in this country and if I think that he has that passionate love for God and country at di sya kurakot,if he is really sincere and has moral ascendancy and genuine fear of the Lord at grounded sya sa salita ng Diyos,if his life is transparent and set as good exampe in his personal and public life,if he is really capable of leading this country.then why not?
The constitution is clear that all Filipinos can run as president regardless of political or religious affliation.As long as he passes the credentials na kailangan nila. kailangan ba ng sobrang talino or sikat sa bansang ito.Tested na sila.mas lumaki ang utang ng bansa sa kanila.Si Cory nga,plain housewife,napatakbo ang bansa,nagkataon lang na asawa ni Ninoy.I dont trust Noynoy,buti pa siguro si Villar o Gordon.but I have my standard of choosing my president which is based on my faith in the bible..And Bro.eddie will not run just for political or personal ambition.Kapag kasi ikaw ay nakakilala sa Tunay na Diyos ng bibliya,if u choose Jesus as ur lord and personal savior-automatic u became loving and concern for ur country.Coz the bible will teach u to love more and pray forthe country which HE had given u..The holy spirit will convict u..

Inri Manzie
Inri Manzie @aaron ang dapat magdiet e c Gordon.
@Jose and Din. Running for presidency is a matter of conviction within a person and as long as you satisfy the requirements of our law. You two guys are also qualified but you have no conviction, did you?

Din Laviste

Din Laviste No, conviction is not enough. Its his track record and diverse experience that we are pointing out that makes him the best man for the job. Its not enough to just be able to inspire people, but also have proof of one’s capabilities and dedication that will help transform the country for the next 6 years. And again, we see that in Gordon.

Inri Manzie

Inri Manzie When your candidate earned his track record as you brag on was he do it with clean hands and conscience. In fairness to your candidate, yes your candidate is very good in English but that is not enough knowingt that he lacked the ability to lead people. Besides, how can your candidate prevent corruption in his administration if he is aligned to the TRAPOS? Track record has nothing to do with the cleaning up of corrupt persons in our government.

William Wallace

William Wallace kabayan,hindi kailangan ang karanasan sa larangan ng pamumuno at napatunayan na yan sa mga nagdaang panahon lahat bihasa sa pulitika maliban lang sa ina ng demokrasya(cory)simula pa kay diosdado macapagal nagkalitse litse na ang buhay nating pilipino dahil sa kurapsyon hanggang sa kanyang anak(gloria). sa panahon ni cory may nadinig ba kayong anumalya sa panununo niya?siya ay isang ina na hangad ay mabigyan ng magandang kinabukasan ang kanyang mga anak…walang karanasan sa pulitika pero nagawa niyang labanan ang dektador na si marcos para lang makamit natin demokrasya na hanggang ngayon tayo ang nakikinabang….nagkakaroon tayo ng kalayaan na maihayag ang ating saloobin na alam natin ay tama pero sa mata ng pangkalahatan ay mali…..ginamit natin ang demokrasya para alipustahin ang kakayahan ng kanyang anak(noynoy) na walang ibang hangad kundi ang magsilbi sa bayan ng tapat..sino sa tumakbong pangulo ngayon ang deretsong nangako sa madlang people na hindi magnanakaw at labanan ang katiwalian???? si noynoy di ba??hindi lahat ng sagot ay makikita sa libro..maging bukas sana ang ating isipan para sa karagdagang kaalaman….

William Wallace

William Wallace totoo sa pamummuno ni cory marami ang nagugutom sa pagkat nagsimula tayo sa wala ni limas ni marcos ang kaban ng bayan pero unti-unti tayong nakakabangon sa kahirapan…nung humalili si malaking tainga(ramos)at dumaan tayo sa asian crisis walang ginawa si tainga kundi ang magbenta ng pagmamay-ari ng governo at hindi sa kanya…binibenta niya sa mga mayayaman at dayuhan na hanggang ngayon tayo ang umuupa sa ating pagmamay-ari….ginisa tayo sa sarili nating mantika….hanggang sa naabutan ni erap ang asian crisis..sa sobra ng dalawang taon niyang pamumuno nabigyan niya ng pansamantalang hanap buhay ang iilan nating kababayan sa pamamagitan ng sugal…jai alai,last three, last two,sweepstake,lotto at iba pang illegal na gawain hanggang napatalsik sa pwesto..at nang pumasok si kwatog(gloria) sa pangulo lalo lang nagkalitse ang buhay natin…na tayo mismo ang saksing buhay sa kaganapan….

Jose A. Acelajado

Jose A. Acelajado Mary Ann, I don’t think the head of the CBCP will put his institution at stake by pursuing a political career as he respects the institution and its members!

MeAnn Manzano

MeAnn Manzano Politics is not bad..its only the politician that makes it bad.A politician must be a person judging wisely and prudent.but they tend to deteriorate the essence of politics which is a science or art of government, of political views.They are still under the law of Rome,most probabaly bawal sa kanila not becoz the institution wil be stained.. People has to be free from the bondage of apathy and indifference..

Inri Manzie

Inri Manzie To be involved in politics while identified as a clergy or pastor or laity will not put the institution at stake considering that a barrier exists, thus the separation of the church and the state under our constitution. The doctrine of the church cannot be brought to the affair of the state and vice versa. But this does not mean that a religious leader is prohibited to participate in politics when it comes to deliver to the people a decent meaning of life. Since our professional politicians principally the TRAPOS are so much involved on popularising themselves via track record with the indulgence of corruption negating good services to the people and to the detriment of our economy, do they still have the moral right to say that they are capable to lead the country into something good? A corrupt leader can not bring good things. The Bible is true: What you sow is what you reap.

If our candidates are identified to the malpractices in the government can we resist the conviction of a man of God to run for president to fix such malpractices? Bro. Eddie is the right man for the job knowing for his conviction that he was not and is not involved in any malpractices detrimental to the people. HE IS A TRUE LEADER AND A LEADER MAKER. From his 15 students he trained then, and now thousands of leaders with millions of members whose life were changed from the verge of ruined into a new and transformed life. That is why Jesus Is Lord Church was formed. [For me this is track record for Bro. Eddie] It is God who make and designed for it. Bro. Eddie is just a vessel in the existence of JIL church. This is what we need in the government – to cure the ailing heart and mind of those in the government through surgery operations for the true transformation of our ailing society attributed but our irresponsible leaders. It is only then that our country will lead into a right track.

WE NEED THE WORD OF GOD FOR THE TRUE TRANSFORMATION OF OUR SOCIETY, SPECIFICALLY IN GOVERNANCE. What we need to lead our country is one with LEADERSHIP SKILLS proven both in words and in deeds.

Jose A. Acelajado

Jose A. Acelajado We are all created equal, we are all sinners, and Bro. Eddie is just one of us, he may be wrong, and he may be right, politics is not just qualifications but more so, it is about personal relations, this is reality, this is why maybe 90% of his supporters are members of the JIL, and whether he likes it or not, he is putting the JIL at stake in this activity, as I have seen on TV, He is being endorsed by your leaders to your members! So this creates the impression that this is an endorsement from the Lord, to many of your loyal followers! Please, please be more objective to your tribe!

Inri Manzie

Inri Manzie I don’t think he does.JIL church does not belong to Bro. Eddie. It belongs to God. Bro. Eddie is just a vessel for the existence of JIL. Besides, he has already relinquished his duty as overseer of JIL the moment he run for the presidency.. The endorsement for Bro. Eddie are within the consensus of peoples, not only the JIL leaders, who are thirsty for the drastic change from the error of our government. As believers, by relying to the Word of God, and through prayer that we make our decisions. What you have said is self-explanatory. You are bringing the word “objective” to the fallacy of your argument to make your reason right.

Immanuel del Castillo

Immanuel del Castillo i saw this one being advertised on an anti-erap fan page. pretty good stuff you got here, what makes it even better tho is the fact that it is translated in the vernacular. haha, anyway, if you allow me to correct you, Noynoy Aquino best represent the Class A driver. He is inexperience in almost all aspects, even in life.

Inri Manzie

Inri Manzie How can we expect a man to lead a country where there’s lot of question to his personality. One thing is that he has no family at his age. Before you can be trusted to a bigger thing you need to show first how you run the smaller thing. In the Senate he just sit down with no law being made. Now he shouts BATMAN to lead a big family. And please excuse me, what is Class A driver?

Immanuel del Castillo

Immanuel del Castillo Henry, read the note again. i was pertaining to the type A driver. im sorry if you were mistaken.

Inri Manzie
Francis Arana Inchoco

Francis Arana Inchoco http://www.mannyvillar.com.ph/theman.php

read this. You’ll truly apreciate the success of a person from zero to feat. Villar dares himself to become an achiever, indeed it was POSSIBLE.

As what most of his advertisement says, SYA ang GUMAWA ng KANYANG SARILING PANGALAN.

If Villar will win this race, the Filipinos perfectly made a very good decision.

Inri Manzie

Inri Manzie He makes his name then he torn it down even greater than he make it. To choose him is like jumping from the flying airplane without a parachute.

Jose A. Acelajado

Jose A. Acelajado Gordon-Fernando for a better Philippines!

John Rebitoy

John Rebitoy @all, simpleng tanong lang po..

ano ba nagawa ng mga kandidato nyo?

John Rebitoy
Immanuel del Castillo

Immanuel del Castillo haha, may mga manhid. please, wag niyo iboto si manny villar saka si noynoy. i’ve heard off his evils. one of them is his tree planting project, yes, he plants trees, but tears down a lot more in the process. he denude the our forest for his “housing projects” a.k.a. subdivisions. aint that evil? plus, he aint poor when he was younger, he is lying. i have a lot more but i am too lazy to post it here. with regards to noynoy, you know he aint gonna do nothing, what were you thinking?

Engr Eijoj Otipep

Engr Eijoj Otipep We must become the change we want to see. Vote for Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro!

John Sue Feliciano Ortiz
Inri Manzie

Inri Manzie Electing a president is choosing a leader for the country. It is all about leadership skills of one who will lead us. The candidates have their respective but good academic background at their own field, accomplishments within their specialty, family background at their own sphere of influence, etc. But one thing that, I think, we should seriously put on the table is their LEADERSHIP SKILL. May be our candidate is a bright economist like Aling Gloria but lacked the skill of leadership kaya nagka wendang wendang ang Pilipinas; maybe our man became rich because of his obsession to escape from the ruin of poverty thus make his name known and only to find it torn down again because of corruption and now conspired with Gloria’s lousy administration; that our man became senator because he was good on rhetoric that he even brag as to his track record; that our man has questionable personality, an heir of his parents popularity but DO NOTHING while in the Senate; our man could be a one-time president who rose from his vices and by his bigotry leading to his downfall; or a military man so that our country will become under military rule again. Adhering to any of this, PLEASE FORGIVE ME, I MUST SAY WE ARE INDEED NAIVE IF NOT IDOT. Remember our country need a LEADER!

John Rebitoy

John Rebitoy Gloria is good, you can see the rise of GDP and GNP from her presidency. But, she also was a puppet by many congressman because she is afraid that she will be impeached in her position. ahihii.

Immanuel del Castillo

Immanuel del Castillo JOHN! are you kidding? you might wanna take that last statement of yours back, because Gloria just made a PAG-IBIG Board Member out of her freaking Manicurist for chrissake!!!!

Sneak Grazz

Sneak Grazz Ang dami namang madudunong sa thread na ito pero karamihan baluktot naman ang prinsipyo. Yung iba pinagpipilitan na isama ang kagustuhan ng DIYOS. Gising! Hindi lahat ng Pilipino ay katulad ng pananampalataya mo. Mga nabubulagan! Kaya nga ihiniwalay ang estado sa simbahan. Hanggang ngayon taglay nyo pa rin ang baluktot na kaisipan na itinanim ng mga kastila, na ang mga naglilingkod sa panginoon ay sila lamang ay karapatdapat maging lider.

Meron namang nangangarap ng gising. Hindi raw kailangan ang karanasan sa pamumuno, haha isa pa itong natutulog sa pansitan! Ikaw ba ay nag tratrabaho? Nakakita ka na ba nga PRESIDENTE o GENERAL MANAGER ng kumpanya na JANITOR lang kahapon? Gusto mo pa bang elaborate ko pa ang ibig kung sabihin ng maintindihan mo? Paumanhin sa mga JANITOR, alam kong tunay na marangal ang inyong trabaho, nais ko lang na ilahad ang katotohanan.
Simulan natin sa pinakamaliit na sektor ng pamayanan, ang PAMILYA. Kung ikaw ay isang MAGULANG, ikaw ba ay tinitingalang lider ng iyong anak? Bakit? Kung hindi ikaw ang tinitingalang lider ng iyong anak sa iyong palmilya, bakit? Gets mo? Ha ha ha

Ang may akda ay inilalahad lamang ang kanyang pag unawa ng ayon sa kanyang pag susuri. Kung hindi ka naniniwala sa mga isinulat ng may akda, marapat lamang na ilahad mo rin ang iyong pamantayan sa lohikal at makatotohanang batayan. Kung ang iyong mga reaksyon ay batay lang sa iyong mga sapantaha at kuwento ng iba sana huwag ka ng mag dunung-dunungan dahil nahahalata lamang na ikaw ay isang mangmang. Taandaan, hindi nakakahiyang sabihin ang “hindi ko pa alam”.

Ewan ko sa inyo… puro kayo reklamo at gusto nyo ng pag babago pero ang paraan ng pag pili nyo ng kandidato hindi naman nagbabago. Hahahaha… Hindi ba noong huli kang bumoto yan din ang pamantayan mo?

Marcial Bonifacio

Marcial Bonifacio Arron, Kaibigan Ko, Gordon’s urging of kababayans to eat less rice serves the purpose of promoting health and stimulating the economy. Sa bagay, Gordon’s plan is not an outright reduction in rice consumption, ngunit the addition of mongo, camote, and cassava, which would be less expensive. This addition to the diet would compensate for the excessive rice consumption, which, if left unchecked, could lead to lifestyle diseases (halimbawa, obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes). Economically speaking, a reduction of local rice consumption would create a surplus of rice supply, which could be exported in exchange for more dollars. In conclusion, less rice consumption translates into a cheaper diet, better health, lower healthcare costs, more exports, and more dollars for the Philippine economy. What’s wrong with that, Kaibigan Ko?

Inri Manzie

Inri Manzie @kulit everyone has its own bias and they have the right to express it like you but to say the word “baluktot ang kaisipan” is somewhat that you are making yourself na ikaw ay napakakrunong. You’re thinking that you are superior than others. If people chose the principle of God or the principle of man to reign our country then so be it because that’s their confirmation bias. If you are against it then refute it with your personal validation that others can learn from you.

Marcial Bonifacio
Marcial Bonifacio Madame Faith, Kaibigan Ko, salamat po for your kind words about my writing, and I admire your perseverance in addressing the Bro. Eddie supporters with your philosophical points and Biblical understanding, kahit we may disagree. I’m more interested in using facts rather than insults in order to make my points, dahil they earn more merit and credibility among the voters. However, sometimes the directness of my points or probing questions may seem offensive, so please forgive me if this is the case. Gordon has been in politics for a long time and has established a good reputation in what he has accomplished, which remains unmatched by any other candidate. You can read about them in my first blog which includes a debate between a Noynoy supporter and I on the issue of corruption sa: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=194910412554&id=660391561&ref=mf
Also, since Gordon is Blue Ribbon Committee chairman, meroon higher moral standard which he must live up to, so it seems highly unlikely that he would risk his political career by falsely accusing Villar of buying him off. Naiintindihan ko that you are close to the family, so you do not feel that he could commit such a terrible thing, ngunit just as parents were unsuspecting of their priests who sexually molested their children (as reported sa news), is it not possible that the closest of friends and relatives be oblivious to each others’ negative intentions and actions. Such betrayal and deception occurs frequently between husbands and wives, employees and employers, businesses and customers. One need only read the newspapers. Sa bagay, Gordon has assured that, at the appropriate time, he will disclose the identity of this former Cabinet member sa harapan ng si Villar and is willing to use a lie detector test. By the way, Kaibigan Ko, can you or any other Villar supporter explain why Villar refuses to attend Senate hearings, kahit appeals from his colleagues?

Marcial Bonifacio

Marcial Bonifacio Sir Jojie, tama ka po. That is precisely why Gordon is the presidentiable most qualified to lead, dahil he has acquired merit through his successful accomplishments. They are not unfulfilled promises or dreams. They were realized goals concretized in places like Subic and Olongapo. Simply ask the 200,000 people who were employed and the 200 employers whom Gordon convinced to invest sa RP during his earlier public service. What has Gibo done comparable to this for him to deserve our trust and vote?

William Wallace

William Wallace @marcial,hindi naman cguro pwede ipares ang camote at daing,casava at sardinas…patibayan na lang ngsikumra ganun…iilan lang po tayong nakakain ng apat na beses sa isang araw… ang mga sakit na binanggit mo di ba nakukuha yan sa improper diet??paano ang malnutrisyon?wala nang pambili ng gamot???at madalang nalang po tayong nageexport ng bigas ngayon sa katunayan tayo pa nga ang nagiimport ng bigas mula sa thailand at vietman…naalala mo ba yung fertilizer fund???kung ang perang iyon binigay sa magsasaka eh di sana malakas ang ating agrikultura….sabihin nyo po sa kay gordon na bigyang pansin ang nakakarami hindi yung iilan lang….

@nathan,pero nakaranas na ho kayo ng isang ina(bahagi ng pamilya-ang pinakababang sector ng lipunan sabi nyo po di ba? ).. na naging presidente di po ba? anyway, ang salitang leader po ay something that leads…malinaw na meron o walang karanasan pwede po maging leader ano po? nasa atin na po yun kung ang gusto maging leader natin may karanasan o wala…hwag po sana tayong magbigay halimbawa na malayo sa paksa…

Constructive criticism is fine po providing we are prepared to do something about what we are being critical about—rather than just being negative and becoming a part of the problem, hindi po ba???maging mahinahon po tayo walang pong nagmamagaling dito… sinasabi ko lang ayun sa aking karanasan at kayo mismo ay saksing buhay sa kasaysayan ng pilipinas…sana po maging bukas ang ating isipan para sa karagdagang kaalaman.

Lahat pong tumakbo ng pagkapangulo ngayon ay karapatdapat po na maging leader ayun sa commelec base sa saligang batas,hindi po ba? lahat na naging pangulo ng ating bansa magaling may abilidad pero saan tayo ngayon? dyan kaparin at dito parin ako…hehehehe..hindi kaya dahil sa kurapsyon???simulan natin kay diosdado macapagal(poor boy of lubao) kinasuhan ng kurapsyon ni marcos…cguro naabutan nyo pa si marcos…si FVR….si Erap…si Gloria..lahat yan magaling sa larangan ng pulitika….alam nyo naman cguro di ba???o kayo ang nagbulagbulagan… kaya po ngayon may basihan….pipili po ako ng taong hindi kurap at deretso nangangako sa taong bayan na hindi magnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan…yung ibang tumakbo ba ng pagkapangulo nangako?

Leandro Altamirano

Leandro Altamirano Go for Gordon. I may be only 15 but I know Gordon can improve the Philippines like he has done with Subic

William Wallace

William Wallace @nathan,Si gordon ay tuta ni gloria, hindi po ba?bakit gusto ni gordon ang SBMA?kayo na po ang maghusga…alam nating lahat na si gordon ay chairman ng SBMA sa paulit ulit na pagkakataon…sa tulong po ng U.S. base militar kaya po napaunlad ang olongapo…napaniwala po ni gordon ang taga-olongapo sa kanyang kakayahan dahil po sa pamamagitan ng paghothot sa mga sundalong kano na gustong mamumuhan sa bansa….noong gustong paalisin ang U.S. base sa bansa bakit hindi mapakali si gordon parang asong ulol na panay rally dito at doon…kasi alam natin na ang pinagkukunan ng pera ni gordon ay ang mga kano…noong nahalal si estrada bilang pangulo ng bansa at tuluyang napaalis ang U.S. base sa bansa at pinatalsik si gordon bilang chairman ng SBMA at pinalitan ni payumo….bakit po ayaw ni gordon na bumaba sa pwesto??nagkakaroon po ng mainit na pagtatalo sa pagitan ni gordon at payumo…

2001 edsa revolution nganununa po si gordon sa intablado para patalsikin si erap at ehalili si gloria..at ng magtagumpay ang mga kurakot sa kapwa nila kurakot…tinalaga si gordon bilang secretary of tourism bilang gantimpala hindi po ba???bakit kaya hindi sa agrikultura na ngayon isinusulong niya ang paglagay ng kunting bigas sa hapagkainan o di kaya sa DTI…kasi alam niya na sa panahong iyon mahina ang exportation o kalakal sa ating bansa…at mapasakamay niya ulit ang SMBA,hindi po ba????

2004 presidential election tumakbo po si gordon bilang senador sa ilalim po ng partido ni gloria na alam natin na isa sa tiwaling pangulo….paano nyo ngayon sasabihin sa taong bayan na malinis kayo at hindi trapo????ngayon po sino po sa atin ang natutulog sa pansitan…

Donae Faye

Donae Faye @Arron: Tiga saan ka po ba at sinasabi mo na naipaunlad ni Gordon and SBMA sa pamamagitan ng paghuthot nya sa kano nuong andito pa ang mga US military?. Si Gordon ay naging mayor ng Olongapo habang ang mga kano ay nsa Subic ngunit ang ekonomiya ng dalawang ito ay magkahiwalay. Hindi iisa ang olongapo at ang subic naval base (SBMA sa ngayon). ang mga tao ng olongapo ay nagttrabaho para sa loob ng naval base, pero ano ang ginawa ng mga politiko? pinaalis nila ang mga kano sa subic at nag iwan ng mga taong walang trabaho sa olongapo city. sino po ang nakawawa? hindi ba ang mga taga olongapo? ang mismong olongapo! ang buhay ng mga taga olongapo ay ang naval base ngunit ito ay inalis, kasama pa ng pagsabog ng bulkang pinatubo kung saan ang olongapo ay lumubog sa lupa at abo. Naaalala ko pa nung ako’y papasok sa eskwelahan, traffic sa daan dahil sa mga buhangin na ibinuga ng pinatubo, nakasay ako sa tricycle nakasuot ang aking mask (panlaban sa alikabok) kitang kita ko si Gordon na cya mismo ang nag aayos ng daan, nagttraffic, nghuhukay ng buhangin. Kung sa totoo lng eh pwede nmn nya ipagawa sa ibang tao. Mabalik naman nten sa SBMA kung saan wala na ang mga kano. si Gordon ang naiupo bilang chairman ng SBMA pagkaalis ng mga kano. walang trabaho sa olongapo, Hinikayat ni Gordon ang mga tao na mag volunteer (gumawa ng walang bayad) para maiahon, ibangon ang olongapo sa pangako na aangat ito. at hindi nmn nagtagal nagtagumpay ang SBMA. Kita po nmn nyo siguro kung ano meron ang SBMA ngyn. Ang pagkakaalis ni Gordon sa position ng SMBA chairman nuong panahon ni ERAP ay kinagalit ng tao dahil si ERAP ay nagtalaga ng panibagong chairman na galing sa bayan ng BATAAN hindi olongapo nang hindi pa nattapos ni Gordon ang kanyang termino. Ang sabi pa nga ni Gordon, tatapusin muna ang termino bago umalis, ngunit ipinilit ito ni ERAP at ni PAYUMO ang dapat na uupo. at gumawa ng karahasan sa olongapo city at sa loob ng SBMA. Bakit kailangan ng dahas? para lng sa pag kakaupo ng isang chairman?? Sa palagay ninyo bakit ito minadali ni ERAP? dahil alam nyang may potensyal ang SBMA. Nang panahon na iyan ako ay isa nga kolehiyo, nag aaral sa Mapua sa loob ng intramuros, ang intramuros nuong bago pa ako pumasok sa Mapua, ay isang tahimik na lugar. uuwi at papasok lng ang gagawin mo. Ngunit nang mag karoon ng WOW Philippines nabuhay ang intramuros ang mga vendor ay naka unipormeng pang bayanihan, gumanda ang intramuros. nabuhay nag karoon ng income? bakit? dahil sa political will ng isang tao.

Bakit ko nasasabi ang lahat ng ito? Dahil ako ay tiga-Olongapo. at alam ko kung pano naging disiplinado at maunlad ang aming munting syudad. Ako ay nag aral sa eskuwalahan sa loob ng intramuros at naramdaman ko kung pano ito gumanda at sumigla.

Ikaw po Ginoong Arron, Naramdaman nyo na po ba ang inyong kandidato

Donae Faye

Donae Faye at isa pa, bakit tayo nag sisiraan ng mga kanyang kanyang kandidato? kung mananalo ba ang kanditatong gusto ko eh, hindi nyo na igagalang? or susundin?

irerespeto ko ang khit na sinong magiging presidente, kung cya ay nsa tama…

isa lng po ang nais kong sabhn ang itinuro sa amin ni gordon…. See More

magsama sama po tyo, magtulungan kung gusto ntin umunlad. dahil TAYO LAHAT mas malakas kesa sa magiging lider ng bansa kung tayo sama sama.

tapusin na ang siraan, ang thread na ito ay ginawa upang maimulat kayo sa kabilang “side” ng mga candidate. yung alam ng thread creator na dapat at may political will.. at yun ay yung kay Gordon.

Donae Faye
William Wallace

William Wallace @faye,kung hindi po ninyo naintindihan masyado ang aking ibig ipahiwatig pwede nyo pa pong basahin ulit….anyway… yung tatay at nanay niya mayor din po ng olongapo,hindi ba????alam ko nanalo cya ng pagkamayor ng olongapo tatlong beses at landslide victory pa…tama po ba????mula olongapo hindi kalayuan SBMA na…kayo na mismo ang nagsabi na taga olongapo ang nagtratrabaho sa SMBA at hiwalay ang income ng subic at olongapo…bakit po kayo nangingibang bakod??wala na po bang ibang mapagkitaan sa olongapo maliban sa subic…sa iyong salita mismo nggaling na pagalis ng mga kano wala ng trabaho sa olongapo sa madaling salita po umaasa lang ang olongapo sa kano….tama po ba????sa tagal2x na panahon ng panunungkulan ng pamilyang iyan bakit hindi nila naisipan nagumawa ng ibang paraan(ala ampatuan)hehehehe….ipagpalagay lang natin walang kano,walang SMBA…ano ang olongapo hindi mapalagay!!!bakit po kayo nagvulunteer(gumawa ng walang bayad)?at ginawa pa kayong alipin sa sarili ninyong bayan…pulitiko talaga oo manggagamit…nawalan na nga ng hanapbuhay ginawa pang-alipin…yan ba ang sinasabi ninyong magaling…chek3x

batay sa salaysay ni faye”’kasama pa ng pagsabog ng bulkang pinatubo kung saan ang olongapo ay lumubog sa lupa at abo. Naaalala ko pa nung ako’y papasok sa eskwelahan, traffic sa daan dahil sa mga buhangin na ibinuga ng pinatubo, nakasay ako sa tricycle nakasuot ang aking mask (panlaban sa alikabok) kitang kita ko si Gordon na cya mismo ang nag aayos ng daan, nagttraffic, nghuhukay ng buhangin. Kung sa totoo lng eh pwede nmn nya ipagawa sa ibang tao”hahaha…great pretender…1991 po pumutok ang pinatubo 1992 mageelection ulit…bilang isang pulitiko ano ang gagawin mo???hoy gising!!!!matutulog na lang ba tayo sa pansitan katulad ni nathan kulit…

1992 po nahalal ulit si gordon bilang mayor ng olongapo”na naman!!!”(dahil po sa kanyang pagaayos ng daan, nagttraffic, nghuhukay ng buhangin sa panahon ni pinatubo.)hehhheehe at napili bilang chairman ng SBMA na ayun sa batas ay bawal(dual duty)kaya napilitan niyang iwanan ang kangyang pagkamayor…ha???bakit hindi na lang pagkachairman…kasi wala ng pera ang olongapo…mahina na ang tax kasi marami ang nawalang ng hanap buhay…

William Wallace

William Wallace @ faye,,,,sa pagkapangulo sa ngayon hindi pa magpaparamdam pa lang pagkatapos ng election…masyado pakasing busy sa pangangampanya…hehehehehe….peace tayo sistah….

Donae Faye

Donae Faye Sir Arron, Sino po ba ang inyong kandidato?

Donae Faye
Donae Faye

Donae Faye Si Arron, i want to convince you to vote for gordon. please research about gordon vs. your candidate.

If you want, you can convinced me to vote for your president. Malay mo maconvince ako.

This is not about your president and my president its about “us”. you and me and the people of the philippines.

Jason Pineda

Jason Pineda go donnae! grin emoticon

Donae Faye

Donae Faye aw jason, shoo! ikaw din kakausapin ko. hahaha

Donae Faye

Donae Faye Sir Arron, Si noynoy pala ang kandidato mo. no wonder.. hehehe. colonthree emoticon

oh well..

Jason Pineda

Jason Pineda bkit? di nmn ako botante ah smile emoticon hahaha

William Wallace

William Wallace @maam faye,count me in….katulad mo rin ako naghahanap ng kasagutan…kurapsyon ang ugat ng lahat…so far si noynoy pa lang ang nakikita kong malayo sa puso ni gloria….hehehehhe

hindi na kailangan faye na hilahin pa kita jan sa pwesto mo malay natin dyan ang solusyon…mas mabuti ng kalat tayo sa paghahanap ng katotohanan ngunit iisa lang ang ating layunin makapili ng hindi sakim sa lahat ng bagay at maiahon sa kahirapan ang pinas…

@faye,taga land of promised po ako from mindanao(ampatuan)hehhehehe,misis ko taga lubao pampanga(gloria)hehehe…. hindi kalayuan sa inyo…

Donae Faye

Donae Faye Kung ganon Sir Arron, nagkakasundo pala tyo sa gusto nteng mangyari sa ating bayan. thumbs up for you. hindi ba mas maganda kapag tyo ay sama sama? mas masarap ang feeling kesa yung pinag aawayan nten yung mga kandidato. Irerespeto ko kung si noynoy ang magiging presidente.

Si Gordon lng po tlga ang naglilinaw ng aking isip.

panuorin mo po ang kwento ng buhay ni Gordon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9gIGY3VXE4

pwede po kayo mag link ng kahit ng ano tungkol kay noynoy. pwede po tyo mag-usap kung gusto ninyo.

salamat ng marami Sir Arron atleast nagkasundo tyo.


Jason Pineda

Jason Pineda hinde, hahaha smile emoticon

Sandy Joel

Sandy Joel · Friends with Celine Almedraz

Oportunista din yang DICKHEAD na yan eh, ginagamit ang RED CROSS for PERSONAL AMBITION.
Sandy Joel

Sandy Joel · Friends with Celine Almedraz

What’s the point, DICKHEAD uses the FUNDS of RED CROSS to UPLIFT himself. Ano ba ang subic? Pasukan ng smuglled goods…Smuggled Oil, smuggled cars, not to mention AIDS!
Sandy Joel

Sandy Joel · Friends with Celine Almedraz

Anybody but manny eVIL-LIAR.
Sandy Joel

Sandy Joel · Friends with Celine Almedraz

jejeje. -:)
Donae Faye

Donae Faye @Sandy: May Clue ka ba sa thread na ito? Di mo ba nabasa conversation namen ni Mr. Arron? and haven’t you noticed? he’s a Noynoy voter. LOL.

And how do you know that GORDON is using the funds of red cross? eh wala nga cyang TV ad eh! kung meron once a month pa. DUH?!

Sandy Joel

Sandy Joel · Friends with Celine Almedraz

Ah, ngaun lang ako nakakita ng DICKHEAD na di marunong mag CPR. Head pa naman ng REDCROSS. Search nyo sa youtube ung pag challenge ni Paolo Bediones kay DICKHEAD. Di nya na revive ung c-ni-cpr nya. Hiningal pa ang lolo dickhead mo sa pag c-cpr. kahiya. -:)
Donae Faye

Donae Faye aw! what an AIRHEAD! im asking you how he uses the funds, so yun ang basehan mo?


you are not voting for noynoy, nor for villiar and ofcourse not for GORDON,

i think you’re voting for ERAP, AIRHEADS votes for ERAP.

Arnold Sorso Magdaet

Arnold Sorso Magdaet sayang di ako maka boto this election…i really want to vote for gordon…but in my own effort, i will campaign for him…Go Gordon & Bayani! Philippines…TRANSFORM!

Din Laviste

Din Laviste @ Sir Arron: I respect that you have your own opinion of Gordon and the success of Subic and Olongapo. Ayon sa’yo,sa sagot mo kay Ms. Faye, ang paghuhukay nya ng buhangin sa Olongapo ay isang “pagpapalapad lamang ng papel” dahil paparating na ang elections noong panahong iyon. Paano ka nakasisiguro ito nga ang intensiyon nya? Gusto ko ring ikwestiyon, ano kaya ang intensiyon ni Noynoy noong sinabi nya sa harap ng taong bayan na hindi sya magnanakaw? Hindi natin masasagot ‘yan kaya tumingin tayo sa kung ano ang nakikita ng mata ng tao. Kesyo intensyon nyang magpabilib sa taong bayan upang botohin sya, nakakatulong pa rin sya sa taong bayan sa paglilinis ng bayan, hindi ba? Ang pagtulong nya sa paglipat ng ilang libong aeta na nasa panganib at nakatira sa Mt. Piatubo, kesyo pagpapalapad ito ng papael o hindi, nakasagip pa rin sya ng buhay ng libo libong tao,at ginagawa pa rin niya ang trabaho niya, hindi ba? Sa lahat ng kandidato, kesyo nagpapalapad ng papel o hindi, sino ang may pinakamaraming naipakitang pagtulong at dedikasyon sa bayan? Siguradong siya ang bobotohin ko.

Ayon sayo, “sa tagal2x na panahon ng panunungkulan ng pamilyang iyan bakit hindi nila naisipan na gumawa ng ibang paraan?ipagpalagay lang natin walang kano,walang SMBA…ano ang olongapo hindi mapalagay!!!bakit po kayo nagvovolunteer(gumawa ng walang bayad)?at ginawa pa kayong alipin sa sarili ninyong bayan.”I want to ask you Sir Arron, tell us then, paano mo maibabangon ang Subic at Olongapo, pagtapos ng pagputok ng Bulkang Pinatubo,nang walang tulong galing sa mga kano at mga volunteers, with exactly the same prestige and success that it has now? Please enlighten us, since mukhang mas nakakaalam kayo kung paano.

The mere fact that there are people, even students and learned people from abroad, who are willing to share Gordon’s vision without asking anything in return, proves how much of an inspiration he is to other people and how he has earned their respect. I would instead be proud to be a servant of my country or “alipin ng inang bayan”, because that just shows how much I care for my country,kahit walang bayad, basta’t alam kong ako ay nakakatulong para sa ikabubuti nito.

Marcial Bonifacio

Marcial Bonifacio Arron, Kaibigan Ko, poverty is caused by lack of economic opportunity or choice, which is exactly what Gordon’s track record has shown him to combat by creating jobs. If our kababayans are currently unable to afford rice, it would be most beneficial to them to substitute it for something more cheaper and healthful like cassava or camote. Kahit it is natural for man to be resistant to change, adaptability is one of the qualities which distinguishes man from the other animals. Sometimes change is beneficial and even necessary. Sa bagay, many OFWs had to adjust to a new cuisine shortly after their migration. Why can’t our kababayans do the same, especially dahil iyon ay more healthy for the body and economy? This is a necessary cultural change, which is precisely what Gordon meant when he said “There must not just be a change of men, but a change in men.”

On the issue of corruption, it is precisely because corruption is a prime concern that Gordon is the most qualified. Just consider that he is Blue Ribbon Committee Chairman and authored the bill to fully automate the 2010 elections in order to curtail voter fraud, and he voted for The Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act (SBN-3532). Also, Gordon was the youngest delegate to the 1971 Constitutional Convention, which makes him a living symbol of our democracy. As Chairman of the Senate Committee on Constitutional Amendments and Revision of Laws, he insisted on lawful charter change unexceptionally as prescribed by the Constitution and has rejected bills, which he believed were unconstitutional, such as Gloria Arroyo‘s declaration of martial law sa Maguindanao. Furthermore, Gordon’s apparent upholding of the rule of law and the Constitution clearly illustrates his anti-corrupt convictions. What makes Aquino more qualified than Gordon to curb corruption?

On the issue of Aquino’s “selflessness” in public service, what exactly did he do to display that quality? View this video and you will see one example among many of Gordon’s selfless service to our country: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1375664401331…
When you can present to me by logic or Aquino’s accomplishments that he is more qualified than Gordon, then I will support Aquino. Until then, I will vote for the most obviously qualified presidentiable—Gordon.

Marcial Bonifacio

Marcial Bonifacio Leandro at Arnold, Mga Kaibigan Ko, your support of Gordon does you both honor.

William Wallace

William Wallace @maam Din,maraming salamat sa pagsubaybay sa mga kumento ko..akala ko wala ka na…hehehhe….anyway andito tayo para halungkatin ang nakatagong katotohanan..

I would instead be proud to be a servant of my country or “alipin ng inang bayan”, because that just shows how much I care for my country,kahit walang bayad, basta’t alam kong ako ay nakakatulong para sa ikabubuti nito…hanga po ako sa tibay ng pananalita ninyo wala kayong pinagkaiba ni gordon pero hwag po kayong magsasalita ng patapos hindi mo pa nararamdaman ang kalupitan ng kahiraphan sa ngayon kasi may work pa ang parents mo at may kaya pa kayo sa buhay time will come gustohin mo rin mangibang bansa…the same senario po maam Din,ang taga olongapo nangibang bakod nagtrabaho sa subic…ang ibang kakabayan nangibang bansa din para kumita ang tanong po bakit kaya??cguro dahil magulo o mahirap ang lugar nila…iisalang ang ugat ang kasakiman…hindi po kasalaman na ipinanganak tayong mahirap kasalanan po kung matanda na tayo at mamatay na mahirap parin ibig sabihin po niyan ikaw ay isang tamad…

tanong mo..Paano ka nakasisiguro ito nga ang intensiyon nya?hindi ko alam,bakit hindi nyo itanong sa kanya kung labag sa kalouban ang ginawa niya…hindi naman kasi kami closed…hehehehe…pagnagnakaw si gordon wala lang,pagnagnakaw si nonoy ay malaban tayo jan isampal mo sa pagmumukha niya ang sinumpaan niya….pasumpasumpa ka pa obama….hehheheh….walang pinagkaiba ang pulitika sa karnabal pag pumasok ka magulo, maraming tao, kanya kanyang pakita ng talento,payaso,magic at galing, pero iisa lang ang layunin aliwin at pasayahin ang mga nanonod at serbisyohan kayo ng todo para paulitulit kayong papasok at maniniwala..pero po sa likod ng mga ito ay isang palabas lang at hindi tunay sa kabuuan zero balanse ubos ang pera ng bayan…pagmahina na ang kita lipat na naman..

Sept.1991 po nagkakaroon ng malalang pagsabog ng bulkang pinatubo…1963 upto 71 parents niya ang naging mayor at 1980-93 siya po ang naging mayor for 13 years po umaasa pa rin cla sa kano…ngayon po subic parin…hehehehe…..hindi po ako tutol sa pag-unlad ng subic at sa ikakaunlad pa ng bayan…sa donasyon at vulunteer…ikakasaya pa nga natin..cheers3x…may point is hwag mong angkinin ang lahat ng hindi naman sayo ang kalahati…hwag ninyong ipamukha sa lahat ng tao sa buong mundo na umunlad kayo dahil sa iisang tao lang dahil kay gordon….umunlad ang subic hindi lang dahil kay gordon yang ang dapat sabihin ninyo…tandaan po ang scooter,motor,dyip,maliit na bus o malaking bus ay hindi mapatatakbo ng sinuman pagkulang ng gulong.

William Wallace

William Wallace pahabol maam din bakit po nawawala ang gulong??may idea ka ba???…hehehehheehe….baka ninakaw o walang pambili..kurapsyon parin yan…. peace tayo maam din laviste…..hwag ka nang magkumento hindi na ako magrereply sa inyo…hehehhehe….mabuhay ang pilipinas!!!!!

Donae Faye

Donae Faye tama ka po sir arron! at yan din nmn ang sinsabi ni gordon eh. umunlad ang olongapo at ang subic hindi dahil kay gordon ito ay dahil sa mga volunteers. view his videos.

“uunlad ang olongapo hindi dahil kay gordon, kung hindi dahil sa inyo” – RG

Sandy Joel

Sandy Joel · Friends with Celine Almedraz

kay DICKHEAD tayo!
Donae Faye

Donae Faye wow he’s back! the ERAP boy. smile emoticon

Sandy Joel

Sandy Joel · Friends with Celine Almedraz

DICKHEAD for PRES! Libre na ang DUGO! Yahoo!
Donae Faye

Donae Faye i feel sorry… T_T

Sandy Joel

Sandy Joel · Friends with Celine Almedraz

Ang presidente ko may “Dick”. -:)
Sneak Grazz

Sneak Grazz @Aaron – ang haba ng mga sinabi mo pero wala akong nakitang laman. Sabi nga nila “puro kwento pero walang kwenta”. Para lang akong nag basa ng komiks na ang bawat katagang binabasa ko ay halaw sa malikot at mapaglarong isipan ng may akda. Payo ko kaibigan, mag sulat ka na lang ng nobela o maikling kwento, may mararating pa yang telento mo.

Sneak Grazz

Sneak Grazz @Rizza – ano ang punto mo? Binigyan mo ng kahulugan ang bawat salita ng binitawan ko pero hindi mo nakita ang kahulugan ng buong pangungusap. Hayaan mong i-quote ko ulit ang sinabi ko tungkol sa kakayahan…

“Nakakita ka na ba nga PRESIDENTE o GENERAL MANAGER ng kumpanya na JANITOR lang kahapon?”

Maliwanag na ang nakalagay ay KAHAPON at hindi “DATI”. Ikaw ba ay mangagawa? Kung OO, ano mararamdaman mo kung ngayon ang inyong taga punas ng mesa ay bukas siya na ang BAGO mong BOSS dahil sa naniniwala ang karamihan ng kasama mo na mas marunong at magaling siya kaysa sayo? Uupo ka na lamang ba at tatangapin ng maluwag ang kapalaran mo? Hindi mo man lang ba ipaglalaban ang karapatan mo na malaman kung naging makatwiran para sa lahat ang naging desisyon? Kung ganyan nga ang gagawin mo, isa ka sa mga pilipino na mas lalong kailangan si GORDON.

Kung ano man ang relihiyon ko at pinaniniwalaan ko, wala kang karapan na sabihin sa akin na mas mabuti ang relihiyon mo. Ang lebel ng pulitika ay dapat pag usapan sa lebel ng pagiging mortal.

Pagusapan na lang natin kung anong kabutihan para sa nakararami ang nagawa ng kandidato mo, yan ay kung mayroon.

William Wallace

William Wallace @nathan, paano mo nga naman maintindihan ang lasa ng litson kung ang laman lage ng inyong utak ay pansit…ikaw ba ay nakaintindi ng salitang tagalog? o hindi alam magbasa…kung alam at naintindihan mo ang lahat ipagpaumanhin mo at hindi ko alam ang antas ng inyong pang-unawa…..ikaw ba ay nasa elementarya,high skul, koleheyo…o wala sa nabanggit..at kung hindi mo kayang intindihin at unawain ang nilalaman ng aking kwento..hhehehehe….ibig pong sabihin niyan tayo ay hindi magkalevel…

Ito ang walang kwenta mong TANONG…Ikaw ba ay mangagawa? Kung OO, ano mararamdaman mo kung ngayon ang inyong taga punas ng mesa ay bukas siya na ang BAGO mong BOSS dahil sa naniniwala ang KARAMIHAN ng kasama mo na mas marunong at magaling siya kaysa sayo?


Sneak Grazz

Sneak Grazz @Aaron -” hindi mo ba naintindihan ang salitang election???ang ibig pong sabihin ay -to vote, to choose,to select… bilang individual may karapatan tayong pumili,bomuto kung sino ang nararapat…..”

mula sa salitang nabanggit mo “NARARAPAT”. pag usapan natin kung ano ang PAMANTAYAN para ang isang kandidato ay “NARARAPAT”? Maglahad ka ng PAMANTAYAN at ating suriin ang kakayahan ng bawat kandidato natin upang malaman natin kung sino ang “NARARAPAT”.

Donae Faye

Donae Faye aw, sir arron sinasabhan nyo po ba na isang dickhead/airhead si kuya nathan?

may ask po ako. hindi po ba gusto ninyo si noynoy bilanag pangulo kasi malayo cya kay gloria? ano po amsasabi nyo sa link na ito? http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=3796253…

nakita ko lng po yan kagabi eh, ikaw agad ang aking naisip.
iniisip ko kasi na ang kanyang mga kakamoi ay dating kakampi ng pangulong gloria.

William Wallace

William Wallace @NATHAN-” hindi mo ba naintindihan ang salitang election???ang ibig pong sabihin ay -to vote, to choose,to select… bilang individual may karapatan tayong pumili,bomuto kung sino ang nararapat…..”



William Wallace



Sneak Grazz

Sneak Grazz @Aaron – ang dami mong paikot ikot hahahaha. Kaibigan kung ano pamantayan mo sa pagpili ng kandidato tinatanong ko. Sa pamantayan mo, susukatin ko ang kandidato ko.

O baka naman hindi mo alam kung ano ang naging pamantayan mo sa pagpili mo sa kandidato mo? Binangit mo ang batas, alin sa mga batas ang ginamit mo bilang panukat sa kandidato mo para siya piliin mo na KARAPAT-DAPAT?

“BILANG INDIVIDUAL MAY KARAPATAN TAYONG PUMILI,BOMUTO KUNG SINO ANG NARARAPAT—ITO PO AY TUMOTUKOY SA ATING … SARILI NA MAY KARAPATAN TAYONG PUMILI KUNG SINO SA TINGIN NATIN ANG KARAPAT DAPAT” – Tama, sumasang-ayon ako dyan. Lamang na nag pahayag ka ng iyong argumento sa pinili ng iba bilang kanilang kandidato, ikaw mismo ay nanghimasok sa karapatan ng iba na PUMILI NG KANDIDATO NA SA TINGIN NILA AY KARAPAT DAPAT.

Pareho natin binabangit ang katagang “KARAPAT-DAPAT”. Ang isang pag-pili ay bunga ng isang makatwiran at walang kinikilingang pamantayan. Bakit hindi mo ilahad ang naging pamantayan mo? Magsimula tayong sukatin ang kandidato natin sa iisang pamantayan ng sa gayon malaman ko kung KARAPAT-DAPAT nga ang kandidatong napili ko smile emoticon

Kuya Kuya
Kuya Kuya @arron
you are either uninformed or confused….. your third world mentality is the very reason that our country is in shambles…

William Wallace

William Wallace @nathan,sabi mo—>Tama, sumasang-ayon ako dyan. Lamang na nag pahayag ka ng iyong argumento sa pinili ng iba bilang kanilang kandidato, ikaw mismo ay nanghimasok sa karapatan ng iba na PUMILI NG KANDIDATO NA SA TINGIN NILA AY KARAPAT DAPAT.

kailan man hindi kita hinikayat na baguhin at himasukan ang iyong desisyon ako ay nagdepensa lamang ayon sa nilabas ninyong akusasyon…bakit hindi mo tingnan sa una kung kumento…malinaw na ang ibig kong sabihin ay hwag mapaghusga ng sa gayon magkakaroon ng malinas na halalan ng walang sinisiraan….

Pareho natin binabangit ang katagang “KARAPAT-DAPAT”. Ang isang pag-pili ay bunga ng isang makatwiran at walang kinikilingang pamantayan.—ay hindi….ang isang pagpili ay isang karapatan ng isang individual para maihayag ang kanyang saloobin.kahit mali man o tama karapatan mo yan…
ang isang napili naman ay bunga ng karapatan ng karamihan…at dapat igalang ang pasya ng nakakarami…maging mali man o tama…yan po eleksiyon

ito ang sabi mo—>Bakit hindi mo ilahad ang naging pamantayan mo? Magsimula tayong sukatin ang kandidato natin sa iisang pamantayan ng sa gayon malaman ko kung KARAPAT-DAPAT nga ang kandidatong napili ko smile emoticon

ngayon sino sa atin sa tingin mo ang naghimasok…gusto mong alamin ang aking pamantayan sa pagpili ng kandidato…hindi po ba?ako isang pribadong tao meron akong ”right to privacy”.hehhehehehe….
ok ito ang aking basehan sa pagpili—ayaw ko sa tumakbong pagkapangulo na dating tuta ng nakaupong presidente ngayon….mahirap tanggalin sa mga pilipino ang salitang ‘utang na loob’…hindi po mahalaga sa akin ang taong bihasa sa pulitika….yun lang po….at sana po maintindihan ninyo ang ang aking desisyon…

Sneak Grazz

Sneak Grazz @aaron –

1.) ayaw ko sa tumakbong pagkapangulo na dating tuta ng nakaupong presidente ngayon….mahirap tanggalin sa mga pilipino ang salitang ‘utang na loob’…hindi po mahalaga sa akin ang taong bihasa sa pulitika….yun lang po…

– ahhh ito lang pala ang basehan mo sa pag pili. Ito ang pamantayan mo para sa pag pili ng kandidato mo. Ohh di ba si NOYNOY dati eh isa sa mga ayaw IPARINIG ang HELLO GARCI Tape? Si Nicanor Perlas, si Bro. Eddie o kaya si JC delos Reyes bakit hindi mo tinimbang?

Buti na lang pala walang tumakbo na pagkapangulo na miyembro ng Abu Sayyaf dahil kung hindi baka pagkamalian mo pang iboto dahil HINDI TUTA NI GLORIA hahaha…

– nakakahiya man aminin pero hindi ko na pag aaksayahan na sukatin ang kagalingan ni GORDON sa pamantayan mo. Sobra-sobra ang kakayahan ng presidente ko para sa pamantayan mo. Iginagalang ko ang pasya mo kaibigan, hari nawa kapag nanalo si GORDON ay makauwi ka na ng pilipinas at makapamuhay ka ng matiwasay kasama ang buo mong pamilya.

– maaring si NOYNOY ay walang tatanawing utang na loob kay GMA subalit huwag nating balewalain ang mga taong nakapaligid sa kanya. Suriin mo kaibigan kung mayroon na ng napaulat na nagawa si NOYNOY na nagpapakita ng kanyang matibay na paninindigan at hindi nag papadala sa dikta ng mga nakapaligid sa kanya.

– noong si NOYNOY ay kumandidato bilang SENADOR. IBINOTO KO SYA kasi ako naniniwala na may magagawa syang batas para sa nakararami. Totoo nga… wala syang utang na loob sa mga bumoto sa kanya hehehe… wala sya ginawa eh… sayang lang boto ko.

Donae Faye

Donae Faye bakit kaya cya naka ALL CAPS xD

Donae Faye

Donae Faye hayaan nyo na cya. yun ang desisyon nya. malaya cyang pumili ng kandidato nya. sa kadahilanan na si noynoy ay malayo sa puso ni gloria. ang nsaamin lng po sir arron sana naintindihan mo rin kung bakit namen na pili si gordon, bago po ikaw nag post sa isang PROGORDON link.

ayon sa iyo: “pinakitaan lang kayo ng galing ni gordon naniwala naman kayo…sa tingin mo ba sa mga nagawa niya hindi siya kumeta ng milyones?kung hindi yan nangurakot walang pera yan ngayon at hindi tatakbo yan ng pangulo….”

ang lahat ng magagandang nagawa ni gordon ang naging basehan namen, hindi lng dahil sa pang personal na nararamdaman dahil sa mga kandidatong naging kakampi nya noon. sana naiintindihan mo rin. nagiging rasyonal lng kame sa pagpili hindi personal.

Sneak Grazz

Sneak Grazz @Rizza – iginagalang ko pasya nyo. Ito naman ang resulta ng timbangan nila.


o kaya… http://tvnatinto.blogspot.com/…/timbangan-moderated-by…

enjoy watching smile emoticon

Nade Gtg

Nade Gtg @Arron chavez…. wag mong sabihing walang corruption sa panahon ni cory……. nakakahiya sa mga taong me experience at me alam sa gobyerno nung panahon na un….. baka mapagtawanan ka…..

William Wallace

William Wallace @maam edna,alam ko po na may nangyaring nakawan sa pamumuno po niya pero hindi lantaran katulad ngayon…hindi mo maialis sa kahit saan ang salitang hudas….kung naalala mo pa sa panahon ni jesus….pero po kung meron ka talagang alam ma siya(si cory) mismo ang deretsahang involve maari mo pong i post sa thread na ito para malaman natin ang katotohan….kung wala naman manahimik ka na lang para hindi na malito ang mga nandito sa thread na ito….may kaso pong corruption si pepeng kapatid niya pero sino po ang may pakana nito kung alam mo di ba po kaalyado po ni marcos?????

Nade Gtg

Nade Gtg ke lantaran ke tago nakawan pa din…. ang kelangan natin kung sino makakapag usad sa pilipinas sa kahirapan.. ung me TUNAY na KAKAYANAN….. maaring d nga nagnakaw si cory eh ung anak kaya????? CGURADO bang d magnanakaw?

Donae Faye

Donae Faye tingin ko hindi magnanakaw si noynoy, yung mga taong nsa likod nya lng at i think hahayaan nya ito.

Nade Gtg

Nade Gtg Ahhhhh oo nga pala…. ung mga nasa likod nya…. nun kayang panahon ng nanay nya?

Nade Gtg

Nade Gtg baka ung timbangan sa hongkong dispalinghado…. MADE IN CHINA BA?

Marcial Bonifacio

Marcial Bonifacio Arron, Kaibigan Ko, kahit I have pointed out the credibility of Gordon as a champion of defending the Constitution and the rule of law, you continually point out your support for Aquino exclusively due to his distance from GMA. Are you implying that Gordon is pro-GMA? If so, paano? Be specific.

Nade Gtg

Nade Gtg kayong mga KABATAAN kau ang PAG ASA ng bayan…. mag isip at pagbutihin nyo ang pagpili ng magiging lider …. magpakatali-talino kau…

Nade Gtg
Nade Gtg buksan nyo mga mata nyo mga kabataan……. tingnan nyo gobyerno mula sa ibaba hanggang sa taas……. wag kaung mabulag sa bolahang walang corruption……
@ rizza manatili ka na nga lang dyan sa hongkong ang gaya mo walang puwang dito sa pilipinas….. tama! kau ang bagong bayani na nagliligtas ng ating ekonomiya kung wala kau bagsak na ang bayan …… hinahangaan ko kau….. pero wag kaung bulag, maaaring nabubulagan kau siguro matagal na kau dyan sa hongkong kaya wala kaung alam sa totoong nangyayari sa loob ng bansa…. sige manatili ka na lang bayani ng bayan para sa ganyang paraan mahangaan ka …. dyan na lang kau mahalin mo yang bansang yan…..

Nade Gtg

Nade Gtg fyi i dont buy made in china……. just like ur candidate chinese blood

Nade Gtg

Nade Gtg Very LOW quality….. period!!!!!!!

Sneak Grazz
Sneak Grazz

Sneak Grazz @Edna and Marcial – no point to argue with this people. They are close minded. A hopeless individual. Like I said before, they give reasons from a lunatic way of thinking.

Vanessa Gervo Cua

Vanessa Gervo Cua pinoy dont realize kung nasan na ang pilipinas… kahit sa simpleng managerial position, pag matalino si boss lahat kumikilos pero bag baitbaitan lang kaya napromote ung mga hawak niya puro pasaway.

Kathee Santos

Kathee Santos But then again, don’t mistake “intellectual superiority” for being “smart”. Gibo trusted GMA… and he got screwed big time.

Oli Ver

Oli Ver Dont judge Noynoy by your ignorance, get to know him…

Rogie Ylagan

Rogie Ylagan · Friends with Pinoy Tayo


These are why I’m for Bro. Eddie smile emoticon

Din Laviste

Din Laviste @ ms. rizza: what makes excellent quality then? can you describe in detail?

Din Laviste

Din Laviste @ Oliver: those presented in the blog are facts. the conclusion on the blog is based on those facts. of course, we would want the best for our country.

Oli Ver

Oli Ver qng boboto tayo ky Gordon, mananalo c Villar, yan ang ayaw qng mangyari… besides pwdi nmn gawing Tourism Sec. c Godorn, DND Sec. c Gibo, DENR sec. c Perlas, c JC youth Leader, C Bro. Eddie Spiritual Adviser, c Erap sa Games and Amusement, c Villar sa Housing. dba maganda? pero c Noynoy presidente…

Vanessa Gervo Cua

Vanessa Gervo Cua @rizza sinu kilala mo ung alaga ng mga trapo at nagaalaga ng trapo para indi maungkat massacre sa tarlac…

Nade Gtg
Erwin Costales

Erwin Costales @Oliver; ano ba ang basehan mo sa pagiging pangulo?, Saan ba nanggagaling ang utak mo? Bakit sa tingin mo mananalo si Villar? at takot na takot ka bakit hindi ka matakot kay noynoy?!

tingnan mo nga ang record ng mga Aquino at Cojangco kung hindi magnanakaw?!, ano ba ang nagawa ni Noynoy? hindi ba isa rin siya sa pinapasweldo ng Gobyerno na hindi ginawa ang tungkulin niya bilang mambabatas… e d parang ghost employee lang din siya. Congressman tapos senador walang nagawa? anong utak meron ka?!

Nade Gtg
Erwin Costales
Erwin Costales @Oliver – Base on debate and mga platapormang may katotohanan hindi puro kyaw kyaw na dinikta lang nung kung sino sino. Sarili mo nga e hindi mo mailantad kung sino ka para kang magnanakaw na katulad ng mga dilaw!
Sino ba ang nasa likod ng pulse asia at sws… ang mga cojangco di ba? o e di ninakaw na rin ang pag-iisip ninyo…

Nade Gtg
Nade Gtg

Nade Gtg @oliver thats cojuangco dami pa yan……..kawawang myembrong gsis….

Oli Ver

Oli Ver oi my nagalit? LOL personalan nba to d2? haha Noynoy aq dba halata? ano ba basihan nyo ky gordon na maging malinis at hindi xa sakim pg.nanalong presidente?

alam ng lahat na magaling c gordon, at alam q yan…
ngresearch din aq, ano batayan nyo na hindi maging corrupt c gordon pg.maging presidente? maging sakim sa pwesto?
bakit ipilit ang sarili kahit kulilat sa survey?AMBITION!… See More

kung sabihin nyo d kayo nasurvey aq din hindi…
takot aq na maging presidente si Villaroyo.
i dont want gloria to live happily ever after.

c Cory nga na nanay ni noynoy mas hinahangaan ng marami na housewife kysa ky erap at gloria c noynoy pa.

hindi nagpasikat c noynoy sa media b4 kc hndi nya inaambisyong maging presidente.
ang mga katulad q na my tiwala sa kanyaang nagtulak para tumakbo xa. hindi xa tumakbo kc magaling xa, xa pnakamaring batas na naipasa xa pinakamaraming xperince un ang nakakatakot, maraming alam qng paano mgpaikot ng utak ng tao, bakit ba nanalo c gloria sa 2004? dahil sa magaling xa ano nangyari? c gordon pro gloria yan ngayon lang dumistansya malapit na election kc alam nya ang mga tao galit ky gloria…

Paul Bautista

Paul Bautista · 2 mutual friends

@Oliver>>>Oo hindi inambisyon ni noynoy maging presidente, bakit siya tumatakbo? Biktima ka talaga ng mag PALABAS at propaganda ng dilaw kaya ganyan ka. Hindi na kayo nagsawa sa bulok ng sistema ng kampanya-yung dinadaan sa drama para makakuha ng simpatiya, dahil yun lang naman ang kayang gawin. Si Sen.Gordon ay hindi plastik tulad ng abnoy mo, sinasabi niya ang nararamdaman niya at puno siya ng prinsipyo at integridad. Hindi nya para sirain ang track record nya para mangurakot lang… Yung mga walang karanasan ang mas lalong delikadong mangurakot!
Oli Ver
Oli Ver paano mo aq ma.kumbinsi eh ikaw rin pinipersonal mo c noynoy, ano abnoy? c gordon ano? hindi nga nya kayang sumunod sa utos na umalis as SUBIC nung papalitan na xa.
ano nangyari don?
mahirap pg.subrang taas ang ambition.

Paul Bautista

Paul Bautista · 2 mutual friends

@Olover>>>FYI, pinatalsik siya ni Erap noon, dahil may maitim na balak siya sa Subic. Ayun naging sentro ng smuggling ang Subic nung nawala si Gordon…
Oli Ver
Paul Bautista

Paul Bautista · 2 mutual friends

Dahil alam nga ni Gordon na maitim ang balak ni Erap. Siya ang nag develop at nagpalago ng business doon tapos gagawin lang business ni Erap. May utak ka ba ha???
Paul Bautista

Paul Bautista · 2 mutual friends

Makikita mo sa video na yan kung gaano kamahal ng mga tao si Gordon! Mag isip ka nga! Tignan mo yung video ng Massacre sa hacienda Luisita ng matauhan ka!
Oli Ver
Oli Ver

Oli Ver ang presidential race prang ligawn ng babae yan, hindi dahil kw pinakamatalino, pinakamasipag, pinakamayaman, pinaka.gwapo eh sasagutin kana ng babaeng nililigawn mo, kailiangan mong makuha ang loob at damdamin ng mga tao, yan ang hindi nagawa ni Gordon, Gibo, Perlas, Jc at Eddie.

Oli Ver

Oli Ver ano ba tama? pg.pikon talo o pg.talo pikon?

ang smuggling sa subic paanhon ni aling gloria yan hindi ni erap. 2 1/2 years lang ngaing prsidente c erap. saan ba nka sandal c DICK ung 2004 election?

Oli Ver
Oli Ver matagal na aqng natauhan relax kalang..
research mo ” The Truth about Hacienda Luicita” nasa youtube yan.

Paul Bautista

Paul Bautista · 2 mutual friends

Ang dami mo pang hindi alam at sumasakay ka sa mga depensa ng Losers’ Party(LP). At hindi ka natauhan, ikaw ay nabiktima ng EMO POLITICS, kaya ang hinahanap mo ay ang pag kuha sa damdamin ng mga kandidato. Parang drama sa showbiz, doon kasi magaling ang mga BALAT SIBUYAS na Pilipinong tulad mo… Kaya ayan ang nangyari sa inyo, BIKTIMA
Kathee Santos

Kathee Santos Sana mag-isip muna ang mga tao bago maniwala kung saan-saan, si Noynoy lang dinuduro sa Hacienda Luisita eh ang dami-daming part-owner dun, <1% nga lang share niya. Wala kasi silang makitang baho kay noynoy kaya pinagpilitan maghanap ng pangyyari para malink siya doon. KUng anu-ano na lang nilalabas, pati ba naman psych disorder iffake pa. O.A. na mga black propaganda

Oli Ver

Oli Ver LOL balat sibuyas na Pilipino tulad q? Biktima? marami hindi alam? eh d sabihin mo para malaman q.. baka ma.kombinsi mo aq, hirap kc sa inyo agad kayong nghusga, pg.ayaw ky Gordon sabihin bobo, tanga LOL. Pgmacombinsi mo aq palitan q yellow ribbon ng BIG DICK sa windshield ng sasakyan q. promise nyahaha

Sneak Grazz

Sneak Grazz @Kathee – nangangako si noynoy ng fair na pamamahala pero yung kamag anak niya hindi niya nagawang motivate na gumawa ng tama? Paano ako maniniwala na maproprotektahan ang karapatan at kalayaan ko sa ibang tao kung sa mismong bakuran ni noynoy at hindi nya nagawang protektahan ang karapatan ng kanilang mga mangagawa?

Sneak Grazz

Sneak Grazz @Oliver – “ano batayan nyo na hindi maging corrupt c gordon pg.maging presidente?”

– Track Record nya noong sya ay Mayor, SBMA Chairman, Tourism Secretary and PRC Chairman. Meron tayong judicial system, meron tayong proseso sa pag hahabla ng reklamo kung ang isang namumuno ay may ginagawang katiwalian. Madaling mag akusa pero ang panindigan ang iyong pag aakusa ay may kaakibat na responsibilidad. Kung meron silang alinlangan sa pagiging tapat sa panunungkulan ni GORDON, bakit hindi sila nag sampa na kaso sa korte at patunayan sa hukuman ang kanilang aligasyon?

” maging sakim sa pwesto?”

– Si Gordon ay isang LIDER. Ipaglalaban niya kung ano ang TAMA para sa nasasakupan nya. Sa SBMA, kasama siya ng mga lokal sa pag tayo ng Subic mula ng iwan ng mga amerikano. Kasama sya sa pag buo ng pangarap para sa mga mamayan ng olongapo, at ng umupo bilang Presidente si Erap ay inalis niya si GORDON sa SBMA dahil nabigyan siya ng kakahiyang noong pulitin ni GORDON ang upos ng sigarilyo na itinapon nya sa subic noong siya ay senador pa lamang. Hindi masama ang manindigan kung alam mo na TAMA ang iyong pinaglalaban. Hindi niya iiwanan ang kanyang nasasakupan ng dahil lang sa kagustuhan ng nakatataas sa kanya na hindi inalintana ang kanyang karapatan. Ano ang nangyari ng si Payumo ang pumalit sa SBMA, naging kabilaan ang kurapsyon sa Subic (BWSC Contoversy ay isang halimbawa).

“bakit ipilit ang sarili kahit kulilat sa survey?”

– at bakit mo naiisip na ang basehan sa pag takbo sa isang posisyon ay ang SURVEY? Ikaw ba ay natanong na ng SURVEY? Ako hindi pa, ang pamilya at mga kaibigan ko ay hindi rin. Kahit sa “marketing” ay hindi sapat na maging solong batayan sa kalalabasan ng produkto sa mamimili. May alam ka ba kung ilang porsyento lang ang naniniwala sa SURVEY? Ano ba ang halaga ng SURVEY sa isang kandidato? Para malaman kung sila ay mananalo o hindi? O para makalikom ng pondo mula sa mga negosyante at iba pang organisasyon kapalit ang kanilang proteksyon sa kani-kanilang saliring interes.

Huwag natin ipatalo ang ating prinsipyo dahil lang sa kawalan ng tiwala sa mga nakaraang pangyayari. Patuloy tayong manindigan na may magagawa tayo para sa bukas. Kung paulit-ulit man tayong nabibigo, hindi dahil sa mayroong mali sa paninindigan natin, subalit dahil KULANG ANG NA

Paul Bautista

Paul Bautista · 2 mutual friends

Pag manalo si Noynoy,,,, KAMAG ANAK INC. on the move!!! Watch out! At huwag kang manonood sa ABiaS CBN. Try to stick with GMA 7 pag manalo si Noynoy ha…
Oli Ver

Oli Ver @ Nathan> Salamat nasagot mo mga tanong q na my punto at maayos pero Noynoy parin aq, sana lang wag kyo mang personal sa iba pg.my ngtanong, at ngpahayag ng opinion.

My Tiwala aq ky Noynoy at sa breeding nya at hindi xa kahit minsan sakop ni gloria. Kung c Mar pa tamakbung presidente marahil Gordon ako.

Alam mo Nathan nasa Visayas particularly … See MoreBohol aq ang Malakas dito Noynoy, Villar, Gibo at konting Erap, karamihan sa mga local na kandidato d2 Gibo at Villar ang dinadala. Mga trapo karamihan sa kanila, yumayaman sa pagiging pulitiko, gusto q mapalitan c.la kya Noynoy aq. Si Noynoy lang ang sa tingin q my pg.asang manalo na hindi na link ni gloria.

for your info: hindi pa aq nakakita ng poster ni Gordon D2 o nakarinig na my radio programs about gordon and his platform of government at candidate na nag.iindorse ng candidacy nya.Puro Gibo at Villar local news papers d2 at radio station. Wala rin aqng alam na my isang Boholano na na.survey ng SWS o Pulse Asia d2, local surveys myron.
marami na rin aqng natanong na mga ordenaryong tao at karamihan sa kanila Noynoy, alam mo bakit? ayaw nla ky gloria, alam q na ayaw mo rin ky gloria. Kya konbinsihin nyo ung mga maka GiBo at konbinsihin q pa lalo ung mga kakilala qng mga maka.Villar. Gudluck.

Oli Ver
Oli Ver Anjan kana nmn Paul, ng.husga kana nmn…
Wala pa nga Eh. relax ka lang…
GMA 7 nmn aq lage nanonood ng news, sa pamilya nga nmin aq lang maka.siete.

Marcial Bonifacio

Marcial Bonifacio Oliver Ponte, Kaibigan Ko, I appreciate your persistence in attempting to rebut the Gordon supporters, kahit much of what you have stated is either inaccurate or simply speculative or not substantive. Sa bagay, the following is my rebuttal to such points, ngunit prepare to honor your promise to support Gordon, if we can convince you that he is the most qualified, which was my challenge to you.

First, understand that surveys are only approximations, and are not necessarily accurate, especially if they are manipulated. Mayroon maraming Gordon supporters which may be ignored by the surveys or downplayed by the media, ngunit it does not mean they do not exist, and polls can change suddenly. Halimbawa, when Gordon was running for the Senate and finally won, the survey rated him sa 29, ngunit ended sa 5, a clearly big difference. Also, here is one survey: http://www.facebook.com/home.php…

Second, on your issue of Gordon being clean, consider that he is Blue Ribbon Committee chairman and authored the bill to fully automate the 2010 elections in order to curtail voter fraud, and he voted for The Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act (SBN-3532). Also, Gordon was the youngest delegate to the 1971 Constitutional Convention, which makes him a living symbol of our democracy. As Chairman of the Senate Committee on Constitutional Amendments and Revision of Laws, he insisted on lawful charter change unexceptionally as prescribed by the Constitution and has rejected bills, which he believed were unconstitutional, such as Gloria Arroyo‘s declaration of martial law sa Maguindanao. Furthermore, Gordon’s apparent upholding of the rule of law and the Constitution clearly illustrates his anti-corrupt convictions.

Third, on your claim of Gordon being pro-GMA, he supports charter change, para GMA would not alter her position of House speaker to prime minister, if she gets elected. Also, he has expressed his condemnation of GMA by stating his plan to alter the Constitution, para the ombudsman would be directly elected by the people, instead of being appointed by the president (The ombudsman to whom he filed a complaint sa ZTE scandal was Mike Arroyo’s classmate).

Finally, Kaibigan Ko, on your analogy of choosing a girl for courtship, love ay kailangan, ngunit, for the sake of practicality iyon ay isang factor in choosing. Kahit love may be the most obvious indicator of “chemistry”, compatibility ay kailangan din, dahil love and emotion are purely psychological traits, ngunit economic and living conditions are tangible, physical conditions, which may restrict a successful relationship. Simply observe separation and broken family cases. Halimbawa, love alone cannot pay bills or put food on the table. Action ay kailangan, kaya Gordon is the most suitable, dahil he is a man of action. What other issues do you have with him?

Kathee Santos

Kathee Santos Wala nga ba talagag nagawa si Noynoy sa lehislatura?

TRUTH: Senator Aquino’s legislative record is filled with bills that push for transparency, accountability, curbing corruption and leveling the playing field so that special relationships do not take precedence over quality public service. A good lawmaker must not be judged solely on the number of laws penned, but the quality of these laws in the interest of the public good. Congress is a democratic institution that is also meant to guard against government excesses. Aquino believes we already have many good laws, and what is needed is proper enforcement.

Paul Bautista

Paul Bautista · 2 mutual friends

Kaya nga walang naisabatas na bills galing kay noynoy eh dahil walang kabuluhan ang mga yun. Kay Senator Gordon nanggaling ang Automated Elections Law, at naisabatas ito kaya gagamitin na natin ngayon sa unang pagkakataon. Pag boboto ka s May 10 ay maaalala mo si Sen.Gordon dahil boboto ka sa unang pagkakataon na automated…
Ang to tell you. Yung sinasabi mong “filled with bills that push for transparency, accountability, curbing corruption”, lahat naman ay gumagawa niyan, hindi lang siya… Pati si Lito Lapid, Bong Revilla etc…
Sneak Grazz
Sneak Grazz @Oliver – Ako ay humahanga at mayroon kang bukas na kaisapan at kakaiba sa karamihan ng supporter ni NOYNOY na nakausap ko. Iginagalang ko ang pasya mo at ako’y natutuwa bagama’t mag kaiba tayo ng pamamaraan ngunit mayroon tayong iisang layunin na magkaroon ng mabuting pagbabago sa bansa. Tama ka at hindi lang ikaw ang nag iisip na itaya ang boto nila kay NOYNOY dahil kay Gloria. Kung titingnan lang natin ang karakter ng 4 na kandidato (G1BO, NOYNOY, VILLAR at ERAP);maaring tumpak na walang link si NOYNOY kay Gloria ngunit paano tayo makakasiguro na ang taong mga nakapaligid sa kanya ay walang LINK si GMA? Ako ay nababahala lamang kung paano nya paninindigan na ipagtangol ang interes ng nakararaming pilipino kung ang mga nagsasamantala ay mga taong nakapaligid sa kanya. Ako ay bukas sa usaping ang boto sa isang hindi popular na kandidato ay maaring boto sa galamay ni GMA. At ang sinasabi ng karamihan na ang tanging may malakas na laban dito ay ang boto ni NOYNOY. Maaring ikaw ay tama kung ang puntong realismo ang titingnan natin, subalit sapat ba itong dahilan upang bitiwan nating tuluyan ang puntong idealismo na sinimulang ituro sa atin ng tayo’y nasa elementarya pa lamang? Ang ganang akin lamang ay kung hindi sa panahong ito natin ipagpapatuloy ang maprinsipyong pag halal, kailan at sino ang mag papatuloy? Kung sa bawat halalan na susunod ay parehong pangangatwiran ang paiiralin natin, sa susunod na salin-lahi ay ganun pa rin ang kanilang yayakapin. Tayo’ng mga nakatatanda ang inspirasyon at
batayan ng mga nakababata, hindi ba dapat tayo ang magsimula at hindi sila.
Ako ay mananatiling boboto kay GORDON, hindi dahil sa kasalukuyan ay siya ang pikakuwalipikado bilang lider. Iboboto ko siya dahil alam ko na siya ang bukod tanging pumasa sa pamantayan ko bilang isang maprinsipyong botante. Ang iboboto ko ay isang lider na mayroon ng napatunayang kakayahan sa pamamahala, isang lider na nag silbing inspirasyon sa karamihan na baguhin ang kanilang nakagawiang buhay tungo sa isang produktibong indibidwal. Isang lider na nagpakita na ng pagkamatuwid at katatagan sa pamumuno. Isang lider na may kongkretong plano at may angking higit sa karaniwang talino. Isang lider na nakakasalamuha ng karaniwang tao, boluntaryong tumutulong sa mga proyekto at gawaing para sa ikabubuti
ng isang pamayanan. Isang lider na kayang ipagtangol ang kanyang nasasakupan. Isang lider na kaya kong pagmalaki kahit kanino.Noong nakaraang eleksiyon, ibinoto ko si ROCO subalit hindi sya nanalo dahil sa usaping makinarya. Subalit hindi ako nagsisisi dahil alam ko hindi ako naging bahagi ng pagkakamali ng nakararami ng iboto si GMA. Kapag ako ay tinatanong
kung galit ako kay GMA, ang aking sagot ay “dapat ba akong sa kanya lang magalit?” Isang sagot sa pamamagitan ng isang tanong. Lahat tayo ay may kaakibat na responsibilidad bilang bahagi ng isang lipunan. Kung sa tingin natin na tayo ay naging isang mabuti at responsableng mamayan, nag babayad ng tamang buwis at sumusunod sa batas at kapag nababalitaan natin ang kawalang hiyaan ng mga iilan na malapit kay GMA totoong hindi natin maiwasan ang mag mura at ipahayag ang sama ng loob. Ngunit naitanong ba natin sa ating sarili kung mayroon tayong nagawa upang mapigilang makaupo ang kanasusuklaman nating namumuno? Marahil sasabihin natin na “hindi naman natin alam na ganyan gagawin nya”, tama! Hindi natin alam na ganyan ang gagawin niya dahil tinuruan niya tayong hawakan ang kanyang mga “PANGARAP”. Hindi tayo naging masusi sa pag pili, nadala tayo sa simpatya at emosyon ng pangangampanya. Marahil ang iba ay isasagot na hindi naman si GMA ang lehitimong Pangulo, maaring tama at may iilang nag pagamit sa pandaraya subalit hindi ba natin naisip na sila ay biktima din at kahalintulad ng karamihan.Ako’y sumasang-ayon na kulang na kulang ang makinarya ni GORDON para abutin ang bawat sulok ng pilipinas. Kaya kami
nanawagan sa sinumang naniniwala sa kanya na maging boluntaryo sa pangangampanya. Kumilos at gumawa ng paraang makatulong para sa pagbabago. Kung ang simula ng pagbabago ay ibinigay sa pilipino at nahalal si GORDON sa
pagkapangulo, masasabi ko na magsisilbing inspirasyon sa maraming pilipino na gawin ang tama at walang imposible kung sama-sama at sabay-sabay sa paghakbang patungo sa pangarap natin na inaasam.Simulan nating ibalik ang maprinsipyong pagboto, piliin natin yung pinuno na kaya nating ipagmalaki sa anak natin at sa
mga susunod na henerasyon. Simulan natin sa ating pamilya, tanungin natin kung anong klaseng lider ang hanap nila. Kung
mayroon kang anak… sino sa mga tumatakbong kandidato sa pagkapangulo ang gusto mong tularan nila?

Paul Bautista

Paul Bautista · 2 mutual friends

@Kathee>>> nagpapaloko ka sa mga palabas ng yellow army… unang una, kung alam niyang marami nang batas, ay bakit siya nag Senador??? Dapat ay tumakbo siya ng executive position noon pa man… He’s giving lame excuses that’s why he’s saying there are too many laws… PALUSOT sa tagalog…
Kathee Santos

Kathee Santos HUWAG MAGING CLOSE-MINDED porque lang may gusto tayong kandidato. diba dapat may free and INFORMED choice lahat ng botante? Read this and be enlightened.


Andyan lahat ng advocacies niya. Ang dami kasing nagmamagaling para sabihin na walang alam/nagawa si noynoy. Edukado yung tao, naman.

Kathee Santos

Kathee Santos Hindi kasi pakitang tao at mayabang tao si Noy. DI tulad ng mga ibang kandidato… maboka, magaling mambola.

Sneak Grazz

Sneak Grazz @Kathee –

“TRUTH: Senator Aquino… See More’s legislative record is filled with bills that push for transparency, accountability, curbing corruption and leveling the playing field so that special relationships do not take precedence over quality public service. A good lawmaker must not be judged solely on the number of laws penned, but the quality of these laws in the interest of the public good. Congress is a democratic institution that is also meant to guard against government excesses. Aquino believes we already have many good laws, and what is needed is proper enforcement.”

– Nasan yung mga Bill na sinasabi mo regarding transparency, accountability, curbing corruption and leveling the playing field? Bakit hindi naging batas? If may quality yung mga ginawa niyang bill bakit hindi nya naipasa sa plenaryo para maging batas? Ibig ba sabihin nyan yung mga kasamahan nya sa lehislatura ay hindi ginagawa ang kanilang trabaho? Bakit si Lito Lapid, sa 117 na isunumite niya ay nakapag pasa ng 1? Hindi ba nakalagay sa “noynoy page” na dati ay naniniwala si NOYNOY na marami ng batas ang Pilipinas at kailangan lang ng maayos na pagpapatupad. Ang tanong ko lang bakit sa lehislatura siya tumakbo? Bakit hindi sa ehikutibo?

Paul Bautista

Paul Bautista · 2 mutual friends

@nathan>>> PALUSOT nga kasi…At ano ang tawag sa mga tumatakbo ngayon na Senador eh hindi pa naman tapos ang 6 years in Senate? Inihalal silang may kontrata na 6 years tapos tatakbo sa ibang posisyon? Dapat hindi puwede ito eh. Si Sen.Dick Gordon lang ang talagang may prinsipyo sa lahat ng kandidato dahil siya lang ang tumatakbo na tapos ang 6 years in the Senate niya dahiltinutupad niya ang tungkulin bilang Senador!!!
Sneak Grazz

Sneak Grazz @Kathee – Hindi ko tinatawaran ang kanyang kaalaman. Marahil kung ikukumpara sa akin ay matalino sya hehehe. Tama naman, meron syang mga adbokasiya at meron din naman ang ibang kandidato. Maaring sa ibang punto ay di hamak na mas maganda yung kanyang plataporma pero ang pinag uusapan dito ay kakayahan nya kumpara sa ibang kakayahan ng iba pang kandidato sa pagkapangulo. Pasensya na, hindi kasi ako “wishful thinker”. Sa pagpili ng lider hinahanap ko yung mga nagawa nya sa nakaraan upang pag basehan kung ano ang kaya nyang gawin sa hinaharap.

Ang isang Nokia N97 ay hindi ko masasabing maganda kung hindi ko nasubukan gumamit ng N95 <o anumang mababang modelo ng Nokia>

o kaya…

Ang isang barbero o mangugupit ay hindi mo pagkakatiwalaang ayusin ang iyong buhok kung hindi mo pa siya nakita kung paano gumupit at kung ano ang hitsura ng kanyang gupit.

Oli Ver

Oli Ver > Nathan Salamat sa mga magandang kaisipan at Marcial sa impormation nakakatulong un ng malaki pero tulad ng nasabi q Noynoy aq 2nd Option q c Gordon sa pgka president, depende sa rating, Wala nmn aqng problema ky Gordon, kaya nga lang dikit ang rating nla Noynoy, Villar at Erap at ayaw qng sayangin ang isang Boto q. Practical lang ako.

> Nathan noong nakaraang Election Lacson ako kasi ayoko talaga ky gloria, gusto q talaga sanang maparusahan xa at ituwid ang mga kamalian sa Gobyerno at mawala ang Kuraption, kya ngayon Hindi q sasayangin ang Boto q, Leading si Noynoy sa mga Surveys at naniniwala aq sa mga Surveys ng SWS at Pulse Asia, si Noynoy lang ang may pinakamalaking chance na manalong presidente na walang utang ky gloria. At nagtitiwala ako na hindi bibigoin ni Noynoy ang Bayan at mga magulang nya. Paninindigan q yan. Salamat.

Good Luck sa ating lahat.

Paul Bautista

Paul Bautista · 2 mutual friends

@Oliver>>> Pero kung walang survey sinong iboboto mo?


Oli Ver

Oli Ver @ paul> qng walang survey at Hindi Big issue ang Corruption mas magigat timbagan ni Gordon, Gordon lang ha, wala kasi akong believe ky Bayani..

Sneak Grazz

Sneak Grazz @Oliver – kaibigan, maraming salamat at ikaw ay pumili ng kandidato ng mayroong malalim na dahilan na maaring hindi saklaw ng kaisipan ng iilan. Ilang araw pa naman bago ang halalan, sana ay bigyan mo ng oras na silipin ang aming fan page at muling basahin at pag aralan ang posibilidad na manalo si GORDON sa halalan. Maaring sa inyong lokalidad ay wala kaming katulong sa pagpapakilala sa kanya at kung sakali man na mayroon kang makilala ka na kabahagi namin, maari bang kami ay iyong tulungan upang maipaabot namin sa aming kauri ang anumang suporta na kailangan niya.

Sabay sabay tayo sa pagbabago.

Paul Bautista

Paul Bautista · 2 mutual friends

Kung ganoon, hindi tama na iboto mo si noynoy dahil lang sa survey. Alam mo kung bakit? Pag binoto mo si Noynoy at nanalo siya, tapos pumalpak (na hindi malayong mangyari). Sisisihin mo ang sarili mo. Pero kung binoto mo si Gordon, manalo o matalo ay kampante ka sa sarili mo dahil alam mong binoto mo ang talagang nararapat. At hindi lang yan, maipagmamalaki mo pa kahit kanino na binoto mo ang pinaka BEST. And this will reflect in your own personality…
Kasi kapag maniwala ka sa survey, parang hinayaan mo na ding diktahan ka ng iba kung sino ang iboboto mo, at kapag sumunod ka, ang tawag sayo ay uto uto… Sana manindigan ka… Para sayo din yan at para sa bayan…
Kathee Santos
Kathee Santos Ganda ng nagawa sa subic, kaya lang sin city. pano naman yung paglaganap ng child prostitution? anong ginawa ni dick tungkol don? di lang child, pati adult, para lang i-please yung mga foreigners…
sana mapatunayan ninyo na hindi pakitang tao si dick. kasi nung bigayan na ng relief goods sa mga victims, eh nagpahintay pa daw siya para lang sa photo-op.

Sneak Grazz

Sneak Grazz @Kathee – paumanhin, hindi ko pinapatulan ang ganyang klaseng argumento. Simple lang naman sagot ko diyan, kung may nagawang mali, sampahan ng kaso at panindigan sa hukuman. Katulad ng hindi ko pag patol sa mga isyu tungkol sa kundisyon ng kaisipan ni noynoy. Kung mapapansin mo, hindi ako umabot sa lebel na ganyan sa mga nauna kong argumento.

Paul Bautista

Paul Bautista · 2 mutual friends

@Katheeee>>>Give us proofs! Puro lang naman kayo tsismis eh… Wag mong sirain ang mga magagandang ginawa ni Gordon nang dahil lang sa mga walang kuwentang tsismis! Pulitika ito hindi showbiz. Sa mga salita mo pa lang Kathee, alam ko na level ng utak at pag iisip mo…
Paul Bautista

Paul Bautista · 2 mutual friends

@Nath>>> tama, wag nang patulan yan. Mapagkamalan pa tayong LP… Losers’ Party… Hayaan na lang yan, hindi ka level. Sayang lang panahon natin sa mga tulad niya…
Sneak Grazz

Sneak Grazz @Paul – sir hahaha easy lang po… mainit pa naman ngayon. Masarap po kumain ng ice cream o kaya halo-halo smile emoticon

Kathee Santos

Kathee Santos @paul cruz: “Sa mga salita mo pa lang Kathee, alam ko na level ng utak at pag iisip mo…” –YON ang superiority complex. hirap sa mga taong tulad mo, know-it-all masyado, hindi nangrerespeto sa opinion ng iba. yan ba ang katangian nagustuhan ninyo kay Gordon?

take note sabi ko SANA MAPATUNAYAN ninyo na hindi pakitang tao. kasi gusto ko rin makakita ng pruweba.

Kathee Santos

Kathee Santos isa ka pa nathan, may superiority complex ka din. “Kung mapapansin mo, hindi ako umabot sa lebel na ganyan sa mga nauna kong argumento.” feeling mo you’re better than everybody else. hayy.. pag narcissistic nga naman oo…

Oli Ver

Oli Ver @ Paul> yan kana nmn eh, ng.judge kana nmn, pg.iboto q c Gordon at Pumalpak ikaw sisihin q?ok ba sayo? ipapakulong kita? LOL high blood ka lage eh. Relax kalang d ka makakakumbnsi ng boto pgdinadaan mo sa init ng ulo.

@ Nathan> My alam aq na maka.Gordon 2nd Dgree cousin q na babae kya nga lang di nya kaya sagutin mga tanong q tulad ninyo ni Marcial. Yaan mo Nathan ipapakita ko sa kanya mga discussions natin d2 at mga threads..

Sneak Grazz

Sneak Grazz @Katleen – mam huwag po tayong emosyonal. Ang ibig ko pang sabihin ay hindi ko binibigyan ng anumang kumento ang isang bagay na batay sa pansariling pananaw ng nag lalahad. Ang isyu po ng isang volunteer ukol sa “photo-op” issue ay isang paglalahad ng ayon sa kanyang pagkakaunawa. Hindi ko po alam kung ano ang pangalan ng nag lahad at hindi naman po siya tumayo at nanindigan sa harap ng publiko upang patunayan ang kanyang aligasyon. Katulad po ng hindi ko pag gamit sa napapabalitang kapansanan ni NOYNOY na isiniwalat sa publiko ng iilan pero wala namang tumayo at nanindigan upang ito ay patotohanan.

Sa usaping SIN CITY, ang usapin iyan ay hindi maikakaila na pinangalingan ng OLONGAPO lalo na noong panahon ng base ng mga amerikano subalit kung aking babangitin muli ang OLONGAPO ay kaagad natin naalala ang isang Modelong Bayan. Malinis, may pagkakaisa, maunlad at masarap mamuhay sa lugar. Maaring ang iilan ay hindi pa rin maalis ang unang imahe subalit sa pamamagitan ng ilang patakaran ni GORDON ay nagkaroon ng pagbabago. Katulad ng pagbibigay ng mataas na antas ng responsibilidad sa pulisya, pagkakaroon ng pagkakakilanlan, pagsasa ayos ng mga pasilidad na may kaugnayan sa kalinisan at kalusugan. Ang pagkakaroon ng disiplina at kaayusan sa kalsada at mga pampublikong sasakyan. Ang pag gamit ng mga slogan upang ang bawat lokal na mamayan ay kumilos at makisali sa pag unlad ng bayan. Masugid niyang nilabanan ang prositusyon at kahit sa ibang bayan sya ay humarap sa husgado upang malitis at maparusahan ang dayuhang akusado.

Iyan po ay iilan lamang sa mga kaparaanan na ginawa ni gordon upang malinis at mabawasan kung hindi man tuluyang maalis ang prostitusyon sa OLONGAPO.

Sneak Grazz

Sneak Grazz @Oliver – maraming salamat sa tulong mo kaibigan. Makakaasa ka na kung sino man ang manalo at maupo bilang pinuno ng bansa, ako ay mananatili bilang isang mabuting mamayan at tutulong upang mapanatili ang demokrasya at maging bahagi para sa mabuting pagbabago, para sa atin, sa pilipino at sa susunod na salinlahi.

Paul Bautista

Paul Bautista · 2 mutual friends

@Nat>>> di ko na sila pinapansin, mga Losers kasi. Sayang lang ang panahon… Oo nga mainit pala jan sa atin. Dito sa saudi sa june pa iinit ng matindi. Mga emosyonal talaga ang mga yan, kaya tignan mo, konting sabihin negatibo tinatablan na. Pero ayaw naman nilang aminin na BALAT SIBUYAS sila na biktima ng EMO POLITICS… Kawawang pinas pag manalo si abnoy. Wala na talagang asenso.
Kathee Santos

Kathee Santos Thanks Nathan for that comprehensive explanation.

Mga ibang tao pala dito lakas umasta WALA NAMAN pala sa Pililpinas, MEDIA lang basehan ng lahat ng opinion.

Paul Bautista

Paul Bautista · 2 mutual friends

talagang malakas umassta dahil kami ang bumubuhay ngayon sa Pilipinas, eh ikaw anong kontribusyon mo? Tapos iboboto mo pa yung WALANG GAGAWIN? mahiya ka nga sa mga banat mo
Jose A. Acelajado

Jose A. Acelajado Gordon-Fernando for a better Philippines!

Jose A. Acelajado

Jose A. Acelajado Malapit na May 10, 2010, let us convince our fellow voters to know their Precinct Number, and sequence numbers in the Precinct Computerized Voters List (PCVL) as it will be very time consuming for a voter to look for this on election day! The number of voters in some precincts reach up to 900+ voters! Maybe we should urge the COMELEC to note if the BEI’s have the right to extend the time duration in situations wherein a considerable percentage of voters in a certain precinct was not able to vote before 6pm, on May 10, 2010! there may be a failure of elections when a considerable number of voters fails to vote and that the margin between the candidates votes are to be affected by the number of voters who were not able to vote!

Din Laviste

Din Laviste @Kathee: Tama ka, pero sila ay mga dual citizens na may karapatan pa ring bumoto. Media lang ang basehan ng opinyon? Hindi ba that is the purpose of media, to keep us informed? Kahit dito sa Pilipinas, papaano ba natin kinikilala ang mga kandidato? hindi ba mula sa TV din, at sa mga forums na pinapakita? I know of someone who is a dual citizen at nagresearch pa siya sa internet tungkol sa mga kandidato upang makapagpili siya nang maayos. Some of them are even more rational than those living in the Philippines. I call them patriots, dahil may pakialam pa rin sila sa Pilipinas, kahit na hindi sila nakatira dito ngayon.Nasa ibang bansa man sila, umasta man sila, pareho karapatan nila sa’yo.

Kathee Santos

Kathee Santos @Din: Yup, I know, I’d just like to point out that we shouldn’t fall for what the media gives us hook, line, and sinker. All of us should be able to discern the truth from the lies.

I hope for his sake na boboto siya, hindi yung nang-iinis lang dito sa mga forums, mang babanat ng “EMO politics”, eh nasa ibang bansa naman pala siya. Analogy: Hindi mo naman kasi malalaman ang temperatura ng tubig kung hindi mo pinangliligo iyon.

Paul Bautista

Paul Bautista · 2 mutual friends

@dIN>>>Ang hirap kausap ng hindi makaintindi ano? Nasa ibang bansa nga ako pero alam kong lahat ang nangyayari jan! I watch tv news, documentaries, newspapers etc. Baka mas marami pa nga akong alam jan kay kath. Malamang dahil kita naman sa pinili naming kandidato.
@Kath>>> FYI, nakaboto na ako dito sa Saudi. And guess who I voted for??? You can answer it…
Sneak Grazz

Sneak Grazz @Katlee – mam dudugtungan ko lang po yung analogy nyo smile emoticon

“Analogy: Hindi mo naman kasi malalaman ang temperatura ng tubig kung hindi mo pinangliligo iyon. ”

madam, maari din po tayo gumamit ng panukat ng temperatura (thermometer) upang malaman natin kung malamig, maligamgam o mainit ang isang tubig.

Kathee Santos

Kathee Santos Kinda figuring someone would be literal and say that, pero hindi mo mararamdaman ang temperatura ng tubig kung hindi mo pinanliligo iyon.

Sneak Grazz

Sneak Grazz @Kathlee – madam sa pagsukat din po ng performance ng isang mangagawa, lider o pinuno meron pang pamamaraan kung paano ito sukatin ng hindi bias kaninuman. Kung kayo po ay partikular sa estratihiya na ipinakilala ni Dr. Kaplan and Norton, ang BALANCED SCORE CARD.

Bigyan nyo po ng panahon silipin ang link na ito..


Iyan po ay isang simpleng BALANCED SCORE CARD. Ang bawat kandidato ay sinukat sa magkakahalintulad na pamantayan.

Tama po kayo, ang pinakamabilis na paraan upang malaman kung ang isang tubig ay mainit o malamig ay kung ipinapaligo mo po ito pero meron din pong ibang kapamaraanan na pwedeng magbigay ng parehong sagot, ang pag gamit ng sukatan (thermometer).

Marcial Bonifacio

Marcial Bonifacio Madame Kathee, Gordon has been a Red Cross volunteer, since he was 17, and pledges to continue his service even as president, so it seems highly unlikely that he is doing this exclusively for show.

Kathee Santos
Kathee Santos Okay… good point.
Even if he strikes me as extremely arrogant/self-absorbed, I will consider him. Him or Noynoy.
Just to keep it straight, Ninoy’s fraternity is endorsing Gordon because Dick himself IS an Upsilonian.

Din Laviste
Din Laviste In addition Marcial, when asked what he is going to do if he loses presidency, he plans to continue on being a Red Cross volunteer, which he does by the way for free.
@Kathee: Noynoy’s fraternity you mean?

Kathee Santos

Kathee Santos Ninoy’s smile emoticon Noynoy’s not an Upsilonian.

Hermione Zerrudo

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kesa mag away away kayo lahat,,,wat matters most is to respect yung free will ng bawat isa if sino man iboboto nya…

my reason sya kung baket yun yung pinili nyang kandidato…

and stop acting like parang hindi ka plipino kung makapag salita ka…alalahanin mo pilipino ka rin,,,ginagawa mung ewan yung sarili mo dahil isa ka ring NOYPI…

Randy Antonio Reyes

Randy Antonio Reyes basta ako hindi pa tinanong sa survey…

Axel Noble

Axel Noble pa tag naman koa d2! smile emoticon

Din Laviste

Din Laviste @Kathee: Ipagpaumahin mo, tama ka, Ninoy pala.smile emoticon Its interesting though, kasi, they could also have voted for Noynoy dahil anak siya ng bro nila na si Ninoy, pero, as this article testifies, they chose Gordon because of his credentials and track record, and they believe he is the most qualified versus the rest. They knew him personally kaya sila mismo, alam anong kakayahan ni Gordon, and it just so happens na Upsilonian din siya. Please refer to this article tungkol dito: http://www.journal.com.ph/…/6856-ninoys-frat-backs…

Cindy Bangcawayan

Cindy Bangcawayan @Marvz Sison: Open your eyes to the scandals and corruptions done by Villar. Pwede ba, use your mind sa pagbili ng president mo.

Din Laviste

Din Laviste We are exchanging each other’s homeworks here in the event that we might have information others may not know of, or they may have information that will be useful in our journey in deciding whom we are voting for as president. We attempt to convince each other because we are hoping that we would vote together as one nation for the same candidate we all think would be best for our country. Kahit na we all have our different views, even if in the end we still end up voting different candidates, at least there is the desire to be united in one decision for the Phiiippines, and that the Filipino people know how to think rationally on what is best for them!

Mon Bernal

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@Noynoy Aquino (who ever you are).. You’re a perfect example of how stupid Noynoy supporters are.tsk tsk tsk.Its people like you (who do not know how to use his God-given brains) who keeps our country stuck in this rut.. THINK.[G]ordon [I]s the [B]est [O]ption
Donna Arong

Donna Arong Go for Gordon, kung magreresearch lang sana tayong lahat tungkol kay GORDON, malalaman natin ang lahat ng ginawa niya at kung ano pang pwede nyang gawin.. hindi sya sikat, wala sya masyadong ads, un ang kahinaan nia..hindi nia magawang ipakita at buksan ang pag-iisip ng iba na pwede at maari syang magdala ng mabuting pagbabago sa bansa. We may say na bongga ang records nia, yan ang panira ng iba, kesyo dahil lang dun bobotohin na siya, e un iba din naman daw maganda un record, e so what naman diba?e totoo naman talaga na marami syang nagawa at naachieve.. diba??

sa internet parang nangunguna si gordon at gibo…un ang gusto ng mga kbataan.. kaya naman magpatuloy pa din tayo sa pagsuporta kay gordon at ipakilala sya, di man magawa sa radyo at tv, kahit man lang dito sa internet…

sobrang lapit na ng eleksyon kaya VOTE WISELY.. kun sino man ang iboboto nio, I RESPECT YOUR CHOICE…bumoto nang wasto, ispin nang mabuti, dahil kun hindi, anim na taon mong pagdudusahan yun, hindi lang ikaw, kundi ng buong samabayanag pilipinas… smile emoticon

pero ako, DICK GORDON is my president..our country needs change, and I think, Gordoncan make a change.. smile emoticon

Donae Faye

Donae Faye @Marvz:

this is a quote from Pia Magalona

“For the benefit of all, why don’t you pls post those answers here or at least put a link to it, instead of just making a sweeping statement. You need to back up your comment to make it worthy.”

bago magkaron ng HALAGA lahat yang sinsabi mo patunayan mo muna. salamat po.

Marcial Bonifacio

Marcial Bonifacio Mga Kaibigan Ko, election time is near, so I challenge all Gordon’s opponents to pose their strong rebuttals. So far, I have yet to see an issue raised by a Gordon opponent, which has not either been resolved or refuted (halimbawa, Arron Chavez, Marvz Sison, Kathee Santos, Oliver Ponte, Noynoy Aquino), so I hope that is sufficient for them to change their vote to Gordon/Bayani. If not, I await more issues or questions they might have for Gordon. Until then, Aim High Pilipinas!

Marcial Bonifacio

Marcial Bonifacio By the way, Noynoy Aquino deleted his posting from here, when he was challenged by Mon Cesar Bernal. Gordon Opponents, please do not give up. If you have substantive reason to support your candidate over Gordon, then why do you fail to continue defending your presidentiable? Mga Kaibigan Ko, for the sake of our kabayanas and our country, swallow your pride and support the most qualified one—Gordon, who has proven his worthiness.

Mon Bernal

Mon Bernal · Friends with Dale Gozar and 1 other

Good thing! Have you seen GordonVS.Gibo fanpage?? there are lots of great debates there..
Steph Vargas

Steph Vargas Hi. I hope you don’t mind if i reposted your blog in my FB page. Like you, I am Gordon supporter.

Faith M Reyes

Faith M Reyes Hello brothers and sisters. We have a new electronically elected President. Honestly, it took awhile for me to accept it, but “there is no authority, except from God, and those who exist are established by God.” (Romans 13:1-7). Let each one do their part by being a positive influence, prayerful, and personally involved… let us be proactive citizens. Change begins with us. Let us be inspired by the message of Francis J. Kong: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=396688514661&id=26472192636&ref=mf

Marcial Bonifacio

Marcial Bonifacio Mga Kaibigan at Katunggali Ko, today marks the inauguration of Aquino, Ang Pangulo ng Pilipinas. As makabayan kababayans, we must give Aquino credit when and where it is due and hold him accountable for his leadership, come what may. Also, we must not make the common mistake of thinking that our work in preserving our Republic is over. Talaga, it behooves us that no matter who resides in Malacanang, whether Aquino or even Gordon, we must constantly be mindful of their governance. Consider that the U.S. has a growing People Power movement known as the Tea Party movement: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VMXz6xGeqc It started last year as mass peaceful demonstrations in all 50 states as a reaction to Pres. Obama’s broken campaign promises and his disregard for the interests of the American people. Eventually, the organizers encouraged the protestors to voice their opinions in town hall meetings, sign petitions, and to E-mail, write, and call their Congressmen when they supported unpopular or unconstitutional legislation. The Tea Party protestors’ influence has become evident in various Congressional and gubernatorial races, which resulted in the dismissal of Obama’s political allies for re-election. These are all measures we can take should our representatives neglect our interests, so do not underestimate your power to influence political change. Mga Kaibigan Ko, I appreciate the hard work you all have done thus far in campaigning for Gordon. Continue to aim high at mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Marcial Bonifacio

Marcial Bonifacio Faith, Kaibigan Ko, you were a good sport. Kahit my arguments for Gordon were mostly based on his track record and expertise, your points were not unfounded. Afterall, Villar was at the top of my list dati.

Jocelle Rabulan Corpuz
Jocelle Rabulan Corpuz

Jocelle Rabulan Corpuz Can I share this to my wall?

Perci Lozano Piña

Perci Lozano Piña Habang binabasa ko itong mga comment. Nag lalaro ang aking imahinasyon kung yung mga bumoto kay Pnoy ay patuloy pa rin ba ang kanilang suporta ngayon 2015 hanggang sa pag tatapos ng kanyang termino sa 2016??? I just want to know sa mga nag post dito na pabor noon kay Pnoy? HOW ARE YOU MGA KABABAYAN?