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A Toast to Our Independence and Alliance!

July 4, 2016

Ni Marcial Bonifacio

Mga kaibigan at mga kababayan ko, isang tagay ng tagumpay para ating matagal ng kapanalig, ang Estados Unidos, sa pagdiriwang ng kanilang pampulitikang kasarinlan noong ika apat ng Hulyo, 1776 at ang pansarili nating kalayaan noong ika apat ng Hulyo, 1946. Ang ika apat ng Hulyo ay hindi lamang isang araw na tagumpay mula sa pagdanak ng dugo ng ating mga magigiting na kababayan na tumuligsa laban sa koloniyalismo at imperiyalismong pamamahala.

Ito rin ay araw nang hindi maipagkakait nating karapatan sa buhay, kalayaan at sa paghahanap ng kaligayahan na ipinagbubunyi ng kapwa nating pamahalaan. Sa pagdiriwang na ito, gunitain at bigyang pugay natin ang ating mga bayaning nagbuwis ng buhay para sa ating kalayaan at ang mga magigiting nating sundalong patuloy na nagtataguyod ng ating kaligtasan bago ang kanilang sarili.

Philippines Veterans Day

Mabuhay ang mga sundalo! Mabuhay ang ating kalayaan at alliance!

My friends and countrymen, I propose a toast to our oldest ally, the U.S., in celebration of its independence on July 4, 1776 and our own independence on July 4, 1946. July 4th is not only a day we both share in the bloodshed of our brave patriots, who opposed colonial or imperialist governance, it is also the day our unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness were announced on which both our governments are based.  As we celebrate, let us also salute and pay tribute to all those past heroes who have died for our liberty and the current soldiers who continue to put our safety before their own.

Long live the soldiers! Long live our independence and our alliance!


Through Perseverance, Dick Finally Penetrates Again!


Ni Marcial Bonifacio

Mga kaibigan at mga kababayan ko, ang muling pagkahalal ni Richard Gordon sa Senado noong Mayo 9, 2016 proves the impact a proactive citizenry can have sa halalan.  Sa katotohanan, panglima siya sa pagkapanalo at nagkaroon ng 16,719,322 boto (as of COMELEC’s proclamation on May 19, 2016).  Sa kanyang unang pagtakbo sa Senado noong 2004, panglima rin siya sa puwesto at nagkaroon ng 12,707,151 boto.

Kahit isa siyang mabisang lingkod bayan, Gordon ran for the presidency and lost in 2010; pang-anim siya sa bilangan noon at nagkaroon ng 989,250 boto.  In 2013, he ran for the Senate again and lost.  Panglabingtatlo siya sa puwesto at nagkaroon ng 10,159,561 boto, just a few hundred thousand votes short of reaching the “Magic 12.”

Given Gordon’s long-awaited victory, let us examine some lessons which can be learned mula sa  napakahalagang tagumpay na ito.  Unang-una, utilizing all the resources of a proactive and perseverant citizenry and netizenry can win an election, sa kabila nang mahabang pagkaliban o pagkawala ng kandidato sa paglilingkod bayan at ang sunud-sunod na pagkatalo sa mga naunang dalawang laban nito .  All of Gordon’s individual campaigners, bloggers, and Bagumbayan volunteers have done precisely that.

Pangalawa, maging ang pagliban ng mga boto galing sa apathetic pessimists (discouraged from voting and affecting social change) did not prevent Gordon from reaching the “Magic 12.”  Nor did the numerous votes of the “Wowowee Crowd” (a term I use when  referring to the intellectually and morally lazy, gullible, celebrity-worshipping electorate) hinder Gordon’s ascent to 5th place.  Sa katotohanan, kung mayroong informed intellectuals (as few as they may be) who will participate in the electoral process, hindi dapat  akalain  na ang Wowowee Crowd will automatically win.

Pangatlo, hindi pa lubhang nababahiran ng mali at hindi pa lubusang pumapanig sa  piling  iilan ang sistema ng halalan .  If that were the case, then such an anti-trapo maverick as Gordon would not have been re-elected to the Senate, much less with eight higher ranks than in 2013.

Pang-apat, napakabuti nang sapat na traditional media coverage, nguni’t hindi ito mahalaga para sa ikapagtatagumpay sa halalan.  Rep. Manny Pacquiao received far more mainstream media coverage than Gordon, nguni’t ang bantog na kampiyong boksingero ay pampito lamang na may 16,050,546 boto (as of COMELEC’s proclamation on May 19, 2016) at pumapailalim sa kanya.

2016 Magic 12 senatoriables

Sa wakas, mga kaibigan ko, let us use Gordon’s campaign and victory bilang isang huwaran para sa magiging kasunod na pagkilos ng ibang mga kandidato.  That means continuing to utilize the social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, blogging, forming a research team in order to answer the questions of potential voters or to debate political opponents and their surrogates, organizing and participating in rallies and fundraising events, and encouraging people to register and to vote.  For those who live abroad, they can launch an online campaign and vote as overseas absentee voters as a friend whom I wrote about in “Ang People Power at ang Ating Tungkulin.”  The key is to keep our kababayans informed and engaged.  Ngayon, let’s celebrate a well-deserved victory para kay Sen. Gordon at sa ating bayan.

Aim High Pilipinas!



Is Sen. Richard Gordon Corrupt?

Ni Marcial Bonifacio

Mga kaibigan ko, ang mga sumusunod na palitan ng kuro-kuro at pananaw sa pagitan ko at ng isang masugid na taga suporta ni Noynoy Aquino (Leonardo Ruelan Dosdos) ay hango sa nauna kong blog na pinamagatang “Why Richard Gordon Is The Best Presidentiable for 2010.” Tinatalakay nito ang usaping kung tiwali o hindi si Gordon sa gitna ng katotohanang pugad ng katiwalian ang pulitika ng Pilipinas. Sana ay masiyahan kayo at pag isipan ang talakayang ito.

dosdos Leonardo Ruelan Dosdos

Hi. I would like to make a comment about this post.

Everytime I see Dick Gordon on TV and hear him speak and knowing about his track record as a public servant, I always get the feeling that he might be the president that we need. But as I am currently working in Clark Pampanga and I happen to have a few co-workers that came from Olongapo, I am quiet surprised by their feelings towards Dick Gordon.

To start with, Dick Gordon doesn’t seem to have that much approval among the people from ‘gapo’ or Olongapo. Although his achievements are considerable but, according to them, Dick Gordon is still not exempt from being involved in the graft & corruption issues and controversies in gapo.

Sabi nga ng kasama ko ditong taga gapo, “Magaling si Gordon, pero syempre i-aangat din niya ang sarili niya.”

To the outside world, or at least outside gapo, Gordon’s accomplishments are well known, but to the people within gapo they know more.

For me, well, I’m not from Olongapo so I really don’t have that much to say about Dick Gordon. Maybe those are all lies about him or maybe not. But as a registered voter, the no. 1 rule I adhere to in selecting my candidate is that if this candidate is in anyway, even in rumors, linked to a graft & corruption controversy or to any dishonesty in his seat in public office then he will not have my vote.

December 10, 2009 at 7:39am · Like

marcial2 Marcial Bonifacio

Leonardo, Kaibigan Ko, I appreciate your thoughts, pero thus far, I have yet to find any proven allegations of Gordon while he was mayor. In other words, the alleged corruption issues brought to your attention by your co-workers are precisely that—“alleged.” Besides there are many residents of Olongapo who would attest to Gordon’s staunch position against corruption just as his tatay when he was mayor. It is perfectly natural for favorable o prominent politicians to have politcal opponents, especially the ones whose special interests were not served by their opponents. In fact, it is usually the last strategic resort when they either cannot be won over or cannot be defeated with facts. Opponents, then turn to character assassination or discreditation.

However, I generally would share your sentiments, if there were concrete evidence on such allegations, pero for the sake of discussion, I will indulge you. Let’s assume the worst-case scenario that Gordon was, indeed, corrupt as mayor. The question is how corrupt? Next, what did he do in order to serve our kababayans?

In mathematical terms, envision a ratio:


Let x=the margin of corruption (the negative aspect)
Let y=the quantity of experience and accomplishments (the positive aspect)

It should be favorable to all kababayans to keep x to a minimum and y to a maximum. Ngayon, let’s apply this to red wine.


Let x=alcohol (the negative aspect)
Let y=the health benefits (the postive aspect)

Reasearch and good doctors will tell you that drinking wine moderately can reduce the risks of lung and upper digestive tract cancer, strokes, diabetes, kidney stones, and arteriosclerosis. Tests and studies with non-drinkers, moderate, and heavy drinkers have confirmed that moderate consumption is the key. In other words, the best way to maximize y and minimize x is to drink red wine moderately.

Ngayon, let’s apply the same logic to Gordon, who has already proven his successful leadership in creating thousands of jobs, revitalizing the tourism industry, aiding victims of natural disasters for 20 years, authorizing a bill (which will modernize & fully automate the 2010 elections), etc. We know from his experience and accomplishments that y would be maximized under his leadership and x would be minute, if it amounts to anything greater than zero.

So, Kaibigan Ko, just as it seems logical and sensible to drink red wine moderately (rather than not at all) in order to derive its health benefits, so too does it only seem logical to support Gordon, whose proven leadership will stimulate the health of RP by creating jobs, promoting the country as the top place for tourism and foreign investments, expanding educational programs for newly created jobs, and fulfilling his vision of raising RP to First World status. In conclusion, instead of settling for a perfectly neutral substance as water, why not drink red wine? So it is if you want the best presidential pick, then choose Dick.

December 18, 2009 at 3:35am · Like

dosdos Leonardo Ruelan Dosdos

Marcial, my friend, it is just right tat you seek proof for such allegations before making your conclusion as any sensible individual would. But let me raise just a few points:

1. Do you really expect our judicial system to have the capability to expose such government officials with their wrong doings? Consider Erap. Consider the Marcoses. Consider the Arroyos. Do you still believe that our justice system is a solid foundation for you to look upon for direction? Or unless you plan to conduct the investigation yourself?

Anyway, let’s say we have these variables:

Let x = your confidence rate on the Philippine Judicial System
Let y = your confidence rate on rumors and allegations

Given that the Philippine Judicial System has proven itself for years and years, from president to president, that it is not trustworthy, not fair, can be bought, can be delayed, and favors the wealthy few, then it would be fair to make x = 50%.

Given that rumors and allegations have no solid basis and may go either way of being a fact or a fallacy. Yet it might also be a good source information (disregarding whether it is true or not) that these rumors and allegations have come from people (not politicians nor political opponents) who are mere citizens of the subject town or district. The fact cannot be disregarded that these people are the immediate beneficiaries of the candidate’s performance in office and adherence to the law. And that these people might (just might) really know something. I guess it would also be fair to make y = 50%.

So our equation would now look like this:

x = y

Does this equation surprise you? It wouldn’t surprise anyone who reads our history.

2. You likened the dilemma of selecting a candidate to evaluating whether to drink red wine or not. I should say you have made a good example. However the solution for this equation can be expounded to achieve a better result or for this case have a higher health benefit rate.

According to your example these are the variables that consists the red wine equation:

Let x = alcohol (the negative aspect)
Let y = the health benefits (the postive aspect)

And according to your calculation, and to which I agree, that y exceeds x and thus makes red wine acceptable to become a regular beverage.

However, what if we add another alternative? Let’s say fruit juices. These would then be the factors:

Let x = negative aspect
Let y = the health benefits (the positive aspect)

Research and good doctors will tell you that y exceeds x in tremendous tremendous amounts. And I’m actually not sure if there is even value for x.

If we compare beverage 1 against beverage 2 then our equation might look like this:

beverage 1:
x = 40%
y = 60%

beverage 2:
x = 10%
y = 90%

This comparison shows that the 2nd beverage’s y is greater than the 1st beverage’s y. At another angle, the 1st beverage’s x is greater than the 2nd beverage’s x.

Therefore it is logical to conclude that fruit juice brings more health benefits and has lesser negative aspects to an individual.

Ngayon, let’s apply these same logic to Gordon. Consider points 1 and 2.

Point 1 states that x = y. Therefore, in the Philippine scenario, trusting in the judicial system is equal to trusting rumors and allegations.

Point 2 states that red wine has health benefits but it also brings negative effects and if one truly seeks for a healthier alternative then red wine is not sufficient.

Now, Point 2’s solution to have another alternative is actually point 1’s solution also. If such a candidate has rumors and allegations of corruption, immorality, dishonesty, etc… then trusting on the justice system is equal to believing on those rumors.

Therefore the solution would be to find another alternative. That means to find another candidate who like fruit juices have much lesser negative aspects and much more positive aspects.

Dick Gordon has a good track record in terms of productivity, innovation, and achievements. However I cannot deny the fact that the rumors of his character are disturbing. The friend of mine I talked about claimed to ba an eye witness to Gordon’s immorality. What he described to me was shocking and would completely tear down my respect to Gordon were I to believe it. He accounted that not only him but a lot of people in Olongapo are eye witnesses as well. Funny that my other co-worker, also from Olongapo, said the same things.

Now these friends of mine are not politicians nor political opponents to Gordon. I also don’t think they will benefit to any allegations against Gordon. They are middle-class citizens who have no affiliations whatsoever to any political party. They are also registered voters.

Let me use your example again that Dick Gordon is likened to red wine. He has great achievements but he also has allegations of misconduct.

So Marcial, my friend, we all have our own prerogative but if one truly seeks for a clean, honest, law abiding administration and one that can implement good governance, then I wouldn’t suggest narrowing your options on Dick Gordon.

December 18, 2009 at 7:16pm · Like

marcial2 Marcial Bonifacio

Leonardo, Kaibigan Ko, I applaud you for a well-presented rebuttal at kahit I cannot contend with your first point on your approximation of the confidence rate in the judicial system and rumors/allegations. However, I did raise the possibility that Gordon was corrupt as Olongapo mayor for the sake of indulging you in your vague, unsubstantiated claim. In spite of this hypothetical corruption, I still insist that Gordon is the best choice specifically for our country and specifically for this time.

If there were any corruption when he was Olongapo mayor, surely the likelihood of it ngayon would be minute, if it exists at all. Just consider that he is Blue Ribbon Committee Chairman and authored the bill to fully automate the 2010 elections in order to curtail voter fraud, and he voted for The Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act (SBN-3532). Also, Gordon was the youngest delegate to the 1971 Constitutional Convention, which makes him a living symbol of our democracy. As Chairman of the Senate Committee on Constitutional Amendments and Revision of Laws, he insisted on lawful charter change unexceptionally as prescribed by the Constitution and has rejected bills, which he believed were unconstitutional, such as Gloria Arroyo‘s declaration of martial law sa Maguindanao.

With Gordon’s apparent upholding of the rule of law and the Constitution it seems very unlikely that such a prudent man with a clearly anti-corrupt agenda would risk following the same fate as Marcos and Estrada. Even if he was corrupt 20 years ago, as mayor, the laws since then have become more stringent and less ambiguous in order to close certain loopholes, which would otherwise favor such politicians. In fact becoming president would make him more susceptible to public scrutiny, which would only force him to act and govern morally for fear of impeachment or public disgrace due to his long-standing image of being patriotic.

As Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority Chairman, after the naval bases were recalled from the area left—practically barren (hardly a year after Pinatubo buried most of Olongapo in ash)—Gordon inspired thousands of volunteers to renovate and convert the wasteland into a primary trade zone. This led hundreds of investors including Federal Express, Coastal Petroleum, BICC Cables, Shell Exploration, Acer Computers, and Thompson Audio to bring in $3 billion worth of investments and nearly 100,000 jobs. The tourism/investment destination was so economically successful that even world leaders as U.S. President Bill Clinton, U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohammad were impressed. On another note according to BIR Commissioner Joel Tan-Torres, the Arroyo administration no longer plans to balance the federal budget by 2010 due to sluggish tax revenue collections, which could be remedied by Gordon’s job creation programs.

At this time, Kaibigan Ko, we cannot afford to elect someone whose competence and leadership is yet to be proven. Quite to the contrary, what we need is proven leadership, which can stimulate the economy out of the current financial crisis and not only provide disaster rescue, relief, and rehabilitation to victims of natural catastrophes, such as Ondoy and Mayon, pero can also take preventive and safety measures against them for the future. Furthermore, rather than dismissing Gordon for petty things not concretely known, should we not praise him and vote for him based on things which are concretely known and were proven to work in his 20 years of diverse, executive experience (a track record of countering corruption, defending the Constitution, using his knowledge/experience and social skills for job creation and aiding victims of natural catastrophes for nearly 50 years as a Red Cross volunteer—experience and achievements unmatched by any other candidate)?

Ngayon, going back to your fruit juice analogy, while fruit juice may not contain any toxins, in order to derive the maximum health benefits equivalent to a glass of red wine, you must consume not only all of the juices containing the beneficial properties, pero you must also consume them in greater quantities. Kaibigan Ko, we do not have the option of choosing several candidates with diverse experience and achievements to serve as president. We can only choose one, so if you want to give yourself and your loved ones the best long-lasting gift for this Christmas and others to come, then give them one with minimal (pero manageable) toxicity and maximum benefits, which have proven long-term results—red wine. Tell them the benefits of it that they may share it with others, dahil when we have a country of healthy kababayans, then we will have a healthy country, hindi ba? Leonardo, Kaibigan Ko, Maligayang Pasko!

December 25, 2009 at 2:50am · Like

guanlao Carlos Jalijali Guanlao

I don’t have the facts about what you two respectable gentlemen are indulging in aside from what I have read and seen on the internet. Neither do I know Mr. Dick Gordon personally. However, from a biblical standpoint, the bible declares that – “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”. That would mean that we have all sinned and that includes me, you and Mr. Gordon. How immense our ‘sin’ is are measured when we are found guilty of our wrongdoings in a court of law. The word “alleged” means just that, an allegation and unless evidence is provided it will remain as an allegation. I’m not a lawyer but the law states that a person is declared innocent until proven otherwise. If the corruption charges hurled by people who are against Mr. Gordon did not prosper, then I consider the charges as an allegation and that would make him innocent in my point of view. We also have to look at the people who made the charges against Mr. Gordon. Did they or did they not acquire personal or material gain from hurling the charges of corruption against Mr. Gordon. Politics in our country, whether in public or in private practice tends to be dirty because of the so called Filipino crab mentality. Those people below would always try to pull down whoever is on top.
As an ordinary citizen trying to figure out who might be the best candidate to take the helm of governance for this country, I am looking for a leader who has a distinctive character. In our country I find that voter intelligence is rather low. The best of the breed of qualified candidates are shoved off the side in favor of those who are popular, whose family names are into politics for generations, the filthy rich and candidates endorsed as a commodity by well known and well paid celebrities. We tend to liken this election as a popularity contest or a cock derby, or a horse race, where we bet on who is winnable. But looking into these candidates’ records of service and performance to their respective constituents, I find only a few who are a standout. I see that they have served their constituents well and their way of life shows a lifetime of dedicated service to their fellowmen. I will not therefore go for the “lesser evil” choice. I will pick for a president the one who has shown determination in improving the lot of his countrymen. Having narrowed down my choices my friends, I will VOTE for Sen. DICK GORDON.

January 26, 2010 at 6:51am · Like

isa lan Isa Lan

Kaibigang Marcial, I definitely cannot compete with your or Leonado’s line of conversation but if there’s one thing that could be said in the reality of life: We are only human and are liable to commit human error too, at one point in our lives. In the end, what matters most is our realization and acceptance of those impurities with a resolve to better ourselves. Nobody was created perfect….And, if I were to equate that to my criterion for choosing a candidate..I would definitely go for the one…who had worked hard to redeem himself, succeeded in bringing out the best, when all odds were against him…and is still continuously forging the goodwill for every one of it’s citizenry through a better Philippines…Kudos to Senator Gordon!!!

And thank you kaibigang Marcial for sharing this enlightening blog… ;D

January 26, 2010 at 7:01am · Like

marcial2 Marcial Bonifacio

Mr. Guanlao, I agree with you completely that a man is presumed innocent until proven guilty, pero in fairness to Leonardo, he claims that the judicial system, itself, is corrupt. If that is the case, then Gordon may “legally” be innocent, pero sa actuality, he could very well be guilty of crimes, which a corrupt judicial system may not recognize. That is the basis of Leonardo’s rebuttal to my response on Gordon’s “alleged” corruption. That gives Leonardo good reason to believe his colleagues, who claim to be witnesses to Gordon’s “alleged” wrong-doing, regardless of the facts, so I could no longer debate him on that issue. Therefore, rather than persuading Leonardo that Gordon is not corrupt, I emphasized how negligible it would be—that to criticize Gordon for being corrupt would be like criticizing red wine for having alcohol. Just as no seriously health-conscious person should forsake the health benefits of red wine due to the alcohol, no seriously informed voter should dismiss Gordon’s qualifications and accomplishments due to negligible allegations.

January 27, 2010 at 6:07am · Like

raani Raani Paranas

I have a friend who shared the same sentiment with Mr. Leonardo. This time, his “Red Cross” friends told him about Gordon’s “alleged” corruption practices. I reasoned out with myself that if there are red cross volunteers who accused him of that, I also have friends from Red Cross who deny these charges. So what side are we on? The fact of the matter, this friend of mine seem to believe these rumors because they are from a small populi of Red Cross volunteers . Thus, even if only a few of these volunteers said it, he mistakenly accept its authority and take their word because:

1.) They’re his friends
2.) He don’t know the candidate
3.) His Friends were from Red Cross (governed by Dick Gordon)… See More

It is a mundane task to prove these “Corruption Charges” even if they are from someone inside the jurisdiction of Mr. Gordon. We can only rely on “Primary Sources” for the sake of objectivity. Primary sources are original and uninterpreted information. News articles are one example, if you doubt its validity, you can compare it with other news prints with the same story. Rumors are out of this category. We can’t take a single statement as the representation of the whole. Same with these red cross volunteers, we can’t take their accusations as the word of the RED CROSS itself. There are different views inside the RC population and we can’t ignore both sides. We are even skeptical of STAR WITNESSES and WHISTLE BLOWERS, why? because no one else was there who had seen the same thing and even if there were, we doubt of their intentions. It’s that complicated to verify an accusation..yes?

Sadly, Mr. Leonardo, There are no other FRUIT JUICES in the list.

Gordon is the FRUIT JUICE that we need! 🙂

January 31, 2010 at 1:15am · Like

marcial2 Marcial Bonifacio Payag ako, Kaibigan Ko, Raani, pero si Gordon ay red wine, dahil a glass of wine a day is far more beneficial than so many glasses of different fruit juices, hindi ba? Even then, walang comparison.

February 6, 2010 at 1:00am · Like

ann margaret Anne Margarette

Sa tingin ko ang pagpili ng iboboto, parang A-L lang yan sa pagsukat ng yaman ng tao. Strengths-weaknesses, achievements-failures. Absolute advantage and comparative advantage sa economics. Kung anuman ang nagawa niyang masama niya, his achievements top it all. Kaysa naman sa hindi corrupt (wala pang sapat na basehan na hindi talaga corrupt), at wala rin namang nagagawa. Wag nyo nang gawing kumplikado, napasimpleng bagay lang nito, konting gamit lang ng utak ang kailangan. I, too, believe that Gordon is the best choice! GORDON FOR 2010!!!

February 14, 2010 at 1:14am · Like

ferdinand Ferdinand Calantoc Ii dont agree with the “lesser evil” thinking or “more good done than evil”. I am voting for Gordon because He has the achievements and none, nil, zero, clean- history of corruption nor tolerating corruption. The Presidency should not come to the point of choosing “lesser evil” but the best for the seat. That is the message i want people to think when voting for Gordon-Bayani -“They are the best”.

February 17, 2010 at 2:04am · Like

marcial2 Marcial Bonifacio Payag ako, Kaibigan Ko, Mr. Calantoc, pero my debate addresses people who think like Mr. Dosdos and is thus constructed to persuade them on the wisom of supporting Gordon, regardless if he is corrupt or not, kahit walang evidence. It is simply a debate based on logic, which can be used on such people, who are making an illogical vote for Gordon’s opponents.

February 17, 2010 at 2:15am · Like

bryvegs Bryvegs Dela Vega

Ako at buong pamilya ko tubong Olongapo at talagang wala kaming masasabing masama laban kay Sen. Dick Gordon siya ang nagpaunlad ng aming siyudad at nagpaganda ng SBMA ang isang magaling na pinuno ay hindi mawawalan ng kritiko. Kahit saan ka magpunta mayroon niyan pero isa lang masasabi ko dito sa Gapo 8 out of 10 residents bilib at may tiwala kay Dick Gordon siya ang pag-asa ng ating bayan para tayo umunlad. Siya ang magtatayo sa nakadapang bandila ng Pilipinas kaya mabuhay ka DICK GORDON you have our vote…..

February 21, 2010 at 2:46am · Like

sneak Sneak Grazz wala na ako masabi. nabasa ko lahat ng comment nyo. feeling ko nakainom na ako now ng redwine hehehe…

April 27, 2010 at 5:18am · Like

gem Gem Victoria Manzano hehehe.. cheers! thanks MB for this post 🙂

April 27, 2010 at 5:47am · Like

ANOTHER BIG BLOW TO OBAMA’S TYRANNY: Historic Midterm Wins for GOP and America in 2014

By Marcial Bonifacio

My friends and American countrymen, many say that the Republican victory in the 2010 midterm election was a referendum on the unconstitutional healthcare bill commonly referred to as “Obamacare”, which Obama signed into law in March of the same year.  As a result, Obama himself admitted the Democrats took a “shellacking” (  The following midterm election on the 4th of November of 2014 yielded results no less impressive for the GOP.

In their unseating of Democrats in North Carolina, Colorado, Iowa, West Virginia, Arkansas, Montana and South Dakota, the American people have clearly repudiated the policies of Obama (which he himself said were on the ballot) and his management (or mismanagement) of various controversial issues.  Among them are Obamacare, the Middle East crisis (ISIS in Iraq, Iran’s development of nuclear weapons, Syria’s civil war), the nearly 50 million people receiving food stamps, the pending scandals (IRS, Fast and Furious, VA), and immigration reform.  Also, it was just discovered that the chief architect of Obamacare, Jonathan Gruber, admitted to the necessity for a “lack of transparency” in passing the bill.  “Call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever,” stated Gruber, “but basically that was really, really critical for the thing to pass…”  That only adds insult to Obama’s disingenuous promise (made at least 36 times) that anyone can keep their current doctor, healthcare plan, or insurance, if they so choose (

Anyway, here are some noteworthy observations pertaining to the midterm election results.  In the House, the Republicans have gained twelve net seats, putting them in control of at least 246 seats.  They also won nine net seats in the Senate, which puts them at a total of 54.  Noteworthy is the Louisiana Senate run-off election, whereby Rep. Bill Cassidy defeated three-term Senator Mary Landrieu by a wide margin (56-44 percent).  Although such wins do not give Republicans the 60 votes to quash a filibuster or a two-thirds majority (67) to override Obama’s veto power, they do coerce the Democrats into a position to work in bipartisanship with Republicans, since the obstructionist Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (who has effectively stifled about 300 Republican bills from coming to a vote on the Senate floor) will be replaced by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.  Some Democrats may even become Republicans as my colleague at predicts Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia will do (

Aside from their victory in both houses of the U.S. Congress, the Republicans have also gained more than 330 seats out of 649 up for election in the state legislatures throughout the country, a number not seen since the 1920s (  Among the ten newly GOP-dominated chambers are the Colorado Senate, the Maine Senate, the Maine House, the Nevada Assembly, the Nevada Senate, the New Hampshire House, the New York Senate, the New Mexico House, the Washington Senate and the West Virginia House of Delegates (the first time in eighty years).  This places them in control of 68 of 98 chambers in all 50 states, which is a record high in the history of the Republican Party (

The gubernatorial races yielded Republican gains in the bluest of states in Massachusetts, Maryland, and Illinois (Obama’s home state), while retaining Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, Maine, and Kansas. Also noteworthy is Scott Walker’s re-election as governor in Wisconsin. Indeed, he has proven to be a formidable candidate, since his first gubernatorial win resulted in a recall election, which won him even more votes.  In Michigan, despite Gov. Rick Synder’s passing of a “Right to Work” law and staunch union opposition, Synder retained his position.  In Maryland (wherein Democrats outnumber Republicans and Independents combined), Larry Hogan beat the incumbent Democrat Martin O’ Malley.  In Texas, Greg Abbott beat Wendy Davis by nearly one million votes, while Davis’ state senate seat was won by a conservative female.  Such gubernatorial wins puts the GOP at 31 governorships.  However in 24 states, they control the governorship and both chambers of the state legislatures, while the Democrats dominate only 7 states (

In terms of the minority vote, Tim Scott was elected to the Senate in South Carolina, the first black American elected in a southern state since Reconstruction.  In Utah, Mia Love became the first black Republican female to serve in Congress.  In West Virginia, Shelly Moore Capito became the first female Senator, while Saira Blair was elected to the state house as the youngest female representative at the age of 18 years-old (  Joni Ernst became the first female Senator to win any public office in Iowa for governor, Senate, or House.  In New York, Elise Stefanik won in the House, becoming the youngest Congresswoman (30 years-old) ever to serve.  Has there been any acknowledgement by the Rev. Al Sharpton or the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) or Sandra Fluke or the NOW (National Organization for Women) of such racial or gender progress?  It seems they only represent blacks and women, who are Democrats or leftists.  So much for the fallacy of the “War on Women and Blacks.”

Finally, in spite of such wins for the GOP, the Tea Party has also made some notable gains.  Among them are Tom Cotton in Arkansas and Ben Sasse in Nebraska for the Senate.  In the House, David Brat of Virginia, Ken Buck of Colorado, Tom Emmer of Minnesota, Glenn Grothman of Wisconsin, Jody Hice and Barry Loudermilk of Georgia, Alex Mooney of West Virginia, Gary Palmer of Alabama, and John Ratcliffe of Texas.  The reason these particular public servants are significant is because they are the ones who will keep the Republican Party in line with the principles of the Constitution and the vision of our founding fathers.

Anyway, give yourselves a big round of applause for such a historical victory.  All this goes to show that even under a tyrannical government as the Obama administration, the spirit of liberty and the will of the American people cannot be easily subdued. However, remember that this is only one step among several to restore our constitutionally limited government and the vision of our founding fathers.  Our focus now should be to ensure that our elected Republicans represent our conservative principles in legislation and resolve the current issues (e.g., Obamacare, immigration reform, tax reform, energy independence, unemployment).  If not, we should hold them accountable in the town hall meetings, on the telephone, and at the polls.  Let us all always remember what the wise President Ronald Reagan has said, “Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction.  It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people.”  Therefore, my friends and countrymen, let us all take full advantage of the opportunity that this momentous occasion has brought forth.

Long live liberty!  Long live the U.S.A.!




Jen Baloloy
Jen Baloloy Looks like it went really well. Great to know people in the US used their heads in choosing the right people to run for the government. Heads up sa mga kababayan nating Pinoy hope we can do the same. I think it’s about time. Thanks for the info Marcial.
Jose Camano
Jose Camano I see it more as a rejection of his being soft against terrorists.
Isabel Juico
Isabel Juico Yes OBAMA!s true color has been seen from all the above mentioned … OBAMAdontCARE ESP for me in healthcare has been detrimental to the middle class & elderly… I worked w geriatric population recently for a month & majority were complaining that what used to be covered before no longer exists; END OF LIFE option is part of the plan offered & now the rest of the crisis we cannot pull out of … I voted straight Republican … REPEAL OR for me Replace OBAMACARE

Isabel Juico's photo.

Jose Camano
Jose Camano I have talked to an eye doctor who is not partisan and said that the Obama care has helped some of his uninsured patients avail of treatment because of this program. But I refused to join this debate on Obama care because frankly I have no time reading tons of documents about the program so I cannot make a judgment whether it is bad or good for the majority of Americans. So far, our medical expenses whether under the previous dispensation or under Obama did not change.
Noemi Montenegro
Noemi Montenegro · 11 mutual friends

RE: The Republican Party taking over the Senate & Congress ?? I think this kind of scenario is not something new. It has been happening since the time of Pres.RONALD REAGAN ??

This is not new. Look at this:

How often has the United States shifted back and forth between political parties? How long has one party held office? To gain some historic…
Marcial Bonifacio
Marcial Bonifacio Jen, America is certainly moving in the right direction, but there is still much work that needs to be done. For instance, the Republican Party needs to adhere to their conservative principles from which they have strayed.

In terms of Philippine politics, there is even more that must be done before Pilipinos can reap the fruits of progress. For example, they need an entire cultural revolution, which emphasizes personal responsibility, self-determination, long-term vision, and financial literacy. Education can resolve this, but also necessary is the adoption of an electoral college, which will help prevent the less competent, less qualified people like Manny Pacquiao and Benigno Aquino III from getting elected to high public office.

Marcial Bonifacio
Marcial Bonifacio Isabel, it is certainly a sad state of affairs when the people who most need adequate healthcare or medical attention must suffer the most. The “End of Life” option you spoke of reminded me of the “death panels” for which Sarah Palin was often mocked. It seems she knew more than liberals gave her credit for.

I completely support the repeal of the unconstitutional Obamacare law and replacing it with alternatives which conform to the free market system. However, I think it would be politically expedient for Republicans to dismantle it piecemeal. For instance, they can start by lifting the “medical device tax” or the individual mandate. When a Republican president is seated in the White House in 2016, then they can repeal the whole law, while putting all the alternatives immediately in place.

Marcial Bonifacio
Marcial Bonifacio Jose, notwithstanding the consistency of your personal situation, many have not been so fortunate. The Washington Times recently reported that some will see their premiums rise by as much as 78% :…/obamacare-sends…/…

Even the chief architect of Obamacare, Jonathan Gruber (who is currently under fire for his remarks calling the American voters “stupid”), admitted costs would rise for policyholders due to the “Cadillac tax” when he said, “We just tax the insurance companies, they pass on higher prices that offsets the tax break we get, it ends up being the same thing. It’s a very clever, you know, basic exploitation of the lack of economic understanding of the
American voter.”…/pelosi-cited-obamacare…/

Marcial Bonifacio
Marcial Bonifacio Noemi, the reference you provided was quite informative, and I cannot dispute such turnovers throughout the history of America. However, what makes this historical moment so unique is not just due to it being the largest Republican takeover of Congress since World War II. It was also the repudiation of the ostensibly ineffective and unconstitutional policies of the Obama administration. Although overreach and abuse of federal power existed in previous administrations, such a large degree of it is unprecedented. Also let us not forget that this is a historical moment for blacks and women in politics, which betokens America’s cultural advancement.
Marlene Damolo Howe
Marlene Damolo Howe Just reposting my post here to voice out my opinion. Thanks! 🙂

As usual, the liberal media did not cover the “unintentional” revelation of the Obamacare deception by its architect, Jonathan Gruber. Gruber has said in several occasions (5 videos so far have surfaced) that THE STUPIDITY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE LED THEM TO HIDE THE TRUE COST OF OBAMACARE AND PASSED IT THROUGH DECEPTION. As usual, Fox News is the only news channel that reports news as it happens. CBS aired it for only a minute while others are silent. The liberal media have been complicit in this deception of Obamacare from the beginning as they have been promoting this sham of a health care act. Obama’s signature bill is a HOAX from the get-go and now that the truth has been exposed, the media and the White House have been silent.

Prompted by his ego, Obama wants to leave a legacy where Hillary failed with her own Hillarycare, by hook or by crook! It was shoved down in people’s throats though polls after polls showed that people DID NOT and still DO NOT want it. Obama’s many lies eventually surfaced and KARMA gave him a severe and humiliating beating with the recent ignominious and historic defeat of the Liberal party. But Obama HAS NOT LEARNED HUMILITY because he is once again, going against his own rhetoric of upholding and protecting the constitution bypassing congress using an “illegal” executive power for mass amnesty for over 5 million illegal aliens. Obama refuses to follow and enforce the current immigration laws. Obama became a lawbreaker instead of a law enforcer with his wanton disregard of the constitution. TRUTH IS BUOYANT!…/obamacare-architect-grubers…

Marlene Damolo Howe
Marlene Damolo Howe Rodolfo Panizales, poverty is at the highest under Obama’s watch and labor participation is at the lowest because of his FAILED policies. People are struggling because there are not enough jobs to go around so they dropped out of the work force and collect ‘welfare” money though some don’t want to work by choice.

Obama touted the low unemployment rate counting on the naiveté of some people. What Obama does not tell the public is that low unemployment is a result when people stopped looking for a job because they are no longer counted in. Labor participation is the true gauge of how healthy or bad the economy is. One factor that contributes to low job participation is big companies are moving overseas because USA has the highest corporate tax in the world under Obama. Another factor is the Obamacare mandates that are stifling business growth. Businesses are cutting jobs and cutting hours because they cannot afford to pay all the mandates. Raising taxes in those who are working hard to make a living to pay for those who could not or don’t want to work is FAILED Socialism Obama policy. Obama imposes WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION by taking money from haves and gives to the have nots. This is part of his promise to “fundamentally” change America. Meaning, from CAPITALISM or FREE ENTERPRISE where DREAMS CAN COME TRUE into SOCIALISM where people are dependent on government hand out. This promotes laziness and mendicancy while those in power like Obama live the high life and enjoy the power they have on people. This is Obama’s ideology, same as his Kenyan father who hated America. And Obama followed the same path of racism and racial divide to “punish and humble” America for her past sins; slavery and colonialism.

Marlene Damolo Howe
Marlene Damolo Howe Slavery and colonialism were common practices since time immemorial. The Romans made slaves out of the Jews before the Biblical era. Conquest was a way of expansionism. The stronger tribes, kingdom or imperial countries, took control of certain countries and its people. Even the Native Americans had slaves in the past by conquering the weaker tribes. Before Anerica was formed, there were NOT ONLY black slaves but also white slaves of mostly Irish people called “indentured servants.” They also suffered discrimination like the black slaves. But while the rest of the world moved on, Obama has not! He is the most divisive president in the American history ever because he is RACIST and uses the “race card” to get what he wants. But people are now aware of Obama’s policies and therefore, sent him a clear message this past election. The ignominious and historic defeat of his party is a big time repudiation of Obama’s policies.
Shahnaaz Sayani
Shahnaaz Sayani Nice blog Marcial,very informative.Stupendous job!!
Marcial Bonifacio
Marcial Bonifacio Marlene, the revelation of the Gruber videos reminds me of the videos clandestinely taken by two young aspiring journalists. They revealed ACORN employees advising them on how to commit tax fraud by concealing their brothel business, of which the mainstream media seemed oblivious:

It looks like you saw Dinesh D’ Souza’s film, “America”, which I highly recommend to all Americans, especially liberals. I have read the blog of our friend, Perry Diaz, and am perplexed as to why he supported Ronald Reagan before and has supported Obama now ( However, I am also curious to know why such an informed American as yourself voted for an incompetent leftist as Obama. Did you simply underestimate his tyrannical intentions as president?

Marcial Bonifacio
Marcial Bonifacio Shahnaaz, I appreciate your kind words. Which part did you find the most interesting?
Shahnaaz Sayani
Shahnaaz Sayani Marcial I liked president Ronald Reagan’s words on freedom and your suggestion to see that our elected representatives resolve the current issues if not, they could be held responsible.
Marcial Bonifacio
Marcial Bonifacio Updates: This past Saturday (December 6), Rep. Bill Cassidy defeated three-term Senator Mary Landrieu by a wide margin (56-44 percent) in the Louisiana Senate run-off election. This not only yields one more Republican seat (now totaling 54), it will effectively deprive the Democrats of all U.S. senatorial seats (not to mention governorships) in all nine southern states in January of 2015.

On the issue of Gruber, he finally appeared before the House Oversight Committee to address his erroneous and deceptive comments about Obamacare. Here is the first part of the three-hour arraignment:

P-Noy’s Inexperience Begins to Shine sa Wang-Wang Issue

July 26, 2010 at 3:21 am

Ni Marcial Bonifacio

Mga Kaibigan Ko, Aquino’s insistence on traveling without his security convoy using sirens (para he can express solidarity with the masses), seems not only idealistic, ngunit childish. Why does he not simply travel sa pamamagitan ng jeepney? Would that not be more accurately representative of our kababayans?

Aquino’s own acknowledgement of potential tardiness due to traffic is sufficient reason to use a wang-wang. In delaying meeting with officials or foreign diplomats, who have little patience to wait or appreciate Aquino’s so-called sympathy for the masses, he risks insulting less sympathetic diplomatic nationals, and thus, international relations.

Even if Aquino must sleep or awaken earlier, para he can be punctual, less time would be devoted to presidential matters and more to his personal needs. This is not only a wasteful use of his time, ngunit a wasteful use of taxpayers’ money. Cebu City Rep. Tomas Osmena, who campaigned for Aquino, has estimated that Aquino would lose a minimum of two hours a day or approximately 1,000 hours a year.

Furthermore, by trying to express his concern for the people in one way, he ironically shows his lack of concern in another way. However, if, in Aquino’s first SONA, he announces his reversal of such an impractical policy, then I am willing to reverse my conclusion of his cumbersome idealism and immaturity.


Alwyn Balingit I thought that he’s going to stop corruption that “robs this nation of money”, Not smaller-scale issues like “wang wang”.

Besides, with what he’s doing, he’s wasting time that should be spent to on work corruption, work that was needed yesterday!

Isa Lan

Isa Lan I didn’t watch the SONA purposely… I, like many of our kababayans am just sick and tired of all the TALK… which mainly consists of words, phrases and sentences which can or may not be attained… I WANT TO SEE PNOY WALK HIS TALK WITH ACTIONS NOT WORDS… ;D

Marcial Bonifacio

Marcial Bonifacio Mga Kaibigan Ko, kahit I was not so impressed with Aquino’s SONA, nor did I actually expect him to revoke his “Walang Wang-Wang” policy, I was merely being fair to the man, dahil sometimes such people may exceed our expectations, if given the chance. In spite of my negative preconceptions about U.S. Pres. Barrack Obama (when he first took office), for the sake of fairness, I kept my mind open to the possibility that he would make a positive difference. Unfortunately, my negative suspicions were correct. Sa bagay, many of Obama’s opponents and I continue to be vigilant and hold him accountable for his actions, para we do not make the same mistake of re-electing him sa 2012. We should do the same with Aquino, para he will get the credit or demerit which he deserves.

Din Laviste

Din Laviste With the issues surrounding his running for the presidency, it’s sort of a desperate way for him to get the people to be with him by being “one with them” in the hardships they face, such as the traffic. It’s clever because the usual reaction of common people is positive, yet starting his term with a “no wang wang policy” just shows how inexperienced he is for the presidency by not occupying himself instead with more important issues that the country is facing. He still hasn’t won me.

Teci Pulido

Teci Pulido Hi guys… Din, should he still “win” us? Campaign season is over. I didn’t vote for him, but he’s already the president of us all. Bashing the leader won’t help him help the country. If we know better, we should suggest and support. Bayan nating lahat ito.

Alwyn and Marissa: In fairness to PNoy, obviously we’re seeing more talk (inaugural speech and his first SONA) and less action because he’s been president for less than a month. But when was the last time that a SONA was realistic (acknowledging that we lost money, and pointed specific departments and amounts of money being stolen)? GMA’s SONA’s were full of wonderful things that most Filipinos were not experiencing.

This SONA sounded like a Blue Ribbon Committee or a criminal trial. Like Marissa said, Noy should walk his talk and we should make sure justice is done. But I don’t think we should hold that “against” him now (as if he failed already) because that’s next on the agenda…Note that he’s already accomplished much (pointing out specific acts of corruption) in such a short time. At this rate, so far so good.

Adrian Solis

Adrian Solis · Friends with Teci Pulido

Geez, it’s not like he drives his own car and needs to focus on driving. He can use his commute to do work or catch up on his beauty rest. The man’s only been President for 28 days — give him a break.
Din Laviste

Din Laviste I agree with you, Ms. Teresa, he is already my president, and the next thing I am supposed to do is give him my support. It’s just that he is still incomparable to Richard Gordon, who has become my standard for a leader of the Filipinos. I admit I don’t believe in him as much, and actions speak louder than words. I am giving him a chance, though, and just waiting for him to prove himself capable as well. smile emoticon

Alwyn Balingit

Alwyn Balingit Ok, fair enough. Let’s give Noynoy 1 Year, and then let’s re-assess, re-evaluate. Within this 1 Year, I expect a clear cut plan on:

* Stopping corruption within the 2nd and 3rd Years
* Eradicate the “Bad System” that makes corrution easy (4th and 5th years)
* Seal the no-corruption system on the 6th year. At this time we should be at par with Singapore.

You people voted him because you want him to take lead on stopping corruption, so we all better make sure it happens. Also, avoid excuses like, “We all must take part in stopping corruption, and leave the president alone” because that’s BS. He has set this expectation in his campaign ads and won because of it, so he should deliver — Who here isn’t tired of corruption?

Isa Lan

Isa Lan With EVERYTHING PNoy inherited from the past Administrations, I am not expecting him to work Miracles to address matters. I would not be fair to say he can’t, since as Adrian says, ‘The man’s been only president for 28 days..’ All I’m saying here is, it would be great if he could pave the way even if by slowly inching on the matters he has discussed in the SONA. Not anyone of those candidates would have had an ‘easy’ task however much they do/give their best.

We have been spectators/witnesses and victims as to how ‘the political system’ here in our country works… I hope PNoy, would at the very least try to MAKE THE DIFFERENCE FOR THE PEOPLE… during his term… and instill a sincere check and balance among his cabinet. ;D

Teci Pulido

Teci Pulido Agree, especially with Din: Gordon has dramatically raised my standards too, of effective and compassionate leadership. Let’s just remember that Gordon is also a longtime volunteer… Aside from being vigilant with our leaders, we also need to do our part as citizens — in following laws, in serving others (even without pay)… smile emoticon

Isa Lan

Isa Lan @Ms. Teresa: Glad for you to have realized and appreciated Gordon’s Mission and Vision. I, together with the rest of the still active members of Bagumbayan-VNP, the campaign team of then Sen. Gordon, have not ceased from VOLUNTEERING our time and effort for our cause. Elections may have been over for 81 days now but our group has continued engaging ourselves with SAFETY/RESCUE trainings which may be of use within our immediate communities initially. But more useful in times of calamities of a national proportion. We also have other projects lined up for community based levels, in the effort to teach them to make/earn their own livelihood programs, so they can be self-sufficient…

Our group, and I’m quite glad to have chosen it, goes deeper than just the motions of politics. We stand to make ‘THE DIFFERENCE’ or ‘THE CHANGE’ towards the mindset of our grass roots level and hopefully the rest. That’s IF, this, our country was to succeed in becoming better, We, should start caring for the Philippines within ourselves. We, cannot solely rely on the government to make it happen, when all they try to do for our brothers within the poverty line is to almost always HAND THE DOLE OUTS. How long can our country sustain dole outs and corruption at the same time? Notwithstanding our other problems….

Teci Pulido

Teci Pulido Alwyn: The signal I’m getting from other people here is: “Since I didn’t vote for Noynoy but he won, I can’t wait to criticize him.” Yes we are vigilant, but it’s just been a month, and the SONA pointing specific acts of corruption is actually a progressive step fulfilling his promise of stopping corruption. In one month, take note.

Marissa: You might be surprised to know that I voted for Gordon and I volunteer in my own ways too. I am just saying, support our leader (whoever he is, and whether we voted for him or not). An effective way for volunteers to help the country is by supporting the progressive actions of their leaders.

Alwyn Balingit

Alwyn Balingit Don’t get us wrong — we simply make sure that a President and his team get the job done and do No wrong. We did that to Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Noynoy may be the son of 2 reputable Filipinos, but that doesn’t excuse him from undergoing sc…rutiny. I know this sucks, but it’s fair, and necessary. We don’t need petiks leaders.

*** I am aware his SONA is based 1 month of “work” — But at this rate, I am Not impressed. Solving “Wang Wang” issue should be delegated to MMDA, and he should stop wasting time traveling from Times Street to Malacanang. No wonder that all he did in 30 days is to list down forms of corruption we already know about. Ok, let’s give Noynoy more time — so see you all in the next SONA!

Bern Yu Jeco

Bern Yu Jeco masyado na kasing overpopularized yang mga ginagawa ni noynoy kahit walang kwenta. imagine, magkakaroon ng book about his first 100 days as the president??? wtf? sorry, kakabadtrip lang. ganda2 ng araw ko tapos mapapadaan ako sa mall at un ang makikita kong pinagkakaablahan ng mga writer ngaun? ridiculous… if i were i writer, i’d rather write about ramon magsaysay, ferdinand marcos and gma.